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Chill Clinton

Thank you so much for checking out my page! My name is Chill Clinton, and outside of my work on HubPages, I am a professional content consultant who helps businesses and non-profits best showcase their products and services to potential customers. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies. However, my interests don't end with film and media arts.

Outside of my consulting work, I am also a trading card enthusiast and investor, and operate an online reselling business specializing in rare and vintage Pokémon trading cards!

As you may expect, working as a full-time content creator and blogger is not a glamorous lifestyle, so if you find my articles fun or helpful, I would be honored to earn your support. You can donate directly to me to help me continue writing by clicking on my "website" button, represented by the button in the top right of my profile page with the image of a house.

Thank you!