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"EverWing": Bosses Guide

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EverWing Bosses Guide

EverWing Bosses Guide

Bosses play big roles in EverWing. They’re simple and straightforward, but one should never underestimate them. They’re the terrors that spread malevolence throughout the world. They’re the threats that should be dealt swiftly and promptly.

It’s a good thing this guide was made! This boss guide will help you learn about the great monstrosities you’ll find in EverWing. Mind you, this isn’t just a descriptive guide—it’s also a strategy guide! Now go beat those evil villains and save the world once and for all!


1. Monster King

Description: They say that the Monster King used to be a human. He was a nobleman who was on a quest to gain immeasurable power. He did discover an ancient tomb with mystical secrets. But what happened next was out of the realm of his expectations.

The ancient tomb granted him dark powers. As a result, the Monster King was born! Now, all he has in mind is to corrupt the world and spread terror by unleashing and controlling all of monster-kind.

Strategy: The Monster King has three attack quirks. They’re as follows:

  • Fires linear projectiles from his staff. As the Monster King becomes more powerful, his staff projectiles also become faster.
  • Breathes projectiles from his mouth. These projectiles are generally slower, but as the Monster King becomes more powerful, his exhaled projectiles gain speed and are able to bounce off the sides of the screen.
  • Attacks with a combination of both his staff projectiles and exhaled projectiles.

In order to beat the Monster King, you just have to focus on his projectiles and dodge them. That’s it. Pretty simple, huh? But wait, you have to watch out for his bouncing exhaled projectiles because there are times when one wrong move and positioning can lead to certain death.


2. Mildred

Description: Mildred was the oldest tree in the Whispering Forest. She was a solitary tree at peace with nature. But then, darkness spread throughout the world. Even Mildred was not left untainted.

Roaming the world with a corrupted soul, Mildred is now a malevolent tree whose sole purpose is to stain everything in the world with darkness.

Strategy: Mildred’s attacks can be read easily but gain speed really fast. The only way to ensure victory against her is to focus on her hands. If she raises her left hand, dodge to the right. If she raises her right hand, dodge to the left. If she raises both hands, try to predict her bullets’ paths and find your way through the gaping spaces.


3. Fluffy

Description: Fluffy is a gluttonous beast! It’s always so hungry that there might actually be a black hole in its tummy. It always feasts on fungus cupcakes, candied slimes, and curdled blood puddings. And now that the world is blemished with malice, Fluffy has a new delicacy to add to its palate—fairies!

Do you see those bones settled in Fluffy’s chubby, transparent, pink body? Those are the meals it has eaten in its previous hunger rampages!

Strategy: Fluffy is the easiest boss to deal with. Its attacks are easy to see and dodge. Be warned though: Fluffy can split itself into multiple clones. The more Fluffy clones there are, the harder the time you’ll have to dodge their easy-to-see attacks.

Against Fluffy, sidekick dragons with the ability to deal 500% poison damage over 2 seconds are very effective. It’s because each Fluffy clone receives individual poison damage. The more Fluffy clones there are, the more damage you can dish out with your poison attacks.


4. Monster Queen

Description: The Monster Queen used to be a renowned summoner at the EverWing Academy. However, her insatiable hunger for power began corrupting her to the very core of her heart. Instead of using her powerful summoning magic for good, she began using it for evil.

The Monster Queen made one huge blunder—she signed a pact with the Monster King! Now, there’s no turning back for her. All she is now is a pure embodiment of evil of her former glorious self.

Strategy: The Monster Queen can summon three types of spirits. They are as follows:

  • Fire Spirit: It attacks with fast linear bullets that are directed towards the guardian.
  • Water Spirit: It attacks with multiple average-speed bullets over a random spread arc.
  • Wind Spirit: It attacks with two slow bullets that are capable of seeking the guardian.

After the Monster Queen summons two spirits, she can attack you personally with an easy-to-see gravity-based attack. The trick for beating the Monster Queen is to render her unable to attack by immediately annihilating her spirits. Watch out for the fire spirit though because its attacks can blend with your attacks and become difficult to see.


5. Spike

Description: Spike is an ice golem that was created from the evil intentions of monsters. As soon as the monsters began their unhallowed carnage, they buried a dark gemstone in the Cloud Peak Mountains in order to harness the elements and create another incarnation of wickedness. And the result was the ice golem, Spike!

Strategy: Spike the Ice Golem has three attack quirks. They’re as follows:

  • Raises hands in order to create icicles and make them shake to randomly fall on the guardian.
  • Throws snowballs with varying sizes and speeds towards the sides of the screen only to split into multiple snowballs.
  • Summons ice spikes that attacks you from the bottom of the screen.

I order to beat Spike, you have to try your best to dodge its attacks. Dodging is the only sure way to beat it. His icicles and snowballs can be easy to dodge, but watch out for the ice spikes. There are times when you are too busy dealing with the icicles and snowballs that you don’t notice the ice spikes attacking you from below.


6. Dr. Mekaniak

Description: Dr. Mekaniak is a mad mechanic that operates evil machinery. He is bent on controlling the whole world by sending out evil drones and firing harmful blasts. His mortal enemy is Lyra the Guardian of Might. With his arsenal full of crazy mechanical weapons and ammunition, Dr. Mekaniak will stop at nothing only to destroy Lyra and achieve his evil ambition.

Strategy: Dr. Mekaniak is very dependent on his mechanical weapons so it best to always keep watch of them. Dr. Mekaniak can fire weapons from his mechanical vehicles sides and drop drones that crashes down after a certain period of time. Additionally, this boss can move across the screen and target you with spinning projectiles. Dodge, hit, and run to defeat this baddie!