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Action-Adventure Games


How to Complete the Diamond Casino Heists in "GTA Online"

The Diamond Casino Heists offer an even more simplified Heist experience in "GTA Online" compared to earlier entries. In this article, I'll chew through the fat to advise you in the best setups.


"Icarus" Upgrade Hammer Guide

If you don't improve your base to stronger materials in "Icarus," you'll find it at least inconvenient or at worst disastrous. The Upgrade Hammer allows you to upgrade existing parts rather than building a new base or destroying parts to replace manually.


"Icarus" Snow Biome Guide

Freezing cold, polar bears, and even mammoths threaten your existence in the Icarus snow biome. This guide covers how to prepare yourself for the challenge.


"Icarus" Storms Guide

A map-wide threat, storms are a unique danger in the world of "Icarus." When unprepared, they can wreak havoc on a base or even kill you. This guide covers what you need to know about them.


"Valheim" Food Guide

Simply put, without food, you will have lower health/stamina and certainly will be unable to tackle more difficult areas of the game. However, how to get food and which food you should eat adds more complexity. This guide covers what you need to know.


"Valheim" Leveling Guide

Leveling in "Valheim" can improve nearly everything your character does. This guide covers how it works and what you need to know.


"Icarus" Oxygen, Food, and Water Guide

You won't do much in "Icarus" if you don't have food, water, and oxygen. This guide covers how it works and how to ensure you have enough of each.


"Icarus" Tech Tree & Talents Guide

The tech tree and talents are the primary means of progression in Icarus. It's how your character unlocks new technology of all sorts and improves to be able to tackle more difficult challenges. This guide covers how it works and what you need to know.


"Icarus" Leveling Guide

Leveling allows you to progress down the tech tree, unlocking all types of new things to build and craft including weapons, armor, consumables, base components, base furnishings, and more. This guide covers what you should know.


"Warframe": Ducats & the Void Trader, Baro Ki’Teer

Farming Ducats to trade them in at the Void Trader, Bar Ki'Teer, is the only way to get Primed Mods among other special items. This guide covers how to do it.


"Warframe": Farming Requiem Obelisks

An easily overlooked mechanic, Requiem Pillars allow you to skip a lot of mining and fishing on the Cambion Drift. This guide covers how it works.


"Warframe": Kubrow Incubation & Egg Farming

Who doesn't like the idea of a dog-like combat companion? This guide covers how to incubate your first Kubrow so you can take one to the battlefield.


"Warframe": Unlocking a Necramech

Necramechs are heavy combat vehicles that are larger and more clunky than a Warframe, but they pack a powerful punch. This guide covers all the steps in unlocking and earning one of these beasts for your own.


10 "Danganronpa" Crack Ships That Just Might Work

"Danganronpa" has tons of characters, but not all of them get to interact with each other. Here's a look at some "Danganronpa" pairings that would be interesting to see more of.


I Finally Finished "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla" - Thoughts of a Casual Gamer

After about half a year of slowly progressing through "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla"'s story, I have finally finished the campaign. Here are my (very late) thoughts.


The Best Hero and Build in "Star Wars Battlefront II"

The best hero in "Star Wars Battlefront II" is most definitely Bossk, because he can control the entire field by himself. This guide will tell you exactly how to build Bossk in order to dominate the competition, and prove to you that he is unarguably the best.


"Grand Theft Auto V": A Guide to Beating the Cayo Perico Heist Quickly and Easily

Everything you need to know in order to beat the Cayo Perico heist in "GTA V" quickly and easily. From setup to finale, this guide is going to help you make as much money as you can in the most efficient way possible.


The Best Class and Build for "Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic"

The best class and build for "Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic" is within the Scout class. This guide is going to help you in getting the most you can out of your "KotOR" experience.


The Best Class and Build for Co-Op in "Star Wars Battlefront II"

A guide for choosing the best class, and how to properly build that class in "Star Wars Battlefront II". The best class is the Officer class, and they make the best choice if you want to come out on top every game.


"Cayo Perico Heist": Why It’s Good and Why It’s Bad

A short article about the good and the bad from GTA Online's newest update


10 Games Like "Armored Core"

Looking for games that are similar to "Armored Core"? Explore my top 10 picks. I hope you enjoy it!


"Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain": How to Successfully Invade Any FOB Without Being Detected

Do you want to successfully invade your rival's FOB without being detected? Well, look no further. This easy-to-read guide is going to give you the tips and tricks you need to do just that! From equipment, to utilizing said equipment, this guide is going to cover everything you need to know.


