"Enter the Gungeon" Character Guide

Updated on April 18, 2020
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"Enter the Gungeon" is a huge favorite of Eric's and he loves to write about the game. He wants to share advice and strategy with others.


Enter the Gungeon Character Guide

Understanding how the characters are different from each will help you survive longer. Each character has unique starting items and guns.


I am going to explain how to unlock the secret characters. If you don't want this information to be spoiled, then I suggest you skip those sections or not read this guide.

How to Unlock Alternate Costumes and Guns

Each character in Enter the Gungeon has an alternate costume. You you unlock thee costumes by beating the past level. If you beat the game while wearing this costume, you will unlock an alternative starting gun as well.

How to Play the Bullet

The Bullet Is a Brawler Character

The Bullet is more melee combat-based than any other character in the game. You need to play more aggressively early on until you find a gun you like using.

The Bullet Uses a Sword

The Bullets main weapon is Blasphemy. This is a sword that you swing to damage enemies. If you have full health, you shoot out projectile beams. These beams remind me of how Link does the same thing in some older Legend of Zelda games.

You can attack projections and destroy them. Also, pressing reload destroys projectiles in front of you at the start of the animation.

Live Ammo Buff

The Bullet starts with an exclusive item called Live Ammo. Enemies will not be able to damage you by touching your character. You do not have to be so afraid about being near enemies as long you swing your sword often.

Also, if you dodge roll into enemies, you do damage to them. This makes sense seeing how you are playing a living bullet.

How to Unlock The Bullet

You need to kill the past of the one the main characters first before you can unlock The Bullet.

Every once a while, Bullet Kin wearing a cape will show up in rooms. They will not shoot at you or do anything other than walk around.

This is going to be very confusing and counter-intuitive, but don't shoot these bullet kin. Let them walk around for a while, and they will warp out the room. After five times of this happening, you will unlock the Bullet.

How to Play the Convict

The Convict Has Offensive Based Items

The Convict is an interesting character. She starts with some offensive based items, and she has an item that increases your damage when you get hurt.

The Enraging Photo

With the Enraging Photo, every time you get hurt your damage goes up for a slight period. The damage boost is useful in challenging rooms and boss fights. The Enraging Photo works great with other similar items.

The Molotov Cocktail

She starts with a Molotov cocktail. I use the Molotov cocktail often during the first levels of the game. Later in the game, I tend to save for difficult rooms.

Some bosses are resistant to fire, so the item has limited help when fighting bosses.

The Molotov cocktail a nice item, but I do tend to replace it often. I often will drop it for a more defensive survival item.

The Sawed-off Shotgun

She starts with a sawed-off shotgun. This gun is useful early on. It is nice to have an alternative gun to switch to.

You need to get very close to enemies to do the most damage. The gun often misses past this range.

Being a D class weapon, I tend to switch to using other guns as soon as possible. Of course, if this the only gun I have with ammo, I will use the sawed-off shotgun the best I can.

Her Starting Gun Is OK I Suppose

The Convict's starting pistol has a nice rate of fire and a fast reload time. But it is inaccurate and does weak damage. I would not want to be stuck with only this gun for a whole game session.

I am fighting a boss playing The Convict.
I am fighting a boss playing The Convict. | Source

How to Play the Cultist

The Co-op Character

The Cultist is the character that a second player gets if you play local co-op. This means playing the game with another person. The game also supposedly works with Steam remote play together, but I have not tested this.

The Cultist Is the Team Work Character

The Cultist is pretty standard compared to other characters. The starting items the character has are all based on playing with somebody else.

Friendship Cookie

The Cultist starts with an item called Friendship Cookie that lets them resurrect the main player once.

Number 2

The Cultist also starts with an item called number 2 that increases their movement speed and damage when they are the only player left alive.

Co-op Is Harder

In co-op, mode enemies have more health than normal. With two players on the screen, it is hard to focus on just my character because of the amount of things active at the same time.

Things to Know About Co-op

  • Beating a boss revives a dead player.
  • If a player is dead, they get a free blank that works short range.
  • Revive a dead player is dead by opening an undiscovered chest.
  • When a player dies, they drop all guns and items.
  • You can drop guns and items for the other player.

How to Play the Gunslinger

The Starting Gun Is Great

The Slinger is a great starting gun. It has good damage and good speed. Also, when you run out of ammo, the character throws at the gun. If this throw connects with enemies, it can stun them and does moderate damage.

The Gunslinger Has Synergies for All Guns!

This is huge! If you are holding a gun that has synergies, you will instantly have them. As long the synergy affects the held gun. This is because of the Lich's Eye Bullets.

Some guns are somewhat weak, but with all synergies, these guns become quite strong. Some guns have many synergies, and they feel like different guns with them unlocked!

Even a gun like the Pea Shooter does decent damage if the Gunslinger finds it.

It is helpful to look up what synergies the guns you find have. You can find this information on the Enter the Gungeon wiki.

How to Unlock the Gunslinger

Unlocking the Gunslinger is complex. First, you need to unlock the Paradox. So read this guide and follow that first. After you beat the Lich as the Paradox, you instantly start the game as the Gunslinger.

To permanently unlock the Gunslinger, you need to beat his past. This involves beating Bullet Hell and killing two of the first phases of the Lich boss. This is hard to do. Beating his past took me many tries before I won!

Once unlocked, he costs seven Hegemony Credits to play.

How to Play the Hunter

She Is a Very Good Character Overall

The Hunter is a nice all-around character with little weakness. Her pistol is one of my favorite starter guns. The gun is very good to use during the early game levels.

She Has a Dog Companion

She has a dog that finds extra items after clearing rooms. After clearing a room, there will be a 5% chance the dog will find an item.

