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Hello, and welcome to my profile!

My name is Amanda. I have a passion for many things including animals, art, research, and education. I have degrees in Psychology, Art, and Human Development and Family Sciences. Research, ethics, and family dynamics, trauma, and advocacy are my primary focuses.

I joined HubPages because I love to write! My aim is to eliminate misconceptions and help my readers become educated about topics they may be interested in learning more about.

Ever since I was a child I learned to ask questions until I found an answer. My goal is for my readers to be able to identify with my articles and find some use from the informaiton that I share.

Professional articles have one flaw. Many professionals become consumed by their work and forget to put themselves in their readers' shoes. I am a person, like any other, looking for answers and a way to show empathy and understanding.

Topics vary greatly and will include informaiton about animals, arts, crafts, research, tips about writing, the world of gaming, and more. I want to give everyone a lilttle taste of something they enjoy or could benefit from.

If you have a topic of interest you would like me to explore on my page, please let me know! Knowledge is what enriches our lives.

Thank you for visiting my page! I hope you enjoy!