AirMech Strike: A PvP-Oriented Relaunch of a Struggling Herzog Zwei Tribute

Updated on July 12, 2017
The Neo, one of the many AirMechs that a player can use in AirMech
The Neo, one of the many AirMechs that a player can use in AirMech | Source

AirMech over the Years

In late 2011, a small video game company called Carbon Games unveiled their new MOBA-RTS hybrid, AirMech. The game serves as a tribute and spiritual successor to an old 1989 proto-RTS called Herzog Zwei, including gameplay mechanics and features that had left the RTS genre by the time that Westwood Studios created Dune 2.

In February 2012, the first publicly testable version of AirMech was finally released, and it eventually entered the Steam platform in May of 2012. Since then, AirMech on PC has been in a constant state of development limbo, being stuck in "early access" or "open beta" for years. During that time, AirMech has seen console releases, as AirMech Arena, on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4. Furthermore, AirMech has also recently been sent to the VR realm, with releases on both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

The AirMech Arena logo, used for console releases.
The AirMech Arena logo, used for console releases. | Source

AirMech Now

It seems that Carbon Games, the developers of AirMech, is finally turning its eyes back to the original PC client after successfully launching the HTC Vive port. Recently, James Green, one of AirMech’s lead developers, posted a series of four posts on Steam announcing the split of AirMech into two new clients. This is a response to a series of issues which had left the original AirMech in a cycle of development limbo—the differences between two separate playerbases, the competitive PvP players and the casual PvE players.

From now on, AirMech will be split into two new clients, AirMech Strike and AirMech Wastelands. The current Steam version of AirMech has already been transformed into AirMech Strike, with a new UI, camera angle, and control set. AirMech Strike has been optimized for PvP, with the other, additional features being trimmed off to keep it sleek and streamlined. AirMech Strike remains in Early Access, and will continue to be free to play for the future.

On the other hand, AirMech Wastelands is set to be launched, possibly also in Early Access, in the new future, with some optimistic reports from Carbon Games saying that it’ll be ready within a week or two. Unlike AirMech Strike, AirMech Wastelands will not be free to play, and will cost money to buy. However, “silver VIPs”, which consists of most of the players who have already spent money in the original AirMech, will receive Wastelands for free. AirMech Wastelands will focus on non-PvP content, and will be story-based and RPG-like.

So far, the transition from AirMech to AirMech Strike has seemed promising to a playerbase that has been struggling for the last year, and is a sign that fortunes may soon change for the small game.

Video Gameplay of AirMech Strike

Where to Download

You can download AirMech Strike on Steam.


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