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"Dark Souls II" Walkthrough: Pate and Creighton

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only.

Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only.

During your journeys in the terrible, terrible lands of Dark Souls II, you're likely to come across a pair of men named Pate and Creighton. Pate is an odd, unassuming, polite fellow who constantly hints at danger he's not 'brave enough' to take on himself. His chats are vaguely sinister. Creighton, by contrast, is a man wronged - and all of his twitchy rage is aimed at Pate, whom he believes betrayed him. These two form one of the longest-lasting story lines in Dark Souls II...

... one that you can miss completely. The Pate and Creighton quest line is dependent on meeting the pair in several places that are relatively easy to miss, and unless you meet them in each spot, in order, you cannot bring the quest to successful completion. This article will help you find Pate and Creighton in their various haunts in the proper order.

Forest of Fallen Giants - Pate

You kick off this quest line by meeting Pate in the first dungeon area in the game, Forest of Fallen Giants. Proceed through the area until you reach the wide, open space where you can optionally face the Pursuer, atop the battlements. After battling a spear- and pike-wielding pair of hollows, you'll wind up descending a ladder into a crossroads. You'll see Pate sitting straight ahead, contemplating the path ahead and fretting over the wisdom of following it.

Go through the path he indicates. You'll become trapped here. Do your best to escape, though if you die you'll still fulfill the requirement of 'returning alive'. Head back to Pate for a second chat one way or another and he'll give you a White Sign Soapstone. The next time you return here, he'll be gone.


Huntsman's Copse - Creighton

Next you meet bitter Creighton. He's found in the chamber of the second Bonfire in the area, Undead Lockaway, though the door is locked. To pop it open you'll have to continue across the bridge to your left, follow the lower path along the cliff's edge, and look for a small hut built into the rocks. Inside you'll find a bandit carrying the Undead Lockaway Key. Pop the room open and speak to Creighton inside. He's curled up against the back wall, and is a bit difficult to notice. He'll mumble some vengeful words about Pate, and when you come back he, too, will have vanished.

Earthen Peak - Pate

Pate again. Make your way through Earthen Peak until you reach the Central Earthen Peak Bonfire. Search the pathways upstairs and to the right of the Bonfire and, eventually, you'll find a small room with Pate inside. He's pondering another path to treasure, and the dangers you'll have to face to get to it. Leave this room via the stairs and follow the hall to your right until it splits. Take a right, kill the pyromancer on the other side of the gap if you wish, and jump down to the lower level. Along with a treasure chest, you'll find a door leading back to Pate. Talk to him again and he'll congratulate you... and, yep, leave.

Shaded Woods - Creighton

The twitchy weirdo strikes again. Make your way through Shaded Woods until you reach the second Bonfire, Ruined Fork Road. You'll be in a set of ruins with three ways to go. Check by the door to your right that leads into a section of forest enshrounded by mist. Creighton is curled up by the door, looking very much like a dead body. Chat him up and he'll continue to swear vengeance. He'll also reveal that Pate lives in Brightstone Cove Tseldora, and that they're destined to meet up there and fight it out. Fair enough.

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Brightstone Cove Tseldora - Pate and Creighton

Proceed through this area until you beat the Prowling Magus and his Congregation. There's a Bonfire located in a cave just outside the chapel where the fight took place, the aptly named Chapel's Threshold. Leave this Bonfire, heading back towards the chapel, and look to the cliff to your right. You can jump off of it to reach a small house. (There are other ways to reach it, too, but this is by far the fastest.) Leap down to it...

... and you'll find Pate and Creighton fighting inside. They're evenly matched, and they cry out to you for help. Pick your side and wade into the fight, killing one or the other. They're too intent on each other to pay you much mind, even if you deal the most damage. If Pate is killed, he'll drop Pate's Spear and a Ring of Thorns, while Creighton will drop Creighton's Steel Mask. The survivor will give you the Tseldora Den Key. (And, yes, you can kill the other guy to get his treasure after receiving the Key.)

Continue through this area until you reach a courtyard with a few semi-intact houses. On your left is a house with a door that's 'too heavy' to open. Bash it open when you have full health, weather the hail of sand that bursts through, and look inside. Using the Key you just obtained you can make your way to the rear of the house and find two chests. The left is trapped, and contains ten Rusted Coins, while the right is not trapped and has Engraved Gauntlets.

All done? Not quite. Return to either Majula or Forest of Fallen Giants, depending on whether or not you coaxed Merchant Hag Melentia out of her original haunt. She will now sell Pate's and Creighton's armour sets. Woo!


Didds on April 22, 2014:

I was able to complete the quest line even after I missed Pate in Earthen Peak and talked to Creighton at the Crossroads. I talked to Pate but did not complete through the treasure.

After I went back before I beat the final boss he was still there and I was able to finish the quest line and collect their armor and the Key.

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on April 02, 2014:

Ah, cool. I'm almost at that point again on my second play through; I'll spare Creighton to test it, then edit it in on here. Thanks very much.

Aaron Wilson on April 01, 2014:

just found out if you kill pate, keep talking to creighton afterwards and eventually he'll give you his armour

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