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A Guide to Breeding Chao in "Sonic Adventure 2: Battle"

The Chao are mystical creatures in the "Sonic" universe. They also make great pets.

The Chao are mystical creatures in the "Sonic" universe. They also make great pets.

Ready to Raise Your Own Chao in SA2: Battle?

So, you're in the mood to own a pet that loves you unconditionally and doesn't poop.

The good news: That's actually possible. But you're going to need a GameCube or a Wii and a copy of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

Better news: Sonic Adventure 2 is super fun and the virtual pets are adorable. No time for jibber-jabber—let's get right into the meat of this article: breeding your Chao.

This guide will explain how to hatch and care for your Chao, how to improve its stats, how to make a Chao with all S-rank stats, and all sorts of other tidbits that you might find interesting. Ready? Cool.

3 Types of Chao

There are three types of Chao:

  • Hero
  • Dark
  • Neutral

All three types go through three stages of development:

  • Egg
  • Child
  • Adult

They can live in one of three gardens:

  • Essentially Hell
  • Essentially Heaven
  • Essentially Earth

You can keep six Chao in each garden before they start running away because of over-crowding.

Chao Lifecycle and Lifespan

Your Chao goes through three stages of life. Like most animals, they can die. However, unlike most animals, you can reincarnate it.

  1. Chao enter cocoons when they're ready to move from one stage to the next.
  2. When moving from childhood to adulthood, it enters a blue and yellow cocoon.
  3. The second cocoon can either be pink or gray/white.
  4. Depending on the color, it either reincarnates or dies. If it's pink, the Chao reincarnates. If it's white/gray, it dies.

Your Chao's death/reincarnation choice is determined by how happy it is at the moment of death. So, even if it was treated well its whole life, if you start kicking it around and being mean right before it evolves, it'll probably die.

Hatching an Egg

If you read online guides, you might notice a bunch of people claiming you can change a Chao's face by manipulating the egg before it's born. Is this true? Short answer: no. Long answer: absolutely not and you should be ashamed of yourself.

There are three ways to hatch an egg. You can:

  • Wait: If you're patient, it will hatch on its own.
  • Rock the egg: You pick up the egg with the B button and, without letting go of the B button, push the analog stick in any direction. When you put the egg down, it'll hatch. I think it takes about 10 seconds to get the egg to hatch when you put it down.
  • Throw the egg: Pick up with B. Release B and use the analog stick to move around, and press B while moving. You'll throw the egg. You might have to repeat this. This is by far, the fastest way to hatch it.

I've heard and cannot confirm that a Chao's size changes if you throw the egg. I also hear that those hatching from thrown eggs are smaller than the other kinds. I literally have no proof to back that up, so do with that what you will!

If you throw the egg, your pet will come out upset. However, it won't stay that way. So no, it's not a way to ensure that you will have one with a specific face. The only way to choose a certain face is to restart the game and wait for the one you want.

However, the face is predetermined when you get the egg, so unfortunately you have to restart to a point before you get the egg in question.


Chao Faces

A Chao can have four types of eyes and six types of mouths.


  • Normal: Wide-open eyes
  • Lidded: Half-open eyes, looks tired
  • Angry: Normal eyes with diagonal lines on the inside
  • Closed: Closed eyes, with an upside-down "v" on the inside


  • None: Nothing
  • Happy: Which looks like a "V."
  • Sad: Which looks like an upside-down "V."
  • Grin: A mouth that looks like a sideways crescent moon. The teeth are alternating "V" and upside-down "V". The bulbous part of the crescent faces down.
  • Frown: A mouth that looks like a sideways crescent moon. The teeth are alternating "V" and upside-down "V". The bulbous part of the crescent is facing up.
  • Sick/Puzzled/Tired: Three upside-down "V"s
Chao alignments: Hero, Neutral, and Dark

Chao alignments: Hero, Neutral, and Dark

The Three Chao Alignments

Your Chao can have one of three alignments: Hero, Dark, and Neutral.


