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Michael Rivers

Where to begin? First, hello! My name is Michael Rivers, but I go by the pen name of MisterHubs1982 for the purpose of HubPages. I am a graduate of Collins College after completing their Bachelor of Arts in Game Design Degree in 2006.

Fast forward to the current day, I'm working on learning website coding, IT, and a little bit of animation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is one such outlet that can help with that, but above all else, it's a means to simply express my views on various aspects of life; the current focus being that of videogames and current events, both the good and the bad.

Finally, let's be honest, I heard that you can make some money doing this, so I'm willing to keep at it as a means of income. But even if it doesn't become profitable on its own, I still appreciate the chance to express my views and perhaps expand on them in written form with others and thus it becomes its own value.

I look forward to hearing from various Hubbers and readers on this continued journey!