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10 "Danganronpa" Crack Ships That Just Might Work

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When Worlds Collide, Sparks Will Fly

Danganronpa is a great visual novel series with a ton of compelling characters. The basic premise of the series is a bunch of high school students, each with their own unique ultimate talent, get thrown into an isolated location and are told to kill each other for the chance to escape. Your protagonist must solve each murder as it happens, and you must try to figure out who you can trust to watch your back.

The series has four games so far and two anime series, so there are many twists and turns in the setting's overarching storyline. Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp releases on December 3, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch, so there's more content coming! If you haven't played the games I would recommend that you give it a try before reading this article, which will have some spoilers.

As a game about high school students, some fans see the series as a gold mine for romance. However, each game has its own separate cast and these casts don't get to mingle with each other outside of bonus content. Fans find it fun to speculate about what would happen if these characters with vastly different personalities, talents, and backgrounds were to interact. Who would get along and who would clash?

Some characters might actually fit really well as a couple even if they have little to no interaction in the games or anime; these pairings are referred to as crack pairings because they are so farfetched. Here are 10 rare Danganronpa pairings that might actually work.


Leon and Ibuki

This pairing is based on Leon's desire to cast away his baseball talent and pursue a career in rock music. Ibuki, the Ultimate Musician, would be the perfect person to help him with his dream. In the Ultimate Talent Development Plan, Ibuki rejects Leon's request to start a band because he does it in an arrogant way, wanting her to write the music while he takes the spotlight as the lead singer. However, when Ibuki rejects him, he might realize that he went about it the wrong way and ask to learn from her.

Ibuki knows what it's like to jump out of the boxes that other people try to fit you into, since she left her pop group to make heavy metal. She would not only teach him how to play the guitar but also how to follow his dreams with confidence and individuality. He would become a supportive boyfriend, learning how to share the stage and let them both shine. Both are outspoken and energetic; this pair would have plenty of funny interactions and wacky misadventures together.


Peko and Tsumugi

What's better than one cute girl in glasses? Two! Peko and Tsumugi interact in the Ultimate Talent Development Plan where Peko is intrigued by Tsumugi's cosplay display at the school festival. Tsumugi mentions that people probably mistake Peko's style for cosplay because she is beautiful and says she is perfect the way she is.

These two would have a lot of fun dressing up in cool cosplays and watching sword-fighting animes together. Tsumugi would be happy that someone is paying attention to her, and Peko might be good at helping her with her insecurities about being plain. Being with Tsumugi gives Peko some time away from her duties to the Kuzuryu clan. She doesn't have to be a bodyguard, just a normal high school girl, and she finally gets to relax and enjoy life.


Celestia and Teruteru

Celestia Ludenberg accepts only the finest things in life, and as the Ultimate Chef, Teruteru Hanamura can keep her well-fed. In the Ultimate Talent Development Plan, they meet and it's clear that there is a one-sided attraction going on. Teruteru perversely enjoys Celestia's "step on you" energy while she yells at him and tells him his cooking skills are A-rank but he is an E.

However, these two have more in common than you might think. Both of them hide their working-class origins: Celestia Ludenberg is really Taeko Yasuhiro, a normal girl from Japan, and Teruteru is from the countryside and has a Cajun accent that he covers up. Perhaps together they learn to be more honest about their true selves, and learn to appreciate each other's talents. Celestia might realize she likes the attention, and warms to Teruteru when he shows her his soft side and introduces her to his mother. Or perhaps Celestia grinds Teruteru into a spice that even the Bene Gesserit wouldn't want. Either way, it's highly entertaining to watch.

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Korekiyo and Sonia

In the Ultimate Talent Development Plan, when Korekiyo and Sonia meet at the school festival, Korekiyo mentions an interest in learning about Sonia's country, and is surprised by her enthusiasm in exploring his haunted house. These two have quite a few hobbies in common; I could see them enjoying tea dates, visiting museums, and watching horror movies together. Both of them have an interest in the occult and with Sonia's interest in serial killers she actually might not mind Korekiyo's creepier moments.

As for the whole sister issue, perhaps Korekiyo initially wants to kill Sonia, but he has trouble getting her alone and ends up genuinely liking her. As he gets to know her darker side better he decides she's not pure enough for his sister, but good enough for him. "You have enough friends, sister. This one is mine. Kehehehe...". For Sonia, she might find it refreshing that Korekiyo isn't fawning over her and treats her like any other classmate. She doesn't have to be a princess around him, she can just be Sonia.