Heroes are white with blue fringes and a blue halo over their heads.

  • Hero Fruit. You can align your it as a hero by having it eat a Hero Fruit, the yellow fruit found in the Hero Garden.
  • Treat your pet well with Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. Then, it will be more inclined toward becoming a Hero. When a character treats your pets well, they will run toward that character when he enters the garden and exclaim "Hiiii" when getting close.
  • Treat your Chao badly with Shadow, Rouge, or Eggman. Then, it will be more inclined towards the Hero alignment. The downside is that it will also be traumatized. It might run away from the abusive character, stick out its tongue, or go "Baaah!"

You can do one, two, or all of these things to make your pet change alignment.


Dark Chao are black or dark red with pink or red fringes and a spiky pink ball over their heads.

  • Dark Fruit. Feed it Dark Fruit, a blood-red fruit you can find in the Dark Garden to align it as dark.
  • Treat your pet well with Shadow, Rouge, or Eggman. If any Chao has won a race or gone to kindergarten, it will sing around or draw pictures of its favorite character.
  • Mistreat your pet with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

You can do one, two, or all of these things to change the alignment.


Neutral Chao are hard to classify when you start getting different egg colors. If your pet isn't changing shape or color (which I'll go over below), then you probably have a neutral Chao on your hands. It's a little less straightforward than the others. There are three ways to get a neutral pet.

  • Don't feed it Hero or Dark fruit. Those change alignment (albeit, little by little). If you absolutely must, then feed them equal amounts of both types of fruit.
  • Treat it well with all characters.
  • Mistreat it with all characters.
The Chao Doctor's medical chart will show you your Chao's grades.

The Chao Doctor's medical chart will show you your Chao's grades.

Stats: How to Get S-Rank

Every Chao has a set of stats. The public stats are:

  • Run
  • Fly
  • Swim
  • Power
  • Stamina

There are also two hidden stats:

  • Luck
  • Intelligence

Stats are graded E, D, C, B, A, and S, from lowest to highest. You can see these stats in the doctor's room. The grades are randomly assigned unless you've bred it from two adults. In that case, the baby will get one of its parents' grades. For example, say you had an adult with these stats:

  • Run: E
  • Fly: C
  • Swim: C
  • Power: D
  • Stamina: A

And you bred that adult with another adult with the following stats:

  • Run: B
  • Fly: E
  • Swim: C
  • Power: B
  • Stamina: E

The resulting child could end up with the following stats:

  • Run: B
  • Fly: C
  • Swim: C
  • Power: D
  • Stamina: E

Notice that swim is C. The Chao's parents both had C swim stats. Therefore, the resulting baby will have a C swim stat.

If you're trying to get an all S-rank Chao, you'll be playing for a long time because it takes a while. Your pet can only rank up once in their lifetime and only for the skill that they're good at. So, in the example above, the Running grade will go from B to A when it evolves.

Let's get a little more in-depth about stats. I'll explain how the category grades affect your pet's behavior and what the grades mean for when the children are put into karate matches or races.


In the gardens, the run stat determines whether or not they can stand on two feet or not.

Chao with low run scores mostly crawl, like when it initially hatches. Those proficient in running will stand on two feet and move much faster than those that crawl. The higher this stat is, the faster your pet can move.

In karate matches, the run stat is renamed "speed". The run stat, therefore, determines how quickly your Chao will attack (and makes it so your pet spends less time doing nothing).


In the gardens, the fly stat determines if your pet can drop from high distances and/or fly. In the normal garden (also the Hero garden, but I can't say I've seen it in the Dark Garden too much), you might find it on a high ledge near the waterfall. If it struggles to get off the ledge or just jumps down, it has a low fly stat. If your pet flies down, then it has a high fly stat.

During races, Chao with high fly stats won't be confused or hurt after falling great distances. There are also some areas they will be able to fly over.

In karate, the fly stat is renamed "stealth." The fly stat, therefore, determines how well your pet evades opposing attacks.


