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Kam Mills

Technology, touchdowns, and tiramisu. There is nothing better than the roar of the crowd and atmosphere of a stadium during football season. Except a fresh cooked home meal or a relaxing with a retro game controller in my hand.

I am a relatively new writer and my skills leave something to be desired, but I am hopeful the hubpages community can provide me with honest and detailed critizism. In which, I can then work hard to provide concise and clear content in my articles. My ultimate goal is to better a significant weakness of mine and with your help I know I can accomplish it.

With my Hubpage I intend to inform and entertain with articles about all aspects of the video game industry. I will compare new products, games, plots, and designs. Retro games and systems have always been a passion of mine and I collect them as a hobby. Currently as an avid gamer I hope to supply you with entertaining content on the absolute latest the industry has to offer as well as take you down memory lane with nostalgic touch to some of my articles.

Sports one my three loves is a topic I am truly hesitant to dive head first into. Though I am knowledgable when it comes to football I do not wish to become one dimensional. I plan to take it slow by bringing the occasional article about the analytical and statistical side of the gridiron then bring it to written form. Emerging as one of the booming fields in sports. Analytics allows me to take my passion for science and math; apply it to the game in ways that just a decade ago would have seemed almost nonsensical.

BBQ, beef, and bread is there any of those three that a true southern gentleman hasnt mastered? I think not! Providing delicious family recipes so anyone has the confidence to cook. College tips to eat like a rich man instead of a ramen chef and up to date info on strange and exciting cuisine peaking everyones interest. I hope as I learn to write professionally you will stick around and enjoy the ride!!