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Andrew Orrell

Hi there and welcome to my profile page. My name is Andy Orrell and I live in the North-West of England. Since an early age I've enjoyed writing and yet never really found a way to express myself. In the past few years though I've been writing online for a few different sites.

I've been here for well over a year now and I really enjoy writing here and learning how to improve. If you like the look of the site you can join Hubpages here. Since joining up I've written Hubs on a wide range of subjects. I try to write what I know but have also been trying to learn a few new things and write about them.

I'm a keen sportsman, I enjoy football (soccer), cricket and tennis. I love to get out in the mountains hiking and I'm also into a wide range of music. In the past few years I have taken up snowboarding and although I havn't been able to practice as much as I would like I am hoping to get a few more chances to get some boarding done in the near future.

I think my favourite Hub I have written so far has to be how to make a snow sculpture. I had great fun doing this and writing a Hub about the experience was really good fun too.

Although I do love writing and enjoy sharing some of my experiences with the community here at Hubpages I also enjoy the little bit of money I am earning. The goal is to one day save up and treat my self to a Rome Snowboard. I enjoyed writing this Hub as it gave me an idea of what to aim for.

I also enjoy reading, I have been into fantasy fiction since I first picked up Lord of the Rings when I was 14. I think one of my favourite authors has to be Robin Hobb. She has published some wonderful books and so I felt I had to write a Hub about her works.

I have found myself addicted to Hubpages somewhat since I joined. There have been a few late nights doing research and writing, so I have been drinking plenty of coffee, something I love. So again I thought it only right that I write a Hub on my love of coffee.

I've also recently had a go at creating my own website. Is my first one so it's nothing too special, you can check out all about iphone games tips and cheats here.

So there you have it, some information about me and some of my favourite Hubs since I joined up. Feel free to browse round my Hubs, I hope you enjoy reading them. Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me, enjoy your time on Hubpages,