"Diablo 3" Class Achievements Guide: Barbarian

Updated on February 25, 2019
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The Barbarian Class
The Barbarian Class | Source

This guide will cover the various achievements players can earn relating directly to playing as the Barbarian class of hero in Diablo 3, listing them along with their description and information on how to unlock each. These are typically handed out for passing certain milestones in the game, completing a difficult or out of the ordinary task.

Barbarian Class Achievements

All of the achievements for Diablo 3 contained on this page relate directly to playing through the game as the Barbarian class and performing special feats through the use of that class' abilities.

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Update (Feb 2019): Much has changed since this guide was published in Diablo 3. Because of the radical differences and other personal reasons, this will be left as is for historical purposes.

To the Victor Go the Spoils
To the Victor Go the Spoils

To the Victor Go the Spoils

Complete Act IV with a Barbarian on Normal Difficulty.
Unlocks a sigil accent.

There are four difficulty completion achievements total, this of course being the first and easiest to get and all of them being self explanatory.

A Dream of Victory
A Dream of Victory

A Dream of Victory

Complete Act IV with a Barbarian on Nightmare Difficulty.

From the Mouth of Hell
From the Mouth of Hell

From the Mouth of Hell

Complete Act IV with a Barbarian on Hell Difficulty.

Bul-Kathos Reborn

Complete Act IV with a Barbarian on Inferno Difficulty.
Unlocks a banner sigil.

Definitely the crowning achievement of the four, also considering this will be harder than simply hitting level 60.

Warriors of the North

Reach level 60 with 2 Barbarians.

Mostly a time spent issue than anything else, but you'll probably want your Barbs on separate servers/regions.

Bask in My Glory
Bask in My Glory

Bask in My Glory

Use a skill that grants a beneficial effect to your follower.

There are several abilities that can be used or modified with runes to boost allies in one way or another, transferring to your follower as well. The earliest skill you can use is going to be War Cry unlocked at level 28 which is used to give a 60 second armor boost to all nearby allies.

Mighty Vengeance
Mighty Vengeance

Mighty Vengeance

Equip a mighty belt and a mighty weapon at the same time.

You will certainly find one of each item type through your adventures, probably not too long into starting out your new Barbarian, made simpler by the lack of a quality requirement. Optionally you can also resort to crafting or vendor purchasing if you can't wait or happen to be having truly terrible luck with finding these as drops. Ridiculously easy to achieve through using the auction house.

Controlled Fury
Controlled Fury

Controlled Fury

Fight with maximum Fury for 5 minutes.

The easiest way to accomplish this feat, considering fury generated constantly drains out of the Barbarian, is to wait until level 55 when you unlock the Unforgiving passive ability. This will allow your Barb to no longer use Fury, instead generating it at a rate of 1 every 2 seconds. All you need to do now is just stick to using Fury generating skills and attacks to avoid depleting your reserves in any way for the 5 minutes you need and this achievement should unlock. Try to make sure you're staying in combat as often as possible.

It may also be possible to sit in town or in an area, idle for 5 minutes with the Unforgiving passive keeping you at full fury, then attacking a single target to pop the achievement. (thanks go to Laurent)

An Impenetrable Defense
An Impenetrable Defense

An Impenetrable Defense

Block 5 attacks in a row.
Unlocks a banner sigil.
***Covered in the video below.

There are two main steps to this achievement, building up your block % and finding a place with lots of weak enemies to hit you.

The best and cheapest way to get a high block % (I managed 48% with about 250k in gold) is to search the AH for a cheap rare shield with a high block bonus along with base block rating. The highest you can find on a shield is +9% so search that, looking for a shield that totals somewhere between 25-28%. Next is Kotuur's Brace legendary belt which adds +5%, Doombringer legendary sword which comes with +7% and the Helm of Command that adds +8%.

Try to remove any additional thorns gear, replacing it with life regen,and travel to the Keep Depths 2 in Act II, or any other high density area, and let yourself get surrounded and wailed on for a couple minutes and the achievement should pop on it's own.

Blowin' in the Wind

Break 2,000 objects with Whirlwind.
Unlocks a sigil accent.

The Whirlwind ability, unlocked by the Barbarian at level 20, is not only a classic signature move of this class, but an incredibly destructive ability. Using this throughout the game will eventually lead to you breaking the 2,000 objects you need to, but steering yourself through objects on purpose would probably help. Using the Dust Devils or Hurricane runes will probably allow you to cause a wider swathe of destruction, if you are looking to speed this process up.

Death From Afar
Death From Afar

Death From Afar

Kill one of the following enemies with a thrown weapon.

Basically you are required to kill any one of the bosses listed (all major bosses besides ubers really) using the Thrown Weapon skill as the finishing blow. Relatively easy once you hit 60 and can get some high end gear. Just set yourself up with some half decent armor, go back into nightmare and pick any boss (I used Azomodan), with the Unforgiving passive ability.

Attack a few times until the boss is almost dead, with a fury generating attack preferably, then resort to only using Thrown Weapon once they're at the last bit of health. Shouldn't be too difficult, and if you run out of fury by chance, just make sure to let it recharge rather than attacking with a different fury gen attack.



Keep a monster under the Bleed effect for 20 seconds.

Again, use Unforgiving for constant furry regen and start a boss fight. (Again here I went with Azzy) Strike your target with Rend and make sure to continue to refresh the effect every 3 or so seconds. Thanks to the low cost of the skill and its now 5 second duration (used to be 3) it is relatively easy to keep the bleed effect going for 20 seconds as long as you don't resort to spamming the ability and come in the boss battle with a full fury meter.

Video Guide


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      For An Impenetrable Defense, you can increase your chances by buying a good shield (best I managed to find at at under 5-10k was 25%) and +block % items (you should be able to get Captain Crimson's Codpiece and Kotuur's Brace for under 25-30k).

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Easy away of do Controlled Fury achievement is just wait 5 minutes in the town with Unforgiving (at full fury) and hit an enemy without fury skills. Don't need to stay in combat.


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