In the gardens, the swim stat determines whether or not your pet struggles when placed in water. If the stat is high enough, it will swim around. If the state is too low, it will struggle and display the confused emoticon.

There are races that have to do with swimming, in these races a high run stat is (mostly) useless, and a high Swim stat is necessary.

In karate, swim is renamed "defense." A high swim stat, therefore, reduces damage inflicted by an opponent's attacks.


In the gardens, the Power stat determines whether or not your Chao can shake trees.

During races, the power stat determines tree-shaking and cliff-climbing abilities.

In karate, the power stat is still named "power" and determines both attack strength and the ability to learn new tricks, like a spinning kick or a wind-up punch. A Chao with high power can knock opponents with low Defense straight out of the ring, resulting in a one-hit win.


Stamina doesn't show in gardens. However, the gardens do have fruit that, when eaten, increases stamina.

Stamina is extremely important. In races, it determines how long your pet can run for and how often you can cheer for it. Those with low stamina will slow down or stop, and after a while not even cheering will motivate it to move.

In karate, the Stamina stat is renamed "Health." However, this really only influences the Zeal bar and keeps them motivated throughout the match.

Hidden Stats

It's unclear what effect the two hidden stats have in karate. However, in races, intelligence improves puzzle-solving abilities, while luck helps your pet pick the right lane.

Creating S-Rank Chao

If you want to make an all-S rank Chao without breeding, find one with an A level stat in one category and well-balanced stats in others. Then, give it only the items that will raise the highest stat. Let it grow into an adult, and treat it well so it will reincarnate and level up from A to S.

Once your pet has reached S-rank in one category, start the same process for the next highest stat. Continue this until all stats are S-rank.

A faster way is to breed. If you have two Chao with high stats in their adult stage, they might be ready to breed. Breeding is pretty simple. If your pet is ready to mate, then it will sit down, have a heart over its head, and have a ring of pink flowers around it. Only one needs to be fully ready.

The other one only needs to be close to ready. Your pet will naturally be ready once or twice in their adult stage, starting about four or five hours after it's evolved. If you don't want to wait, you can breed whenever you want if you have a heart fruit.

Like I explained above, the baby will then get stats from both of its parents. However, all Chao have two stats for each trait—one recessive and one dominant. I'll explain how this works using the same examples as above:

The first parent's stats were:

  • Run: E
  • Fly: C
  • Swim: C
  • Power: D
  • Stamina: A

However, that parent had parents of its own. What you see are the Chao's dominant traits (stat-wise). The recessive traits could be different. So when this one breeds with another adult, the child could have different stats from both parents, depending on the recessive genes.

  • Run: B
  • Fly: E
  • Swim: C
  • Power: B
  • Stamina: E

Both the genotype (all traits, unseen and seen) and phenotype (only visible traits) must be taken into account when you breed. As always, you can breed for as long as you'd like. If you are going for a specific trait, just be sure to keep the family tree in mind.

In any case, after breeding you need to level up the child's stats until it ranks up in a particular category, then take good care of it so that it reincarnates, thus giving you the ability to raise another stat or breed again.

Stat Guide: How to Level Up

So you want to raise your Chao's stats but you're not sure how to do it? No problem. There are two ways.

1. Drives

Drives are the tubes you get after defeating enemies. They come in green, yellow, purple, and red. The colors correspond to the four categories of Run, Swim, Fly, and Power, respectively.

These drives have no effect on appearance or on the other stats. Drives level up a category by 24%. To fully level up one category with Drives alone, you need five Drives (four will only reach the cusp of leveling up).

2. Animals

You can find animals in levels, robots, cages, pipes and other areas in the game. Animals can change your pet's appearance and negatively affect some stats. Depending on the animal's background, you'll be able to tell what group the animal is in and what category it will help.

There are three animal groups that will not decrease any stats at all. You will get one of these animals by breaking all three Chao Boxes in a level.

