Borderlands 2: Mechromancer/Gaige Skill Builds

Updated on April 13, 2016

Gaige the Mechromancer

Gaige is more than just a high-schooler from the planet Eden-5 with an talent for building epic and loyal robots. Because of the variances in her player challenges, she can be both the easiest and most difficult character to play. As with all Borderlands 2 characters, having the right skill tree makes a huge difference in game play, and makes playing even the most difficult character a dream. Here are my two favorite builds for Gaige.

  1. The Lazy Build: This build focuses on giving Deathtrap the highest DPS (damage per second), making him (and you) a complete tank.
  2. DPS ANARCHY: The build for those who want to cause chaos and who don't want the robot to do all the work.

Gaige the Mechromancer
Gaige the Mechromancer

BuiId 1: The Lazy Build

This build concentrates on Deathtrap’s DPS, and while many defensive skills are available in the main skill tree for the build, they aren’t the priority because of your tank of a robot. Deathtrap has many unique attacks littered around the three skill trees, and with this build, you get three of the total four. It's a "lazy" build because you get an absolute tank in the Deathtrap that also deals huge damage, and you can stand back and take potshots until it needs to cool down.

I left out two skill points because there are so many options. You can add into Anarchy [TIER 1] if that aligns to your style of play; Shock and “AUUGH” [TIER 3] if you think you’ll be at close quarters a lot; Buck Up [TIER 2] if you’re playing co-op; or just fill in your [4/5] skills. Also, this build is definitely best used with elemental guns because of the second skill tree.

Robots all day err day
Robots all day err day

Tree 1

Cooking Up Trouble
Regains health when your magazine is full. More useful than Close Enough by a long shot.
The Better Half
When your magazine is half full or lower, Fire Rate bonus. One of your few offensive skills.
Potent as a Pony
Max health for you and Deathtrap.
Upshot Robot
Killing an enemy adds five seconds to Deathtrap’s Duration. Makes this build pretty EZmode.
Explosive Clap
Explosive attack for Deathtrap.
Made of Sterner Stuff
Damage reduction for you and Deathtrap. This is replaceable with other defensive skills.
20% Cooler
Increases cool down rate of Deathtrap.
Sharing is Caring
Deathtrap gets a copy of your shield (EZmode skill x2).

Tree 2

More Pep
Raises elemental chance. Sub with Myelin [TIER 1] if you don’t use elemental guns.
The Stare
Laser attack with Deathtrap.
Shock Storm
Electrical storms every time Deathtrap kills something.
Evil Enchantress
Raises elemental effect damage after killing an enemy.


This build is for those who don’t really want to see the robot do all the work. The Anarchy skill [TIER 1] is pretty interesting. It gives you a weapon damage boost and an accuracy deficit for either every enemy you kill or every time you empty your gun’s magazine. You don’t want to prematurely reload because your stacks will all go away. You can get a max of 400 stacks, meaning that’s 700% bonus in gun damage and the same amount of accuracy reduction. With the nature of the class centering around this skill, the optimal gun would be something along the lines of a repeater/machine pistol.

To maximize on stacks, you need something that won’t be hurt too much by long range (accuracy reduction; assault rifles/snipers), something that doesn’t do burst damage (revolvers/shotguns), and something with a decently small magazine size. There are two variations I've posted, the first not focusing on elemental damage/chance and the second one doing just that.


Tree 3

Explained above.
Smaller, Lighter, Faster
A basic skill you have to choose to get to the other skills in this build.
Preshrunk Cyberpunk
Anarchy stack cap +250 (base of 150).
Robot Rampage
A flurry of Deathtrap attacks.
Annoyed Android
Speed of Deathtrap up.
If you prematurely reload while stacking, this skill is a safety net for the stacks. You still lose them, but not as quickly.
Typecast Iconoclast
30% chance of gaining additional stack per stack. Definitely useful.
Rational Anarchist
First stack is 25 rather than 1.
The Nth Degree
Every Nth (5th at max) bullet ricochets towards another enemy.
With Claws
Doesn’t seem THAT great, but you don’t have anywhere else to put your points really. Add into Blood Soaked Shields (TIER 2) if you’re feeling dangerous.

Tree 1

Cooking Up Trouble
You need this to get to the next skill.
The Better Half
You’re going to be using up full magazines anyway, so this is useful. Half your bullets shoot faster, and you get to that reload stack quicker.
Upshot Robot
Helps you keep your tank up.

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      • profile image

        Baron 2 weeks ago

        Dude...Anarchy and no Close enough, in either of your "Anarchy builds", did you even really tried this build? Seems unnefective af.

        IMO Gaige does not need any tier 6 skill beyond sharing is caring, 9th degree is good, but you can make it without it, besides, with claws just sucks in comparission with other mele skills for other characters, for mele better play Zer0 or Krieg.

        As for "elemental chance", you just need Evil enchantres, Shock Storm for each time you recharge and more peep. Electric burn does fun things if you have a Florentine and with the correct Fibber and close enough, by the time you collect more than 200 stacks of anarchy, every damn thing arround you will die, and you don't even need to not like you can by the way but that doesnt even matter, bullets will just seek and destroy.

      • profile image

        Ndjrnen 9 months ago

        Can't do it cuz I use infinity pistol

      • profile image

        Fgbgr 22 months ago

        Dude add close enough to your anarchy build!

      • profile image

        lady killer 5 years ago

        bro get urself a legendary mechromancer class mod then follow the skills like cooking up trouble then the better half, buck up, upshot robot, 4 potent as a pony, made of sterner stuff, explosive clap, 20% cooler, sharing is caring, then go to little big trouble and get more pep, strength of five gorillas and the stare, after that go to ordered chaos and go smaller lighter faster then go anarchy and robot rampage. I doing this with a legendary mechromancer class mod u can get around 90% cool down rate for ur deathtrap, adding a relic could put it up to 120%.

      • profile image

        Hukekz 5 years ago

        the riochet skill is a must. completely discredit this build with out it.

      • profile image

        Garrett 5 years ago

        You CANNOT have an effective anarchy build without investing the BFF close enough skill. Makes a world of difference.

      • profile image

        Elproblemo 5 years ago

        There is a relic available as a quest reward in the pirate DLC that makes you restore 5-6% of your health with every kill at the cost of shorter fight for your lifetime. This completely cancels out the health loss of bloody shields. Haven't tried it but it sounds worth a go.

      • profile image

        Facepalmer 5 years ago

        How could you leave out close enough, anarchy makes you miss, but close enough makes the bullets bounce back, I'm sure its because you haven't tried it, but I really recommend it

      • profile image

        Puck 5 years ago

        Close enough works great with an anarchy build as well, surprised you don't have it. Half of your hits that miss (and a lot will miss) will ricochet for 50% damage. Helps a ton, especially during second wind.

      • profile image

        Colby 5 years ago

        In your build 2 blood soaked shields is completely worth it, and in fact makes this build. in game it is a 5 point skill not a 1 point, and ends up doing 100% shield recovery and 5% health lost, but since every kill = full shield and 700% damage increase, you just run and destroy non stop.