"Solar 2" Strategy Guide: Asteroid Stage Index

Updated on February 26, 2019
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Solar 2
Solar 2

The Asteroid stage is the first stage in Solar 2. You will control a small rock flying through space. This is the most limited of the stages, considering you are capable of directly influencing other celestial objects the least while as an Asteroid. In terms of missions and other tasks however, the Asteroid stage is still more populated than the Black Hole stage in this regard. You will find links to the mission guides below and tips and a video on progressing to the next stage of Planet below.

The Asteroid Missions & Guide

  1. Fun Ideas While You Are An Asteroid
  2. Asteroid -> Small Planet Progression
  3. Assassin missions 1-3
    + Ninja achievement
  4. Best Friend mission 1
  5. Extinction missions 1-2
  6. Fun and Games missions 1-3
  7. Challenge Missions
    Stay Young + Zombie Geometry

If you are looking for additional guides for this video game you can find links below to the other stage indexes which hold more information and links to guides specific to those stages of existence.

Don't have this game but interested in checking it out? You can find more info on how to buy a copy from the official Solar 2 site.

1. Fun ideas while you are an Asteroid

Due to your incredibly small mass, you are capable of propelling yourself to insanely high speeds, faster than capable of being reached by simple movement key based acceleration, by slingshotting yourself through the gravity wells of larger objects like stars or even Black Holes. Your high speed means massive damage against an unshielded object.

Collide with evolving or newly developed planets to create your own mass extinction event.

Knock other asteroids around, into other planets or stars for the above purposes or gain some mass and use your newly formed gravity well to pull other asteroids along with you to make a storm of projectiles against some hapless planet.

2. Asteroid -> Small Planet Progression

Consuming mass as an asteroid in Solar 2.
Consuming mass as an asteroid in Solar 2.

Progression from the Asteroid stage towards the Small Planet stage is the easiest and quickest stage transition in the game of Solar 2. In order to make the leap to this next stage you will need to grow larger by running into other asteroids until you reach 20 mass.

Tips for Asteroid progression:

The methods used to gain enough mass to hit Small Planet are relatively straightforward. As mentioned above you simply have to collide with other asteroids to take in their mass. The larger you become, the less speed you need to eat the other space rocks since there is more force behind each collision.

You can’t lose mass while an asteroid, however you can be easily destroyed by colliding into any planets or stars. You can destroy space ships in a collision without taking any damage, however nomad ships will target you even if only nearby although red hostile lifeforms will ignore you unless their planet was recently hit by another asteroid.

Asteroid Progression Video Guide

3. Assassin missions 1-3

The assassin missions in Solar 2 task you with taking out a single Nomad ship in each level, one of each type that exists. There is an achievement associated with these mission, Ninja, which requires that you complete all 3 levels without dying. The video below will show how to do this.

Tips for the Assassin Missions

Some shared concepts between the three assassin missions are that you need to find some way of baiting the target nomad vessel into giving chase. Using your asteroid, you will need to lead your target into combat with any red spaceships that spawn from Life Planets. All of the Nomad vessels can destroy your asteroid with a single hit.

Your target enemy always seems to spawn next to a nearby asteroid field, starting off preoccupied with blasting apart these rocks. To bait these targets, the best option is always to travel around the Nomad vessel, just outside of it’s weapon range while said target destroys whatever asteroids are closer to it. Eventually you will end up being the closest asteroid and the Nomad will give chase, allowing you to lead it along until you find some hostile red lifeforms to have them combat. Using the path key (P for PC users) will give you a good idea when the exact moment the Nomad is chasing you with a white line connecting from it to your asteroid.

Although it is certainly possible that you could lead the target ship into an obstacle of some kind, chances are your aggressor is going to dodge whatever it is relatively easily. It’s worth trying as you search for a Life Planet, but don’t try going out of your way with this method as its more trouble than its worth.

Lastly, these levels do not penalize you for death, however you will not be able to unlock the Ninja achievement if you die anywhere in the chain.

Getting the Missile Boat's attention in Assassin 1
Getting the Missile Boat's attention in Assassin 1 | Source

Assassin 1

The first mission has you eliminating one of the Missile Boat type of ships, spawning near the mission beacon. This level is the only one where you can survive if fired upon, as long as you can manage to evade the missiles, much like in the Fun and Games missions.

