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Marcus Stewart

Howdy. My name is Marcus Stewart and I review video games.

I’ve been gaming my entire life My first system was a hand-me-down NES and Super Mario Bros. was my first love. Since then, gaming has been my number one hobby. I’ve owned a variety of consoles and handhelds and have played hundreds of games.

As a massive enthusiast, I’ll play pretty much anything put in front of me, from the excellent to the abysmal. My favorite genres are platforming, action, action/adventure, role-playing, fighting, and shooters, but, again, I’ll try anything once.

I previously attended college for game design and while that aspect of the industry ultimately wasn't for me, it helped deepen my understanding and appreciation for my favorite medium.

I hope you enjoy my hubs and feel free to comment or shoot me a message. I can talk/debate video games 'till the sun comes up and I'm generally a fun, easy going guy to chat with.

About my rating system:

Out of the various grading scales game outlets use, Game Informer's has long been my preferred so my reviews are scored in the same manner. The scores are as follows:

10 - Outstanding

9 - Superb

8 - Very Good

7 - Average

6 - Limited Appeal

5 - Flawed

4 - Bad

3 - Painful

2 - Broken

1 - What's this, I don't even...