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"Bleach: Soul Resurrección" Review: "Samurai Warriors" Meets Faster Movement

Watched entire Bleach anime and has played through eight games in the Samurai Warriors franchise.

Not the largest cast of character but a good mixture of fan favorites and surprising choices.

Not the largest cast of character but a good mixture of fan favorites and surprising choices.

Is This Game Worth Your Time?

The short answer is yes, but only if you are already familiar with the Bleach franchise. Walking into this game without knowing the plot will only give you two hours of enjoyment unless your standards for action games are low. The game follows a formula for the story mode and extra modes. It is a single-player game, so it will start to get repetitive in either route after two hours, if not sooner.

But even if you know Bleach, this game only covers seasons 6 through 13, minus 8 and 11 for obvious reasons if you watched the show. If you have not made it that far in the show, you will get spoilers, and there is no set up for what you may have missed.

The game is split up into stages, and it only takes one stage to get a feel for a character. This is a simple enough game to pick up, but it's tedious to do everything in the game as a completionist since you will do the same levels with all of the characters. Still, if you are a fan of the show, this game will scratch that itch and do it well.

The Storyline Is Here, but It Follows Typical Anime Gaming Problems

Most anime games struggle with not wanting to tell the full story since they are developed during a period of time when their story is being told. Bleach: Soul Resurrección is no different as as it picks up in the middle of the Arrancar arc. It skips over a lot of moments, and what it does have is pretty bare-bones execution. If you know the show, some key moments are there and voice acted, but if you are looking for an original story or a full telling of the anime, this is not your game.

An Amazing Battle System for Fans of Samurai Warriors!

Enjoy feeling powerful and mowing down hundreds of enemies? You will love progressing in this game. Anyone who loves Samurai/Dynasty Warriors will love the battle system of this game. It is the same battle system set in the Bleach universe.

Each character feels like how you would expect them to be with smooth and fast movement and lock-on features. It makes it easy to get in for combos and avoid damage. You will get the flow of the battles in about an hour. You will only take about five hours to fully master a character if you have experience with this style of game.

Detailed but Tedious Customization

In an interesting twist, the customization of this game is deep, but it requires using all the characters. Each character has their own grid of upgrades that levels them up as upgrades are purchased with the in-game currency. However, different characters have different amounts of upgrades in their grid. To access other grids, other characters need to be at a certain level. For example, you need to level up Aizen to allow Gin to move to a new grid. Those situations appear for every character.

Exploration That Is Beneficial in Harder Difficulties, but Very “Hollow”

Imagine the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors maps but sectioned off in zones with loading screens. That is this game. Each zone is a decent size, but between imaginary walls and tons of open space, it does give a "hallway simulator" vibe. Each stage is made up of several zones. Some are narrow, some are wide, but all are repetitive after a few minutes.

The story mode only features Hueco Mundo, Fake Karakura Town, and Karakura Town for places to explore. There are a couple of open battle areas for bosses. The extra game modes features the Soul Society and some new battle areas, but it is the same formula. Even for a hardcore Bleach fan, these maps are not going to be holding your interest. There are resources that can be found on the map and tons of destructable objects and Hollows to fight, but the terrain is very simplistic. You will have to explore around for health and other gauge management tools until you are a master of the game if you play on harder difficulties.

Rating Overview

Rating Scale: 1-2(bad), 3-4(poor), 5-6(average), 7-8(very good), 9-10(masterpiece)




The story functions to convey what you are doing, but has just enough to spoil you if you are not this far in the anime, but not enough for a newcomer to understand what is happening.

Battle System


Characters feel unique and it is a lot of fun mowing down Hollows and dodging boss attack. Some camera responsiveness and a lack of dynamic combat hold back this system though.



Any character can be as strong as anyone else...if you are willing to use all the characters. It is a unique system which I appreciate.



It is cool to see the different places, but you would get tired of a location before you are even done with one stage.



An average game that is worth your time if you are a big "Bleach" fan!

Plenty of room to fight and graphics were up to standard at the time and can be run on an emulator.

Plenty of room to fight and graphics were up to standard at the time and can be run on an emulator.

Final Decision

Overall, if you are a huge fan of Bleach and want a game that offers 200 hours of content, Bleach: Soul Resurrección is for you. It has the original English and Japanese voice cast. It features traditional locations, and the characters feel like how they should. There is a lot to do in this title. It follows the normal story as well. This is not the best anime game, but it is a solid one.

If you have no experience with the source manga or anime, it's best to skip this game and stick to Dynasty/Samurai Warriors.

There is good variety in the enemy design and solid battle dialogue.

There is good variety in the enemy design and solid battle dialogue.

Final Rating:

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