Danger Zone Game Review

Updated on February 9, 2018

Danger Zone is the next game in indie developer, Three Field Entertainment’s line up of titles based around explosions and fun. It is available for PS4 and on Steam. For anyone who has played Burnout’s Crash Mode or Three Field Entertainment’s other game, Dangerous Golf, the concept of Danger Zone will be instantly recognizable. The premise is that you control a car in a crash test facility and you must complete the simple objective of causing as much destruction as possible.

Gameplay and the Positive Features of Danger Zone

The game's stages are split into two segments. The initial stage has you driving into traffic and causing as many accidents as possible, while the second segment is called “Smashbreaker” and it consists of the instantly enjoyable task of causing destruction with your car. In the second segment, you will be able to whip your car around in every direction while setting everything around you on fire. You can also pick up cash bonuses and additional Smashbreakers to increase the impact of your destructive actions. Once you've completed your objective, you’ll have a few moments to pan the camera around the remains of your car and admire your handy work before the final score is calculated and the medals are awarded.

Stages start out simply enough. Your sole initial task is to drive straight into traffic, cause explosions, and revel in the destruction. Later stages of the game will require you to steer your burning car as it flips around mid-air. When steering your vehicle, you should try to land on the closest available platform. There is a simple satisfaction to be gained from having your blown up car land in front of an oncoming bus, watching your car get hit by that bus and get sent flying into another bus, which explodes on impact and causes a chain reaction of detonations.

Seeing the results of the mayhem is almost as much fun as causing the mayhem in the first place. As I played Danger Zone, I would burst out laughing at the sight of buses, trucks, and various cars flying through the air and flipping around like gymnasts competing for gold medals!

The Negative Features

The fun of the game is undermined a bit by the car's lackluster controls. While the car controls are not terrible, it can be harder than expected to get your car to go where you want it to. For example, I spent a fair amount of time trying to drive alongside another vehicle so I could push it into oncoming traffic. But instead, my own car would skid and go flying off the road and into the abyss below, which resulted in an instant failure.

The game is really short and it only has enough stages to provide gamers with a few hours of playtime at best. The game also lacks multiplayer, co-opt, or customization options, so playing options are limited. The only environment within the game is a generic, concrete facility, and it isn’t much to look at. Don’t let any of these gripes discourage you from trying Danger Zone. The game is simple, but ultimately satisfying. It’s hard to play without smiling and the lure of wanting to replay each stage for a higher medal is always there. I’m also happy to report that Danger Zone has shorter loading periods than Dangerous Golf, so the good times come that much quicker.

Final Thoughts and Verdict

Danger Zone might be a small package, but it has a lot of heart and is instantly enjoyable. The controls are very basic and you'll only need to use two buttons and the joystick while playing, which enables just about anyone to pick this game up and play it successfully. Even though it is short, Danger Zone is a fun game while it lasts and it has online leaderboards and elusive platinum medals to keep gamers coming back to try and improve their scores. It’s a great embodiment of the phrase “what you see is what you get,” and what you get is destruction, silliness, and a good laugh.

Verdict: 7/10


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