Gonta and Toko

In Ultra Despair Girls, it is revealed that Toko's most precious friend, the one that was in her motive video in Trigger Happy Havoc, was her pet stinkbug, Kameko. Kameko was her best friend and confidante, and the only one who she believed could understand her. Because of this bond, Toko might be a great match for Gonta, the Ultimate Entomologist.

These two might meet because Gonta is able to help Toko take care of Kameko. Although she might be standoffish towards him at first, this might change over time as she realizes he's genuinely a kind person. Gonta's goal is to be a true gentleman, and maybe Toko as a romance writer unintentionally helps to influence him on how to be good with women if he reads her books, and then he uses those skills to win her over. Gonta is quite empathetic and he may be able to help Toko learn how to cope with her traumatic childhood. Both of them have issues with being accepted by their families, so perhaps these two would be able to become each other's family.


Kazuichi and Miu

As the Ultimate Mechanic and the Ultimate Inventor, Kazuichi and Miu have a lot in common. They are both talented at fixing things, have an interest in robotics, and they share a perverted sense of humor that would make them click. Both of them are enthusiastic about their projects and they would be able to bounce ideas off of each other to take them to another level. Kazuichi has a proven thing for blondes with his crush on Sonia, but perhaps Miu would be more accepting of his innuendos, and she would definitely throw back a few of her own. On a deeper level, both characters have dealt with being socially rejected in the past, so they could connect with each other over their insecurities and be each other's safe haven. Even their color schemes match!


Kaito and Mikan

Mikan has been bullied and abused for her entire life, and she really needs someone who can encourage her and treat her with kindness. Kaito is a very optimistic and friendly person, so he would be really good at getting her to come out of her shell. Maybe he would take her stargazing, showing her that there's more to the universe than a terrible world full of despair. Because of this maybe Mikan could avoid becoming a Remnant of Despair and falling in love with Junko.

Mikan would also be very good for Kaito. Her gentle personality could help to balance out his loudness, and maybe she'd be able to help him get over his fear of ghosts. Kaito tries to make himself the person that everyone can lean on, but he feels like he has nobody to confide in; perhaps Mikan could be that person. The Ultimate Nurse can heal him when he is sick, and comfort him when he needs it. Mikan might even be able to cure him of his terminal illness!


Nekomaru and Chihiro

Chihiro's goal in life is to become physically stronger, and since Nekomaru is the Ultimate Team Manager, he would be a great help! Nekomaru would be able to create a training program for Chihiro that's exactly molded to Chihiro's needs, and offer plenty of encouragement along the way. In return, the Ultimate Programmer might be able to create software that enhances Nekomaru's coaching efficiency. I can see these two going out to eat after they work out and talking about their day, perhaps on a double date with Kiyotaka and Mondo. Because of the training, Chihiro becomes strong enough to withstand Nekomaru's life-threatening hugs.

It might not look like it, but these two do have some traits in common. Both characters are very supportive of their friends, even if Nekomaru is very loud and Chihiro is very quiet. Perhaps they would learn from each other and balance each other out a bit, with Nekomaru learning how to use his indoor voice and Chihiro becoming more assertive. They also are very brave, with Chihiro being able to come out to Mondo about being a boy and Nekomaru jumping in front of bullets for Akane. Both are warm and friendly people and because of that they would get along well.


Ryoma and Aoi

Ryoma Hoshi has had a hard life, and he deserves to be happy. When I think of someone who could help him deal with his depression, Aoi Asahina quickly comes to my mind. With endless enthusiasm, she could help Ryoma find his reason to live, whether it be through intense tennis matches, donut-eating contests, or simply talking while looking at the stars. Ryoma's calm and coolheadedness would be really helpful for Aoi as well, since she tends to panic easily during a crisis. They would fit well together, in both funny moments and serious conversations. Plus, it would be kind of funny to see Aoi pushing Ryoma around the pool in a floatie at top speed!


Yasuhiro and Angie

It would be really interesting to see how these two interact, as two of the more controversial characters in the series. Yasuhiro is implied to be a con artist instead of a real fortune-teller, although he could possibly have real supernatural abilities. Angie, depending on your interpretation, could either be a genuine missionary of Atua, or someone using the power of religion to gain power over others in a vulnerable situation (the killing game). If they are both cons, what would happen if they fall for each other's schemes? If both characters are genuine, would they give each other something else to believe in? Either way, I'd love to see the cult that these two would start. Yasuhiro and Angie are both cheerful and fun personalities, and would play off each other well.

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