Assassin 2

Level 2 now has you tasked with baiting a Cruiser. You have to stay out of it’s laser range or face instant death, but the aggression radius is larger allowing an easy bait with some patience. The slow speed of this vessel makes a safe bait but means you need to also slow your speed when leading it along, as running off will lose your target.

Baiting the nomad Fighter in Assassin 3
Baiting the nomad Fighter in Assassin 3 | Source

Assassin 3

The last and honestly most deadly ship to your asteroid is the Fighter, which you must now bait in the final level of this chain. Beyond applying the same tactics you have used up to this point, the one good idea to keep in mind is to keep your speed up and never try to stop moving completely. The Fighter has high mobility, allowing it to quickly take you out if caught unprepared and too close.

Ninja Achievement Video Guide

4. Best Friend Mission

Helping your best friend asteroid gain mass in Solar 2.
Helping your best friend asteroid gain mass in Solar 2.

The best friend mission is rather simple and stands alone in its group in Solar 2. Your best friend asteroid buddy requires your help in becoming a Small Planet. You, also as an asteroid, will need to push the target asteroid around into other rocks to make it grow larger while protecting it from hazards.

Tips for the Best Friend level:

Patience is important here in maintaining relative control of your buddy asteroid by keeping it traveling only fast enough to consume more mass. If you start rocketing it across the map, the chances a Nomad or physical object will destroy it are very high.

Remember, just like your asteroid, it can be destroyed relatively easily and only takes one stray shot to cause a mission restart. To best avoid other hazards, stick to a specific asteroid field as long as possible, avoiding traveling significant distances.

Best Friend Video Guide

5. Extinction Missions

Taking out the lone planet in Extinction mission 1
Taking out the lone planet in Extinction mission 1 | Source

This pair of missions that make up the Extinction chain have you handling a race of Dinosaurs that have evolved to a space faring civilization. The Entity does not seem to be down with this development and wants them eliminated. This mission chain uses a combination of tactics from the Assassin and Best Friend levels.

Extinction 1

Level 1 takes the method you learned in the Assassin levels and has you facing off against a lone dinosaur planet with only your own mass as a weapon against your foes. Even though the planet is evolved and shielded, a single collision with your asteroid will wipe off life from the surface instantly no matter your mass.

The idea here is to bait all the hostile red lifeforms into giving chase then circling about the planet at a fast speed until these enemies are on the opposite side of the planet, allowing you to safely turn in and collide with the surface. Perishing in this level is not penalized and will have you re spawning nearby the Dino system. For this reason you can also try just flying straight into the planet, however this is a matter of luck and timing, and can be somewhat hit or miss.

Note: Although covered in the main video below, the alternate video has a better strategy for the first mission only that is worth watching.

Extinction Video Guide

Extinction 2

The second level in the Extinction chain now takes a page from the Best Friend level, having you pick you a secret weapon from a nearby location, that being a dark matter asteroid. Using the tactics you learned previously, you will need to push the dark matter asteroid along at a moderate speed in the direction of a nearby dinosaur solar system.

Moments before the dark matter asteroid collides with it's target.
Moments before the dark matter asteroid collides with it's target. | Source

Whereas before you need to push an asteroid into other rocks, this time around you want to avoid other objects, taking your payload along without propelling it faster than you, preventing any necessary course corrections you might have to make via in-flight nudges. The path key is useful here to give some guidance for this purpose.

When the dark matter asteroid collides with an object it turns into a Black Hole, so make sure to pull back when approaching the target zone as you must survive not only until you demolish the dinosaur’s star, but also escape to a nearby beacon. If the Black Hole is triggered too close to you it will consume you guaranteed, however missing the dinosaur system and having it triggered somewhere nearby will still have a high chance of eventually pulling your targets in, so don't give up if your aim was off, instead hang around and see what happens.

Extinction Alt Strategy Video Guide

6. Fun and Games

The Fun and Games series of missions in Solar 2 tests your skills at maneuvering your asteroid, tasked with dodging a series of volatile hazards that threaten your existence.

Tips For These Missions

Make sure you have the path key turned on for all three of these levels. As an asteroid, these tasks are probably where having the lines showing you the route you need to take to avoid the various hazards you face prove to be the most useful. Dying in any of these missions will force you to restart the level you were on.

