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"Apex Legends" Weapon Tier Guide for Season 1

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Weapon Tier List


Weapons in "Apex Legends"

Season 1 has arrived in Apex Legends! Since launch, there have been a few adjustments to weapons as well as the addition of some weapons. In order to keep up with what's hot and what's not, below is a tier list of all the current weapons. Of course, your preferences may vary but this should help set a standard.

S Tier


Mastiff Shotgun and Kraber .50-CAL Sniper

Obviously given these 2 are exclusive to supply drops, they are the most powerful weapons in the game, and you should always grab them. Their only downside is they have exclusive ammo so you might not be able to last 3 or 4 fights with the ammo you get, but regardless, you should always take them.

  • Kraber .50-CAL Sniper: Dealing 125 damage with a body shot and 250 damage with a headshot, this weapon is pure insanity. One body shot will down someone without armor, and 2 will down anyone regardless of their armor. One headshot will always down. The only downside is the magazine capacity of just 4.
  • Mastiff Shotgun: Similar to the Kraber in terms of raw power, but on a shotgun. A body shot will deal 144 damage, with a headshot dealing 288 damage. Like the Kraber, it only holds 4 shots, but at close range, there is nothing more devastating.

A Tier


R-301 Carbine, Peacekeeper Shotgun, Longbow DMR

All A tier weapons can be found normally around the map and are generally the best options you can pick, though there is some variance.

  • R-301 Carbine: The R-301 assault rifle is the overall best non-supply drop weapon in the game. It features a high dps, high fire rate, and high accuracy. The only major drawback is that it's magazine size is small, but this weapon shines even more with a magazine upgrade. It's incredibly versatile, and while it's not the best weapon in every situation, it's one of the best for most of them.
  • Peacekeeper: With up to 110 damage from a full shot to the body, the Peacekeeper is ridiculously hard-hitting, and with a 6 shot capacity it's potential to take out enemies is driven by your aim rather than your clip. Obviously, it's worthless at mid-range and beyond, but a Precision Choke can even help improve that a bit. The only real downside is that if you're not patient with aiming, you will end up doing 0 damage.
  • Longbow DMR: While some would argue this weapon is more a B tier weapon than A tier, it is still the best non-supply drop sniper rifle in the game. While sniper rifles may not be the most called for weapon in Apex, the Longbow features everything you would want from a sniper. It deals 55 damage in a body shot and 110 damage in a headshot so if you're engaging from a distance; this is the gun you want.

B Tier


R-99 SMG, VK-47 Flatline, Devotion LMG

These options are all completely viable, and may even be preferred in some situations.

  • R-99 SMG: An argument could be made for pulling this weapon to the A tier and dropping the Longbow because the R-99 is hands down the best SMG and a pretty powerful side kick. Incredibly high rate of fire, high dps, and high movement speed while using it, the R-99 is another great close range option. In some situations it's preferable over the Peacekeeper. It does have pretty weak accuracy and can really struggle without a magazine upgrade as it can only hold 18 shots by default. The R-301 also holds 18 shots, but the R-99 SMG does less damage per bullet, so odds are you may struggle taking someone out with a single clip.
  • VK-47 Flatline: A powerful all-around assault rifle option, the VK-47 Flatline features very high damage in full auto mode. It doesn't have great accuracy and struggles in long range situations, but it's a great option for fighting in locations where a Peacekeeper or R-99 SMG just won't work well.
  • Devotion LMG: When stacked with a Turbocharger, this things dishes out very high dps, and while it cannot take any magazine upgrades, it does hold 44 by default which makes it great for close range team fighting.
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C Tier


M600 Spitfire, Triple Take, Hemlock Burst AR, Prowler Burst PDW

These options are all viable, but all feature something about them that isn't great.

  • M600 Spitfire: Arguably the best of the C tier, the M600 Spitfire is similar to the Devotion except with a lower default magazine size, lower firing rate, and overall lower dps. However, it can upgrade its magazine size to 60 maximum, uses Heavy ammo instead of the much rare Energy ammo, and is overall not bad at all. I would take the Spitfire over a Devotion without a Turbocharger.
  • Triple Take: A strange weapon, this sniper's shot splits into 3 bullets that actually get pretty far apart if you take a long-range shot. A Precision Choke will tighten it up quite a bit, but the damage per bullet is only 23 on a body shot. At times it almost works better as a shotgun. Still, it lets you deal damage on shots that would otherwise miss and if you do land all 3 shots it out damages the Longbow.
  • Hemlock Burst AR: Overall the stats on this weapon are decent, high damage per bullet and overall decent dps even with a low firing rate. The magazine size is acceptable. Really, nothing is wrong with the Hemlock except it operates in burst firing only, and burst is awful.
  • Prowler Burst PDW: Similar to the Hemlock with 2 major exceptions. For one, the firing rate and overall dps is much higher (of course with much lower accuracy). However, you can use a Selectfire Receiver to make this gun work in automatic fire, which makes it much more viable. I still somewhat prefer it over the Hemlock personally, though I'm enthusiastic about neither.

D Tier


Eva-8 Auto, G7 Scout, Havoc

These weapons are still real, and you can win fights in the appropriate situations with them, but all have major drawbacks.

  • Eva-8 Auto: An automatic shotgun that fires fairly slow and has overall pretty low dps. The magazine size is 8, but that doesn't really compensate for it's much lower damage per shot when compared to the Peacekeeper. It's okay at best.
  • G7 Scout: Functions exactly as you would want a light sniper rifle to function. However, the damage is so low it's not particularly useful. Only 30 damage from a body shot makes it only useful for annoying enemies at range and keeping them away from you.
  • Havoc Rifle: This thing has decent stats on paper, but is a really poor performer in reality. It features high overall dps, high damage per hit, and a default magazine size of 25 which is higher than many other rifles. However, the charge up time (similar to the devotion) is so long an enemy can shoot you 3 or 4 times before you fire a single bullet. Even a Turbocharger still leaves the spin-up time hilariously long. Furthermore, the accuracy is so poor it's basically a Devotion without the larger magazine size. The Selectfire Receive allows it to fire a single strong shot so it can act as a mid-range sniper rifle of sorts, but overall this weapon is simply underwhelming.

Honorable Mention


Alternator, RE-45 Auto

Not great choices, but they have their place!

  • Alternator: Basically the worse version of the R-99, but when fully attached, it's really not that much worse. You'll be quick and have decent DPS, and easily take down opponents. However, without it being fully attached, you'll struggle with opponents of any kind of armor.
  • RE-45 Auto: Similar to the alternator, except just one further step-down.



Mozambique Shotgun, P2020

These weapons are hilariously bad.

  • Mozambique Shotgun: This is the epitome of worthless. The Mozambique features a clip size of 3 with a maximum damage of 45 in a shot between 3 pellets. If the clip size wasn't bad enough, the spread on the 3 pellets is hilariously bad, making it near impossible to land 45 damage unless you're in melee range. I'm honestly not sure if this weapon is better than using melee.
  • P2020: It's a pistol.

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