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Yep, it's that Auronlu.

Gameblogger, Final Fantasy fanatic, mythology buff. If you're a Final Fantasy fan, you've probably run across my Tumblr blog, game guides, "Let's play Final Fantasy" posts or fanfiction.

If not, well, hello!

Final Fantasy is a series of Japanese roleplaying games. Despite the fact that nearly all of them are called Final Fantasy something-or-other, there's been dozens since the franchise began in 1987. In fact, there's more Final Fantasy games than James Bond films.

Nearly every Final Fantasy video game is set in a different fantasy world with different characters. Gameplay can last over a hundred hours, and it can take years to discover every nook and cranny of the worlds and alternate plot twists.

I have spent years exploring some of those nooks and crannies, geeking about the stories with my friends, and writing up help guides for quests and obstacles. My articles cover everything from lore to loot to humor and easter eggs.

My username is a portmanteau of the cranky badasses of Final Fantasy X, Auron the swordsman and Lulu the sorceress. In the vernacular of fandom, I used to "ship" them. Nowadays I mostly imagine them as put-upon chaperones of the younger party members, and/or a deadpan comedy team of Snark and Snarkier.