Ranking All "Sekiro" Bosses From Easiest to Hardest

"Sekiro" is filled to the brim with all sorts of scum. So let's rank them!


Ace Attorney Trilogy Xbox

A proper port of a set of games that are definitely worth your time.


10 Games Like “Night in the Woods”

Want games that focus on exploration, story, and character development? Play these games like “Night in the Woods.”


A Comprehensive Guide for Playing "Don't Starve: Pocket Edition's" Four Seasons

Learn how to survive the four seasons in "Don't Starve: Pocket Edition".


10 Games Like "Hollow Knight": Best Platform Games

Hollow Knight is an addictive platform game. Check out these games like Hollow Knight that you'll love just as much!


"Disney Magic Kingdoms" Review

Welcome to "Disney Magic Kingdoms"! This amazing game is wonderful for all ages. I absolutely love it.


8 Games Like “Fall Guys” – More Chaos Means More Fun

Is Fall Guys not chaotic enough? Play these games like Fall Guys for more fun!


SOLE: A World Lost in Shadow

Sole from Gossamer Games is such a unique experience. Everything from sound design, to thought provoking puzzles, to incredible level and art designs transport you into this dark ethereal world.


Themes of Campo Santo's Firewatch

Firewatch is a wonderful journey with hidden themes that provoke deep thought.


"Paper Mario: The Origami King" – Creased and Reborn

Another from Intelligent Systems joins the ranks of the Switch family as it debuts with the polished "Paper Mario: The Origami King". Launching on July 17th as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, it will be the first "Mario" game of 2020 and the first of the "Paper Mario" series on Nintendo Switch.


A Review of "Disco Elysium"

This article includes a review of the detective RPG game, "Disco Elysium."


The Chicago Way: On "Mafia" and Open-World Driving

Is "Mafia" a good game with bad parts or a bad game with good parts? This review takes a look at how it compares to other open-world transport games.


9 Games Like "Subnautica"

Want games that unleash the inner ocean explorer in you? These games like "Subnautica" should be next on your list.


"RAGE 2" and the Necessity of Linearity

Here is another one of those bandit camps.


"Kirby Star Allies" Review

A review of "Kirby Star Allies" for the Nintendo Switch.


"Super Mario Odyssey" Review

Read on for a review of "Super Mario Odyssey" for the Nintendo Switch.


"Moonlighter" Weapon Guide

Discover the pros and cons of each weapon class found in "Moonlighter"!


How to Make Gold in "Red Dead Online"

A guide to making Gold Bars through the Awards and Daily Challenges of “Red Dead Online.” Article will be updated over time. Updated 10/31/21.


Top 10 Fastest "Sonic the Hedgehog" Characters

Count down the ten fastest characters throughout Sonic history!


"AI: The Somnium Files" Review

This article includes my personal review of "AI: The Somnium Files" developed by Spike Chunsoft. Wondering what the game is like and how it compares to previous Spike Chunsoft titles? Look no further!


How to Set up a Tabletop RPG Map in Roll20

Roll20 is an intimidating system for the new Dungeon Masters to try to learn. But you can make a great map for your players to explore without paying a dime. Whether you're playing "Dungeons & Dragons" or something a little more homebrew, here's how you can make a map of your own.


How to Make Great Levels in "Super Mario Maker 2"

"Super Mario Maker 2" is an amazing game with a wonderful set of tools to create the "Mario" levels of your dreams. However, the majority of the levels uploaded online are poorly made, and I know exactly why. Here are some tips to create better levels and enjoy the creator mode more.


Top 10 Cutest Friends in “Kirby Star Allies”

A countdown of the most adorable friends and allies in platform game “Kirby Star Allies” for Nintendo Switch.


"Super Mario Maker 2" Review

"Super Mario Maker 2" has finally arrived, nearly four years after the original was released. The original was the one game keeping the Wii U alive, but how does the sequel fair on the Switch? Did Nintendo create a brilliant new entry into the fresh series, or did they drop the ball?


"Enter the Gungeon" Character Guide

Learn about each character in "Enter the Gungeon." This is a popular bullet hell game made by Dodge roll.


"Celeste": A Blessing to Gamers

It's not every day that the video game community is blessed with a treasure. In 2018, "Celeste," arguably one of the greatest games ever, was released, and it has reminded us how such a simple-looking game can blow our minds and test our limits.


Top 10 Assassins in "Assassin's Creed"

Count down the ten most renowned champions throughout the Assassin's Creed video games!


Why You Need to Play "Red Dead Redemption 2"

Rockstar's latest edition of the western classic belongs on the shelves of every gamer.