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Thank you for stopping by my profile page! Welcome to this land of wonders, debauchery, decadence and knowledge.

I write about a lot of things, fiction and non-fiction, but I seldom pen down words about myself. 'Why is that?', you may ask. I'm unsure myself. It seems like chattering about opinions,  matters and issues is far easier than reflecting on one's self.

Never the less, I'm a student enrolled into Durham university with hopes of earning a degree in economics. Most of my written works are a tool of escapism from my studies, a life filled with numbers and equations, and thus you'll probably find philosophy, history and even sprinkles of literature amongst my Hubs.

Take your time to explore, that is.

I have a WIP simplified guide written for philosophy (Look for Philosophy Simplified).

I'm also publishing a novel in snippets (look for Divided Unity).

The rest is a gaggle of joy, hobbies and seemingly chaotic stuff I had the urge to write about.