The dog will bark at chests that are mimics. Mimics can catch new players off-guard. So always knowing when a chest is a Mimic helps a lot. But the dog won't bark at pedestal or wall mimics though.

You can always pet the dog. This does nothing gameplay-wise, but it looks cute.


She starts with a crossbow. The crossbow does decent damage, and it is very useful for early levels. The crossbow is useful for early boss fights.

While I would want to replace this "gun" if nothing else comes up, it still is useful to the end of the game.

How to Play the Marine

He Is Good With the Guns

The Marine is an offensive based character. He is an average character without any real weakness. He has a good starting gun, and the extra ammo allows you to take advantage of decent guns you find.

Strong Starting Gun

Another plus of the Marine is that his starting pistol also is decent. If you never find any guns or have no ammo thing swill not feel too boring.

Military Training

The Marine has a starting item that improves his accuracy with all guns. This item will make things much easier, even if you can only find weak guns while playing.

The Supply Drop

The supply drop allows you to get one free ammo crate whenever you want. Extra ammo is very helpful early game.

Using a decent gun makes the first few floors much easier. So if you like to use your favorite gun the most, the Marine will be a good character for you.

My strategy is to save the supply drop until I need it, or I find another active item.

Free Armor

The Marine starts with one piece of armor on each floor. Chances are I am going to get shot or hit at least once on a floor, so having this helps a lot.

How to Play the Paradox

The Random Character

This Paradox is a character designed to be different every time you play them. This character is like Eden from The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth if you have played that game.

Random Starting Items

You start each run with a random starting gun and an extra gun. You also start with a random passive item.

This makes each run unique, and this is quite fun. Sometimes you will get lucky and get a good start. Either way, take a minute to check what you start the game way. Note you can start runs cursed if you get a cursed item.

You Will Need to Master All the Characters

There is not one specific piece of advice I can give about this character. The only thing I can say is to get good with all the characters. Get familiar with most of the guns in the game.

How to Unlock the Paradox

To unlock the Paradox, you first need to beat a character's past. After this, there will be a 20% chance of a cosmic rift appearing in levels, two, three, and four. Interact with a Rift and kill a character past or the Lich to unlock the Paradox.

The Paradox costs five Hegemony Credits to play.

If you beat the Lich with the Paradox, you start a run as the Gunslinger if the character is not unlocked.

How to Play the Pilot

Jack of All Trades Character

The Pilot is the jack of all trades character. He starts with decent items and has room to hold two active items. Having two active items helps in the later game.

Cheap Store Items

The Pilot buys cheaper items in stores. You can buy more ammo, armor, and blanks.

Trusty Lockpicks

The Pilot starts with a trusty lockpick. The lockpick has a chance to unlock chests and certain doors. But if this fails, you will never be able to unlock it even if you try with a key.

Drop the lockpick if you find a better active item. You do not need the lockpick as much when you get to the final levels of the game.

Weak Starting Gun

The one negative of this character is that his starting laser is unimpressive. The laser is very inaccurate and does weak damage. You do not want to be stuck with this gun.

I am near a NPC shop as The Pilot.
I am near a NPC shop as The Pilot. | Source

How to Play the Robot

The Glass Cannon Character

The Robot is a glass cannon. In video gaming this term means something very strong but also very weak. Often these characters die fast or take a lot damage while doing a lot damage at the same time.

This term describes this character because The Robot has good damage but poor health.

You Can Not Have Heart Containers

The biggest changes about the Robot are that you have no heart containers, and you never will be able to get any.

The Master Rounds at the end of bosses gives you armor. Any item that would give you heart containers instead gives your currency.

You Need to Play Very Defensively

You need to play even more defensively as it will be very hard to replenish your health. Only items that give armor are any help.

One of the best items you can find is Nanomachines. This item gives you armor after taking so much damage.

Also, use blanks and other defensive items often.

Amazing Starting Gun

The Robot has one of my favorite starting guns. The ammo in each clip seems to last forever in comparison to the other starting guns. The gun also has decent damage as well! This gun alone is better than some weaker D guns you can find in brown chests.

Battery Bullets

Battery Bullets is one of the Robot's starting items. Having this item decreases the spread of bullets. This item also increases your gun accuracy. This item also allows you electrocute pools of water. You also will be immune to electrocution.

You Gain Damage With Junk

The Robot has an amazing built-in synergy and it is one the best in the game. Every time you find a piece of junk your damage it increases your damage by 5%. Find enough junk and you have a large damage boost.

This damage boost is so good I sometimes destroy chests instead of opening them if I already like my guns.

About Coolant Leak

Coolant Leak, combined with Battery Bullets, is a great combination. This combination allows you to create a water-based Molotov cocktail. Throw the Coolant Leak and then shot it. This spot will electrocute any enemy that walks into it.

How to Unlock the Robot

You unlock the Robot in the game after completing a certain quest. You need to find a busted TV set and carry it to the Forge.

The TV is in the shortcut room on the second floor after you unlock the shortcut. You need to bring it to the Blacksmith that creates the bullet that can kill the past.

While holding the TV, you can not use any active items, and dodge rolling with it drops it. If you press the use key, you throw the TV forward. You will need to do this to get over gaps.

If you leave the TV unguarded, the Resourceful Rat will steal it.

The best strategy I found is to throw it the moment I entered a new room and then go back and collect it afterward. This is a very slow and methodical run, but if you want to unlock the Robot, this is how you do it.

What Is Your Favorite "Enter The Gungeon" Character?

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    • EricFarmer8x profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Farmer 

      7 months ago from Rockford Illinois

      @Gamer gz I never was able to unlock the Gun Slinger because of how hard the final boss fight for that character is. But to be honest I have not played the game in a while.

    • Gamer gz profile image

      Gamer gz 

      7 months ago

      The Paradox run always gets me. :-( Thanks for this.


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