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Is a a Scotsman born in Dumfries and raised in the fiery heat of Southern Africa.  He has travelled to a myriad of countries in search of adventure, fun, family and the occasional bar.  He loves words, his pc, his xbox and wife, his two boys and his little baby daughter (although definitely not in that order).

Okay so the third person speech really only works well in an intro paragraph.

You should find that my hubs cover a variety of topics I am not really someone who gets tied down to an area of learning.  My life leads me in many different directions and my hubs are a reflection of that life.  I often find that I end up searching for answers on topics that are never answered well so when I do find a good answer I write it here to share it with the world.

Some of my hubs are for fun and some are for fame.  One of my hubs became nominated as a hubnugget not too long ago and I was pretty proud that it was.  As with all writers I hope you find the things I have written about, informative, fun and free of spelling mistakes.