Fun And Games 1

The first level in this chain has you dodging four missiles testing your skills at leading these explosives into other nearby objects in order to get them off your tail. Missiles will approach you from the left and right side of the screen with one pair spawned on each side, so start out traveling up or down on the screen before you can even see them. If you remain still until they are visible on your screen you are likely to be destroyed before building enough speed to avoid being hit.

The path key in this mission allows you to have an easier time of losing these missiles by showing you the direction they are coming from even if not visible on your screen by drawing a direct line from their location connecting to your asteroid. You want to “break” these lines by positioning yourself so a planet, asteroid or star is underneath the white line. If done right, the missiles will collide directly with said object.

Fun And Games 2

Same as the first level, just more missiles, 40 to be exact. All the tactics and strategies are the same as the first time around with the exception of a greater challenge posed. Planets and Stars are going to be your priority since these can take multiple missiles out at once, whereas asteroids will only take out 1 missile each.

Leading some missiles into a planet in Fun and Games 2
Leading some missiles into a planet in Fun and Games 2

Fun And Games 3

Now the challenge really kicks up a notch, switching the objects thrown at you from a batch of missiles to a series of Stars you will need to continuously dodge for 20 seconds. The tactics in this level really switch up, since now you are dealing with a constant spawn of objects with gravity wells that can affect your movement by simply passing next to you.

Your best bet here is to make a zigzag pattern, switching directions about every second, as it takes a second for a new Star to spawn and they always seem to spawn traveling in the direction you were headed in at the time. If you find a nearby solar system, it might help you out as a semi barrier however you should avoid trying to travel too fast or far as a moderate speed is more helpful when it comes to the constant switching of directions you must do.

Dodging stars in Fun and Games level 3
Dodging stars in Fun and Games level 3 | Source

Fun & Games Video Guide

7. Asteroid Challenge Missions

Dodging spiraling rings of asteroids to Stay Young
Dodging spiraling rings of asteroids to Stay Young | Source

Challenge Mission 1: Stay Young

In the first Asteroid challenge mission, Stay Young, you are tasked with keeping your rock within a large circle drawn in space while wave after wave of piles of asteroids are thrown at you and inside the ring in general. The trick here is that you have to keep from evolving to a Small Planet for as long as possible, made difficult by having to avoid collisions with other asteroids in order to do so.

Easy Score: 15 seconds
Medium Score: 25 seconds
Hard Score: 40 seconds

The general idea to beating the hard score in Stay Young is to move in a circular pattern, taking advantage of your quick acceleration while still a small rock to dodge the incoming waves. The asteroids will come at you in a spiral pattern that centers on your current location when the wave spawns. Pick either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation for your path and duck and dodge as necessary. If you become to large of an asteroid, you will find yourself having a progressively more difficult time preventing further collisions due to your size and gravity well. Finally stay away from any planets that manage to spawn, which can happen at the center of the spirals where the asteroids all collide with each other, as their gravity will pull you in and throw off the precise movements you need to pull off.

Stay Young Video Guide

Challenge Mission 2: Zombie Geometry

The second challenge mission available in the Asteroid Stage is Zombie Geometry, which involves you dodging obstacles again, much like in the previous challenge, however with it's own special twists. Again you will have to wait out a timer to reach the score you need.

Easy Score: 30 seconds
Medium Score: 1 Minute
Hard Score: 1:30 (1 Minute, 30 Seconds)

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Zombie Geometry starts off somewhat simple.Then takes it to some extreme levels of difficulty.
Zombie Geometry starts off somewhat simple.
Zombie Geometry starts off somewhat simple. | Source
Then takes it to some extreme levels of difficulty.
Then takes it to some extreme levels of difficulty. | Source

The general trick to this level is quickly determining the path of the obstacles that are flying at you in each wave while looking for an appropriate opening as soon as possible. All the items you find will annihilate you in a single hit, so you will have to avoid any collision whatsoever. Another unique twist here is that you're screen will be looked to one section of space, with obstacles spawning at the edges, thus your mobility is limited to a degree, having to stay within the confines of the screen itself. Since the majority of objects flying at you will be missiles, you can use their trails to give you an early idea of where they will be flying. Finally, take not that the waves are the same in each play through and won't change depending on your location in space, so trying multiple times will also allow you to predict what you need to do in order to make it further.

Zombie Geometry Video Guide

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