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"Cayo Perico Heist": Why It’s Good and Why It’s Bad

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On December 15th, 2020, Rockstar Games released the latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online named The Cayo Perico Heist. Distinguished from previous updates, the new heist sees players invade the Cayo Perico island, privately owned by the world’s most notorious drug trafficker El Rubio.

The latest heist is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this is the third mission that requires players to go outside the playable city, the first being GTA San Andreas’ Saint Mark’s Bistro and GTA V’s Bury the Hatchet. Second, this is for the first time players can complete the heist without the need to assemble a crew.

So far, the update has garnered various receptions from players. Here’s my take on what’s good and what’s bad from the recent update.


Why It’s Good

The good thing came from the piece of de resistance of the update, the Cayo Perico Heist itself. The heist is fun, the preparation is simple, and it has replayability. And if you’re into stealth-based games, you are going to love the finale.

Now on the solo heist ability. Previously, you were required to assemble a crew team of 2–4 players. The new update ignored such a restriction, making the heist good for those who are struggling in finding friends to play with or don’t bother doing missions with random players. And you still can make a big sum of money out of it.

Lastly, so far, you can run the heist prep in solo and invite-only lobbies. This will guarantee you are free from griefers ruining your preparations.

Why It’s Bad

Compared to the previous updates, new contents were somewhat pretty tame. Weapon side, it was not that bad (it even got James Bond’s Golden Gun replica!). But the vehicle department? not much better.

The second recent update, the Los Santos Summer Special for example, still had a decent list of vehicles such as the returning Benny’s Original Motor Works rides which were long requested by the players. In contrast, only a few vehicles in the new update that were appealing, even though it has some potential favorites such as the weaponized Pegassi Toreador.

Not a bad thing but just a suggestion: the ability to free-roam the Cayo Perico island. Under normal circumstances, the island is visitable when you: gather loot spots, launch the heist finale and attend the party on the island. In the former, you actually can visit the island as you wish. It would be better if you just free roam with no worries over El Rubio’s guards will catch you, though.



Generally speaking, what’s my personal opinion regarding this heist? Was the heist update good or it's just a letdown?

The Cayo Perico Heist was still a great update. The ability to go outside Los Santos did bring a completely different experience. Some of the new contents were still redeeming too, like the aforementioned Toreador which happens to be the most fun vehicle I have ever driven and the Ferrari look-alike Itali RSX which is one of the fastest Sports-class cars as of now.

Considering you can complete the heist solo, it turns out to be a favorite method to farm GTA cash in an effective, faster way. That way, it helps players to enjoy more content offered by the MMO game.

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