10 Best Sidekick Dragons in EverWing

Updated on August 28, 2017
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10 Best Sidekick Dragons in EverWing
10 Best Sidekick Dragons in EverWing | Source

There are a lot of sidekick dragons in EverWing, but only a few stand out. The goal of this guide is to list the best dragons in the game. Whether it's for the normal run mode or the boss raid mode, you'll surely find what you need here.

Whether you're interested in coin and gem farming, item collecting, or monster and boss beating, there's a dragon suitable for anything and everything, so just steer ahead and discover the best sidekick you could ever have!

The Best EverWing Sidekick Dragons

1. Ban > Bakun > Bakunawa

This slithery dragon has the passive ability to deal 50% more damage against bosses and spawn 20% more items from defeated monsters.

Come to think of it, the Ban evolutionary line can be effective in both the normal run mode and the boss raid mode. The bonus damage against bosses sure helps a lot. As for the +20% item spawn rate, it supports the guardian by increasing the chances of getting clovers, mushroom, and magnets.

Couple the bonus boss damage and the increased item spawn rate and you’ve got a potential boss-killer!

2. Feri > Fieri > Fiersun

This fleet-footed fire dragon is capable of spawning 40% more Rush Flowers in the normal run mode.

Rush Flowers are the best power-ups you can pick in the game. Why? It’s because these power-ups render your guardian invincible for a certain amount of time whilst also becoming a monster-killing machine in the process. As the Feri evolutionary line can significantly increase the spawn rate of Rush Flowers, it surely is a big threat to all of monster-kind.

It is also noteworthy that another dragon by the name of “Fea > Feanor > Feandroth” has the same ability.

3. Kiin > Kigi > Kiwig

This wild hog-looking dragon has the passive ability to deal 50% more damage against bosses and extend item duration by 20%.

Similar as the Ban evolutionary line, the Kiin evolutionary line also deals bonus against bosses but increases item duration instead of item spawn rate. In this case, the increased item duration can help a lot when farming coins and gems because the magnet lasts longer. Accordingly, boss raids also become easier as the mushroom effect can extend for a few more seconds.

4. Loreen > Lureli > Lurelith

This majestic dragon of light can fire homing bullets that deal 50% more damage against bosses.

The good thing about “Loreen > Lureli > Lurelith” is that its attacks never miss. You heard that right—no enemy can escape the attacks of this powerful dragon! And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s 50% bonus damage against bosses adds a copious amount of salt to grave injuries. Woah, bosses beware!

5. Magnis > Magmus > Magnimous

This chubby, fire dragon has the power to obliterate bosses with its 50% bonus damage against them. Additionally, it was born to defeat Spike with its 75% bonus damage against the said boss.

Ready or not, Spike is in for the worst moment of its golem life. “Magnis > Magmus > Magnimous” exists solely to crush Spike until all that’s left of it is rubble. That 75% bonus damage against it sure is terrifying. Then add the 50% bonus damage against bosses to the calculation and nothing will surely be left of Spike but its dust.

6. Sar > Anga > Sarangay

This head-strong light dragon is a very deadly existence. Not only does it fire two bullets at once, those said bullets seek targets until they hit. What a terrifying ability!

Just imagine: two light bullets are following you until they hit! Isn’t that a nightmare? Well, at least it’s the problem of monsters and bosses in this case. With this ability at tow, it’s certain that “Sar > Anga > Sarangay” can perform outstandingly well in both the normal run mode and the boss raid mode.

It is also noteworthy that another dragon by the name of “Yaen > Yave > Yavethior” has the same ability.

7. Tsijari > Tanok > Itzamatul

This ancient nature dragon is enormously strong with its power to deal 500% poison damage over 2 seconds and 50% bonus damage against bosses.

Folks, it’s a unanimous decision—“Tsijari > Tanok > Itzamatul” is the sidekick dragon with the highest possible damage! Just look at that! 500% poison damage over two seconds and 50% bonus damage against bosses?! That’s overkill!

This dragon sure is a bonafide boss executioner, especially against Fluffy!

8. Umbra > Umbrathyst > Umbrasaur

This sparkling shadow dragon has the skill to seek enemies with its homing bullets and doubles the gems gained from annihilating them.

The mode “Umbra > Umbrathyst > Umbrasaur” truly shines in is the normal run mode. Why? It’s because it provides decent firepower and cover from enemies while also unleashing a rush of gems. That’s right, this dragon has to potential to make you rich. Gems are wealth-generating currencies that shouldn’t be ignored! Pair this dragon with the guardian Lily and you’ll have a mean money-making machine.

9. Ursus > Urseus > Urselius

This one-of-a-kind water dragon possesses the “Wildcard” ability, which can enhance guardian abilities in a lot of different special ways.

“Ursus > Urseus > Urselius” is on a whole new league compared to the other dragons. It’s the only one with the “Wildcard” ability! As for the effect of the “Wildcard” ability, it’s incomparable in its guardian-enhancing abilities. Examples include the increase of magnetic power of Aurora’s magnet, the augmentation Jade’s shadow form, and the strengthening of Lenore’s revival form.

This dragon overpowers guardians in such a way that they become more efficient and powerful in both the normal run mode and boss raid mode.

10. Xiaolong > Huolong > Jinlong

This oriental fire dragon has the ability to increase the duration and drop rate of items by a staggering 40%!

An increase of 40% in both item duration and drop rate is the highest of its kind in the game. That is why “Xiaolong > Huolong > Jinlong” is really special. In the normal run mode, this dragon’s ability can be really helpful especially when trying to reach max damage and taking advantage of the magnetic power of the magnet item. Even in boss raids, this dragon’s ability can substantially increase the power of mushrooms. Overall, the usefulness of this dragon knows no bound.

It is also noteworthy that another dragon by the name of “Skout > Sage > Tuskan” has the same ability.

Which of the dragons listed here is your favorite?

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    • profile image


      15 months ago

      i already have the 3 prismatic dragons

    • profile image


      22 months ago

      I need 1 more Loreen to evolve a Lurelith cause I have already 3 Loreen

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Skout's ability is same as Xiaolong

    • profile image

      Maria Monica Gayo Ardael 

      2 years ago

      What dragons can be partner to each character?

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Lol i got over 20 mythic's and 50+ legendaries and 100+ rest

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Xiaolong is the first dragon I evolved to Huolong.

      Still trying to get another Xiolong to evolve them even more.

      Also have evolved Ava into Avalon.


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