EverWing: Best Sidekick Dragon Combinations

Updated on August 24, 2017
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EverWing: Best Sidekick Dragon Combinations
EverWing: Best Sidekick Dragon Combinations | Source

Are you struggling to create the best sidekick dragon combo in EverWing? If you’re tired of using the trial-and-error method over and over again, then this guide might help you a lot.

Listed here are the best sidekick dragon combinations that you could use for your own pleasure and enjoyment. Whether you're playing the normal run mode or the challenging boss raid mode, you may use the combinations listed here to aid you in your adventure.

Whether it’s to amass wealth, annihilate bosses, or stand atop the rankings, this guide will help you achieve the perfect sidekick dragon combination!

The Best Sidekick Dragon Combo in EverWing

1. Fea > Feanor > Feandroth + Xiaolong > Huolong > Jinlong

If you’re all about rushing and obliterating enemies in one fell swoop, then this “Rush Flower” dragon combo is for you! This combination relies on Fea’s evolutionary line ability to spawn 40% more Rush Flowers and Xiaolong’s evolutionary line ability to increase item effects and duration by 40% to create a synergistic effect. The produced effect is: more Rush Flowers and longer rush duration!

Ultimately, this combo is effective for clearing waves of enemies fast and raising your high score to the highest limit. Also, it just feels good to annihilate enemies instantly in a brief invincible moment of rampage.

2. Feri > Fieri > Fiersun + Umbra > Umbrathyst > Umbrasaur

This combination was created with gem farming in mind. Feri’s evolutionary line ability spawns more Rush Flowers while Umbra’s evolutionary line ability takes care of the production of gems. With an Umbra dragon, gems dropped by enemies are doubled. That means, with this kind of combo, you’ll be able to easily wipe enemies off the screen while collecting as much gems as you can.

3. Kiin > Kigi > Kiwig + Ban > Bakun > Bakunawa

For both “normal” and “boss raid” modes, this dragon combo is perfect! As for the reason for that, it’s because these two dragons deal 50% more damage against bosses. Also, both of them have extra abilities that affects items. Kiin’s evolutionary line has the ability to extend item duration by 20% while Ban’s evolutionary line has the ability to spawn 20% more items.

With everything being said, this combo certainly works really well. Both dragons complement each other perfectly that their pairing is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

4. Magnis > Magmus > Magnimous + Tsijari > Tanok > Itzamatul

Bosses, beware! The boss-killer duo is here! I’m looking at you—Spike!

You heard that right, this combination was made specifically for boss raids. Both dragons deal 50% more damage against bosses. Additionally, Tsijari’s evolutionary line deals 500% poison damage over 2 seconds while Magnis’ evolutionary line deals 75% more damage against Spike.

This combo is not only devastating against Spike and Fluffy; it’s devastating against all bosses! Be sure to equip this pair whenever you’re out for boss raids.

5. Nuno > Buaya > Buwaya + Coqi > Coquira > Coqistar

For the treasure hunter in you, this sidekick dragon pairing is the perfect match!

Nuno and Coqi’s evolutionary lines specialize in finding treasure chests. Individually, each dragon can increase treasure chest discovery by 25%. So, if you put them side-by-side, they could find treasure chests twice as much!

Furthermore, the two dragons have offensive abilities. One can deal 500% poison damage over 2 seconds while the other can spawn 60% more Bomb-Bats.

6. Sar > Anga > Sarangay + Kiin > Kigi > Kiwig

Here’s another combination that’s effective against bosses: the Sar and Kiin evolutionary lines combo!

As you already know, Kiin’s evolutionary line ability includes 50% additional damage against bosses and extending item duration by 20%. On the other hand, Sar’s evolutionary line ability is double monster-seeking attack!

Just think about it, one deals extra damage against bosses and the other attacks with two unescapable bullets. Factor the item duration extender in (for double-damage mushrooms) and you’ve got a mean killing machine.

7. Sar > Anga > Sarangay + Yaen > Yave > Yavethior

If you think the boss-killer combinations are done, you’re horribly mistaken! Here’s another one of them: the inescapable destructo-pair!

That is correct! These two dragons have similar abilities. They both attack with twice as much ammunition! And the good part—their attacks are monster-seeking! That means their attack never miss!

With the aid of these two dragons, you’ll get enough protection to cover you while dealing devastating never-miss damage against the enemies.

8. Skout > Sage > Tuskan + Xiaolong > Huolong > Jinlong

If you’re looking for the Item Kings, then look no further! The Item Kings are none other than the Skout and Xiaolong evolutionary lines!

They’re both called the Item Kings because of their abilities to increase both the duration and drop rate of items by 40%. That means, if you let the two dragons accompany you, you’ll get a staggering 80% increase in item duration and drop rate!

The implication? It’s more clovers, mushrooms, and magnets to aid you and reach your fullest potential in your adventure!

9. Tsijari > Tanok > Itzamatul + Loreen > Lureli > Lurelith

There’s a lot of good options when choosing sidekicks to accompany you during boss raids. Here’s yet another great option: the Tsijari and Loreen evolutionary lines combo!

Both dragons deal 50% more damage against bosses. The only difference is that Tsijari’s evolutionary line can deal 500% poison damage over 2 seconds while Loreen’s evolutionary line can dish out never-miss damage.

This combo is Fluffy’s worst nightmare, if not all the other bosses.

10. Xiaolong > Huolong > Jinlong + Umbra > Umbrathyst > Umbrasaur

Do coins, gems, and items fancy you? Then this combination will suit you well!

Xialong’s evolutionary line increases item duration and drop rate by 40% while Umbra’s evolutionary line has a monster-seeking attack and doubles gem generation. That means, with this combo, you’ll be able to harvest a lot of coins, gems, and items. Couple that with the individual effects of items (like magnet attraction and mushroom double damage) and characters (Lily’s double coin ability and Lenore’s double life ability) and you’ll be the best farming machine ever!

Which is your favorite sidekick dragon combination?

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