Eredan Guide: Five Beginner Tips and Tricks

Updated on February 11, 2017

In the online trading card game (iTCG) genre, Eredan is one of the most popular, and deservingly so. The long-running iTCG offers a fun card battle system that beginners can easily get into, and offers an extensive card list that opens up the game for a wide variety of deck building options.

Eredan is a cinch to figure out for rpg, strategy and card battle veterans, but newer players might need some hand-holding on how to build up their card collection, how to win more matches, and how to squeeze the most out of the game without spending a single cent.

Here are a handful of tips from my initial play session.

1. Insist on Seeing All the Decks

When you first sign up, the tutorial mode will ask you to choose a deck. Be sure to click the "see all decks" for a complete selection. There are several guilds, such as the Zil Warriors, which can only be chosen when you do this. Also, you can click the “What’s Inside?” button to see the actual cards in each starter deck. This will give you a rough idea on how the deck plans to win its battles. Don’t base your decision on rarity though; these starter decks are all in all balanced in rarity and besides you cannot sell the power cards here on the marketplace.Also, if this is your first time playing an iTCG, I advise strongly for you to read through the starter deck descriptions which give a fairly accurate picture of each guild’s combat style such as defensive, offensive, healing, item-based, magic spell-based or a hybrid of these. It’s best to choose what you like doing since you will be spending a big portion of your beginner experience playing with this starter deck.

2. Aim for Perfect Victories

Perfect victories are won when all your characters remain alive while all of your opponents’ characters are dead. Perfect victories reward you with close to double the normal victory xp and crystals. This makes them worth aiming for, when possible. In Adventure Mode, you should be grinding out the very first missions which represent the easiest opponents in the game. You can hope to score quite a few perfect victories in this way. When you run out of Energy currency, you can head to the PvP area and try challenging lower level players. Don’t take too long though; the goal here is to earn the most crystals per minute.

3. Take on Someone Your Own Level

Eredan is not a game where high risk comes with high payoffs. Challenging a superior opponent in PvP is not advisable, even when he or she is just one player level above you. In the beginner levels (below level 10), that one level difference represents enough power discrepancy too high to overcome since your opponent will probably have a couple more evolved character cards than you. Losing only gives you roughly half the xp and crystals from winning, or a fourth of what you would have won in a perfect victory. So you can see, it’s more advantageous to decline challenges and gun for lower level players and aim for perfect victories for grinding purposes – and you will need to grind if you do not want to spend on cash shop currency for boosters. At the higher player levels, as character cards reach their final evolved forms, this power discrepancy diminishes rapidly and you may begin challenging or accepting challenges from superior level opponents.

4. Discard Relentlessly

You should adapt to the combat situation as it shifts per round, and discard all the hand cards you do not need for the next couple of rounds. Make it a habit to check your three or four remaining hand cards and ask these two questions: Can I still use these cards even after one or more of my characters have died? Are these the best cards for the upcoming match-ups? If you answered no to either question, then discard and try to dig for better cards. In certain match-ups though like against defense- and healing-oriented decks, you might want to conserve cards to getting decked out during the prolonged fight.

5. Buy Discounted Starter Decks

Wondering how to spend your initial crystals? While you can certainly splurge on your main deck, you can also take advantage of the current discounts on basic starter decks, which are going for around 1,200 crystals at an 88% discount. Not only will you get another deck to play with and keep you from burning out, you may also be able to pilfer a very few choice strategy cards to transfer to your main deck. The rest though will be too guild-specific to be of use to your main deck.


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