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Ben Martin

I've been a geek all of my life and as such my expertise tends to fall into gaming and technology. If your interested in seeing mostly techlology slanted articles in my writing style, go and see my other profile at

Except for when I got my Computer Programmer Analyst degree at Canadore College, I've lived my entire life in Nova Scotia tinkering with computers and learning how a lot of things work. If you like my writing style and would like me to tackle a question, don't be shy about shooting me off a request... you might just see a new hub in my profile shortly :)

One thing you might be wondering is why the name Knightmare Golem. Well, it all goes back to my City of Heroes days when my very first character was a Stone/Stone tank which I named Fractured Golem... cause Golem was taken :) I had a bunch of different names, but that one stuck. I started to use it in other places, and when I moved to Star Wars The Old Republic I settled into using Golem as my legacy name, and Knightmare was my first character there. Given all the SWTOR articles I write, I hope you enjoy the little history tidbit of my gaming history.