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Hi, I'm passthejelly and I enjoy writing about technology and social issues and norms.  I am always looking for new ideas and expanding my horizons. I am currently most active in the technology and gaming sectors.  

My website League Domination ( has everything you need to know about getting better at League of Legends and raising your rating.

Purchase my Ebook here with all the tips and everything you need to know about league of legends (

How to become a god like support:(

Season 4 Rune and Mastery Guide (

The community here is fantastic and extremely helpful, and I have found loads of great advice and information on this website.  I would encourage anyone with a passion for writing to take part in this adventure and come along for the ride.

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The time I am not on Hubpages is usually spent playing video or computer games, maybe watching a little television, or studying....mostly studying.  My occupation is a student, and my education constitutes a majority of my time.

I play League of Legends and have created many guides to help players of all skill levels.  This guides consist of many tips and tricks to help play the game better an gain elo.  The elo is the system deterimined to gain rank at higher levels. If you are planning on playing ranked, check out some of my guides.

I have recently stated a facebook page for my hubs and guides follow it for latest updates and guides.


Take a look around and I hope you enjoy what you find!


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