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Biku Barat

I am Biku aka “Gameslike”. Like you, and billions like you, I also like to play games. This HubPages sub domain is dedicated to write about video games. I want to write about games similar to a better known big game. Such lesser games are great but not known to the most people.

After finishing a big game like “Crysis” people tend to find out similar games. They want to enhance and enrich the experience from the previous game. They begin to search for games similar to their favorite titles. I am here to give you that information about similar games.

Though I would like to write hubs like “Best Games like X”, I’ll also write reviews of good but unknown games. I think it would be helpful to my readers.


If you are a hubber then you can follow me. If you are a simple reader then book mark my mini site. I’ll try my best to cater your needs. Thank you very much for reading this bio till end.