You can check out the different animal groups in the table below.

Animals (Groups and Learned Behavior)

Group (Stat)AnimalLearned Behavior

Green (Run)



Green (Run)


Licks face

Green (Run)


Hops around

Purple (Fly)


Flaps around

Purple (Fly)



Purple (Fly)



Yellow (Swim)


Slides on belly

Yellow (Swim)


Backstrokes while swimming

Yellow (Swim)


Rolls around

Red (Power)



Red (Power)


Pounds chest

Red (Power)


Sharpens claws

Blue (Other)


Spins around

Blue (Other)



Blue (Other)



Black (Other)


No Feet

Black (Other)

Half-Fish/Swamp Thing

Ball/Halo replaced by fire

Black (Other)

Skeleton Dog

Removes animal parts, allows hats to be worn

Gold (Other)


Wags tail

Gold (Other)


Breathes fire

Gold (Other)


Bucks feet

Chao Emotions

Wondering what your pet is trying to say? Here's some help:

  • Dot/Halo/Spiky Ball: Depends on alignment. This is a neutral expression and the one you'll see the most.
  • Heart: Happy. You'll see this when your pet is picked up by a character it likes, when it's doing something it likes, when eating food it likes, or sometimes just because a character entered the room.
  • Question mark: Your pet is thinking. You'll see this often when you give it a toy to play with or if it shakes a tree and no fruit comes out.
  • Exclamation point: If your pet was previously thinking, then it's found a solution. Otherwise, it might be excited or surprised.
  • Whirlwind: Your pet is upset, tired, or sometimes just doesn't like the character in the room.

Stats and Fruit

A third way to improve stats is through fruits. Most fruits influence only stamina alone, though a few improve multiple categories at once. .The last bite of some fruit may have a larger effect on stats as well.

However, in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, only the Chao fruit affects stats. Otherwise, you need to be connected to the Tiny Chao Garden from Sonic Advance, which I'm not covering.

In the table below are the fruits you can buy and what they can do.

Fruit NameWhere to Get ItBonusLast Bite Bonus

Neutral Garden Fruit

Neutral Garden

+10% Stamina


Hero Garden Fruit

Hero Garden

+10% Stamina


Dark Garden Fruit

Dark Garden

+10% Stamina


Strong Fruit

Black Market

+12% Stamina

+14% Stamina

Tasty Fruit

Black Market

+7% Stamina

+9% Stamina

*Round Fruit

Black Market

+10% Stamina


*Triangle Fruit

Black Market

+10% Stamina


*Square Fruit

Black Market

+10% Stamina


Heart Fruit

Black Market

+10% Stamina

Ready to mate

Chao Fruit

Black Market

+12% Run, +12% Fly, +12% Swim, +12% Power, +12% Stamina

+14% Run, +14% Fly, +14% Swim, +14% Power, +14% Stamina


Black Market

+12% Stamina

+14% Stamina

Hero Fruit

Black Market

+10% Stamina

Slight Hero Alignment

Dark Fruit

Black Market

+10% Stamina

Slight Dark Alignment

Gradual Evolution

If you've been playing for a while you might've noticed that some Chao are slightly lighter or darker than others, some are shaped differently, and some even have different body parts. Well, the body parts come from animals. The rest of that is the result of gradual evolution.

Your pet must evolve in order to get up to S-rank. But sometimes, you want your pet to progress along on a specific track. That's where gradual evolution comes in.

Basically, Gradual evolution allows you to nudge your pet to be better, for example, at swimming than flying, or running than power, or to be lighter than darker. Literally, every Chao starts out looking neutral. But, near the end of the childhood stage, you can have it change from Neutral to Dark or Hero.

It's called gradual evolution because it can take a while for things to set in. For example, if you give your pet plenty of swim animals and drives, you might start noting that its wings are getting flatter or smaller. Giving it lots of fly drives and animals, on the other hand, makes their wings wider and larger. It happens so slowly, you might not notice until the Chao has evolved.



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