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"Assassin's Creed": A Review

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The first Assassin's Creed was released in 2007 by Ubisoft for the Xbox 360 (and, later, the PS3) and since its inception, it has been a very popular game and continues to be so. It was the success of the second game (released in 2009), that there had been subsequent releases each year up until 2016. All of the games take place in a fictional history of real-life events, such as the American Revolution and the Crusades (first Assassin's Creed game), which makes for a very interesting, and educational, story. Let's get into the pros and the cons of the game.


  • Design/Graphics
  • Dialogue/Voice Acting
  • Game play
  • Story line
  • Characters

I was very impressed with this game. It might not have been perfect in all aspects but it was really good. I don't think I have been this impressed with a game in a little while. To be truthful, I don't think even Tekken (and that's my favorite series to play, too) has elicited a response like this from me and that is saying something. I got this game right around Black Friday as a random splurge for myself and, man, I am really glad I did.


Absolutely beautiful. The structures of the buildings and fortresses were really amazing. Also, when you get to the top of a tower and synchronize, you get, almost, a 360 degree view of whatever city you may be in and that's absolutely incredible! The graphics are decent. When you walk in water, you can see the splashes with each step taken so that's good attention to detail right there. When you fall into a hay bale or come out of one, bits of hay will fly out into the air as well.

Dialogue/Voice Acting:

The dialogue between characters is very good. I have no problems with it, not even with Altair, despite his voice actor sounding very American. For me, I think his voice is awesome so I've got no problems with that, though I'm sure others may not share the same opinion. It probably would have made the entire game more authentic, to be fair.

Game Play:

Overall, game play is nice. The missions do get a little repetitive but as much as I am enjoying this game, that's something I'll forgive. It's a minor thing in my opinion. The camera can be a bit of an issue if you're not used to playing that sort of game but once you get going, it gets easier.

Story line:

I love the story line. It's very fascinating and rather engaging. So engaging, in fact, that I'm playing the game two hours at a time (with breaks in between, of course). You're playing as an assassin in the time of the Crusades. There's a lot of history to the game. It's very well researched. It's obvious that the designers put in a lot of work and they have done a wonderful job of doing it!


I think my favorite aspect of the game is the characters themselves. Not just the main characters but the people milling about in each city. For example, if you're spotted walking upon boards a couple of feet up in the air, someone will make a comment of sorts. I find this clever and hilarious. Clever because people are genuinely curious about the actions of others and hilarious because of the comments being said. For example, I had a civilian catch me walking on rooftops and he says: "Now I've seen everything." It made me laugh.

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  • The occasional glitch
  • Camera
  • Repetitive Missions

Not very many cons to discuss here. I haven't found many so far but I will update this review should I find anymore. Let's dive in, shall we?


There were a couple of glitches, albeit minor, within the game. The first one I caught was when Altair was near a ladder. There had been moments where he continued to climb past the top of the ladder. This is the most common glitch I've seen so far. Another glitch that I caught was when Altair was jumping to grab a ledge against the wall and he seemed to have briefly disappeared into it. Mind you, the camera angle wasn't the best either, so that effect could have been from the camera. I found yet another glitch. If you walk close enough to the edge of the roof of the market place (doesn't matter which) and look down, there had been times where Altair was standing on air. You can't move. However, there is a possible way of getting out of said glitch. I paused the game (I don't remember for how long but it wasn't that long) before un-pausing it. Somehow, I was able to move my character back onto the roof. The glitch is very easy to emulate (just walk normally towards the edge). I will have to test if pausing and un-pausing really does get you out of it. I might have just gotten really lucky getting out of that!


Speaking of camera, it can be a bit of a pain if you're not used to handling something like that. There are times where it seems to get caught on Altair if you're in a corner or some kind of tight space. So if you're prone to getting sick, I recommend having Ginger Ale nearby and waiting. Other than that, though, it's not too big of a least, in my case. It probably varies from player to player.

Repetitive Missions:

The missions are pretty much the same. For each city that you enter, you are given several missions in order to gather information. For example, other than finding the Assassin's Bureau, you are to find an informant (and complete a task they give you in order gain information they hold) or do an interrogation. You also have to pickpocket some people as well. Other than that, there's nothing really new with each city as far as missions go. This can be overlooked if you're new to the game and trying to get used to the mechanics.

Final Thoughts

In this case, the pros definitely outweigh the cons by far. I got this game from Gamestop pre-owned and it was worth the money and worth the ten-year wait to get my hands on it. Why ten years of waiting? Simple. My parents wanted me to focus on my studies. I had a very good experience so far for my first play through of the game. Despite the few problems I have encountered, and not every game is going to be perfect, I'm giving this a five-star rating.

I do believe that Assassin's Creed is my new favorite game. I love Tekken, but Assassin's Creed is the best! The violence is not at all that bad and there is an option to turn off the blood if you don't like that kind of stuff. It's nothing like Mortal Kombat, rest assured, if you're worried about that. Anyway, if you haven't played it before, I highly recommend it. So take a leap of faith and jump in!

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Jennifer (author) from Lost...In Video Games and Stories on January 16, 2017:

I like games that put my mind to work and make me focus. Gambling, I do from time to time, but I would rather be more engaged with games like AC.

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