10 Fun Things to Do in Yandere Simulator

Updated on April 13, 2016


Just in case you are not familiar with Yandere Simulator yet (in which case you are missing out), let me sum things up for you. Yandere is a Japanese term that defines a very special kind of personality: what seems like an affable and good-natured person at first sight but actually has a very dark side with obsessive traits that might lead to violence.

The protagonist of this crazy stealth game is a Yandere-girl very originally named Yandere-Chan. She is madly (literally you’ll see) in love with an older boy from her high school, her Senpai. The main problem is that Senpai doesn’t even know that Yandere-Chan exists, so she comes up with the most logical of strategies: she decides to “slyly” kill every other girl from her high school so that Senpai has no option but to finally fall in love with her. The typical plan in which nothing can go wrong.

The player’s mission is to perform this madness of a setup and make sure that no one notices what is really going on: clean the blood, burn the bodies, go to class… that’s the daily routine of a Yandere girl. Ultimately the goal of the game is, of course, getting Senpai’s love, but for the time being he will think of you as a creep. Who would blame him?

If you already think Yandere Simulator is the weirdest game ever, wait until you read all the fun stuff you can do in the game. And by fun I mean extremely creepy.

1- Make giant naked titans appear.

This was the most surprising feature to me, since I activated it by accident the first time I was playing the game. If you press the “T” button at any time the most random thing will happen: half a dozen of naked titans will start a parade around the high school as epic Japanese music starts playing. You can talk to them or even kill them with your katana!


2- Take pantyshots.

The equivalent of Gossip Girl in Yandere Simulator’s high school is a girl originally names (again) Info-Chan. She can hook you up with information cards from every individual in the school that contain information that you will surely be interested in: who fancies Senpai, who is he planning to go with a date with next… But as they say, “information is power” and Info-Chan will ask for something in return for her services. According to the game style, her demands are indeed very creepy: she wants you to send her pantyshots from your classmates. Such pictures must be taken with your phone and sent to her, and only the ones that she finds “satisfying” will receive a compensation.

This are only a few of the several personalities Yandere-Chan can adopt. Most of them are references from YandereDev (the game’s freelance developer) to other popular videogames


3- Change your boob’s size.

This one is a pretty simple feature but still very funny. Just by using > and < you can respectively increase and decrease the size of your breasts. As silly as it sounds, you can get results like this one:


4- Accessories.

The miscellanea in this game is definitely worth of mention. There is a great amount of objects without a use beyond aesthetics that will appear around Yandere-Chan’s face when pressing “O”: a toast, a toaster, bubble tea, Senpai’s Voodoo Doll, Devil Costume, Shimapan Panties, a raw slice of meat with a knife on it…a series of random objects.


5- Kidnap people.

Kidnapping people is actually quite a tricky process. You need to attend several biology lessons and ask a favor from Info-Chan (you know what that means…pantyshots). You need to ask your victim to follow you to the gym locker room, poison her and leave her body in a box until you get her back at night and bring her to your place. The next morning, when you wake up, your victim will be tied up in your basement. That can be done several times.


6- Drawn people in the toilet.

Or in the fountain (right in front of the high school door). The power of imagination is vital when you need to kill your classmates without being seen. The toilet is perfect in that aspect, because it is a very discrete location. Violence is not encouraged.

7- Creepy laugh.

Since out protagonist is performing a series of “unethical” actions (that’s being very optimistic) she sometimes feels like she’s losing her sanity. One of the features that help get back to normal (if there’s such a thing in this game) along with watching Senpai’s photos, is laughing hysterically. You can do that using Ctrl. Yes, everything is as ironic as it sounds.

8- Change your mood.

If there is something that we know for sure about Yandere-Chan is that she has a really unstable personality. Considering that she is already going around killing her classmates, things can actually get worse. Be careful when entering this modes because most of them cannot be reversed until you reset the game.

By pressing “P” you activate the “punished mode”. If you choose this feature Yandere-Chan will start wearing a black school uniform, an eyepatch, a black protrusion from her forehead and she will also start smoking a cigar. To top it all up, Mikel Oldfield’s “Nuclear” will start playing.

By pressing “G” you will activate the “Galo mode”. If you choose this feature will have tanned skin, supersayan hair and sunglasses. In this case “Galo Sengen” by Policeman will start playing.

By pressing “DK” you will make Yandere-Chan’s head and arms larger, giving her a simian appearance. It doesn’t take a genius to realize the reference to the mythical Donkey Kong.


9- Walk around armed.

When you think about it is kind of amazing how a Japanese high school student can carry a knife, scissors, a box cutter, a screw driver and a katana in her uniform without arising suspicion. Cause that’s what happens in Yandere Simulator. That uniform has a lot of hiding spots!


10- Fake suicide

This is one of the most elaborated killing techniques that can be found on the game. In order to carry it out, you need to attract your victim to the high school rooftop, shove her off it and keep her shoes (it is an Asian tradition to take your shoes off before committing suicide, symbolizing stepping out of the current life). If that’s all you do people will start to get suspicious, but if you have enough language points you can write suicide note and leave it on her shoes to avoid arising suspicion.


What do you think of the game after reading this list? What’s your favorite thing about Yandere Simulator?

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        hi 8 weeks ago

        hi I like u all a lot

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        tilly 2 months ago

        @senpai you do realise that a "senpai" is someone who is older than you and who you look up to, not a male crush. a senpai can be either male or female and is used as a respectful way to address elders. the younger equivalent of a senpai is kouhai, meaning someone whois younger than you.

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        Senpai 2 months ago

        Ayano Aishi... I know you like me and I can't hide my feeling any more... I love you too... Ayano... You are my femle senpai...

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        /\///\/_//\ 8 months ago

        it has been in beta for like 3 years

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        Kind of outdated

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        Uhhmm..The..Boobs one..tho...Uhh...I'll go with Ayano Aishi I don't like girls with big..Uhhmm..You know.....

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        I DID THEM ALL

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        Ayano Aishi 11 months ago

        W-wh-wh-what?! Th-th-there's a game about m-m-m-mME?! And S-s-s-s-s-s-ssssSENPAI! Oh.... I can kill my rivals over and over and over and over! This will be so much fun!

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        Thank you I love these tips

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        needs more updates XP

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        Nice article. Kinda outdated, but thanks!