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Updated on October 17, 2017
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EverWing Guardians Guide
EverWing Guardians Guide | Source

The guardians in EverWing exist to protect the world from evil and absolute destruction. So now, it’s your mission to guide them and harness their abilities to their utmost limits.

Each Guardian has a unique set of traits and powers. In this guide, you will learn about them all. This guide shall serve as a source of instruction for unlocking and properly using traits and powers. Good luck on your quest to save the world!

All EverWing Guardians

1. Alice

Unlock Condition: Available from the Start as the Default Guardian

Description: Alice is the Guardian of Courage. She is the bravest of them all. Challenges are what she eats for every meal of her everyday life. She is often seen at the front lines of every battle. So, whenever the world is in peril, the courageous Guardian Alice is always there to protect everyone.

Pro Tip: Other than being the main Guardian, the standard Guardian, the default Guardian, and the basic Guardian, Alice is pretty much average. Just send her to do quests and focus on leveling up the other characters.

2. Fiona

Unlock Condition: Reach Level 2 and Purchase this Guardian for 1000 Coins

Description: Fiona is the Guardian of Dragons. From the day she was born, she has lived and mingled with dragons. As a result, her upbringing allows her to synchronize well with dragons and provide them a double boost in experience gain. That’s right, all the dragons that fly with her gain 2x more XP. She’s not the Guardian of Dragons for nothing after all.

Pro Tip: As Fiona is the Guardian of Dragons, she is best utilized in leveling up and evolving your sidekick dragons faster and more efficiently.

3. Sophia

Unlock Condition: Reach Level 3 and Purchase this Guardian for 12,000 Coins

Description: Sophia is the Guardian of Adventure. She just loves adventure! She is, after all, a renowned explorer, an inventor, and a scientist. Being the Guardian of Adventure, Sophia possesses the expertise needed to accomplish Quests more efficiently. As such she finishes Quests 2x faster than anyone else.

Pro Tip: It’s good to play with her and level her up from time to time, but she shines best while questing. Be sure to send her out for the 24-hour quest in order to cut the duration to half and gain rewards much faster.

4. Lily

Unlock Condition: Reach Level 6 and Purchase this Guardian for 30,000 Coins

Description: Lily is the Guardian of Fortune. Not only is Lily a Guardian, she’s also a master Alchemist and a Mage of the Third Order. As the purpose of alchemy is to transmute lesser stuff to greater stuff, it seems that Lily has succeeded in transmuting Lead to Gold. As a result, her special ability concerns Fortune and Gold. Every time she sets out for battle, she earns 2x more Coins. Having the ability to amass a lot of Coins pretty much explains why she is the Guardian of Fortune.

Pro Tip: Try to unlock her as quickly as possible. Her ability to double the Coins you gain makes her very worthwhile. As a matter of fact, she’s the best character to farm Coins, especially for beginners. One nifty trick for Lily is to equip her with two sidekick dragons that have the ability to double gems. With this trick, Lily won’t just be the Guardian of Fortune anymore—she will be the Goddess of Fortune!

5. Aurora

Unlock Condition: Reach Level 19 and Purchase this Guardian for 150,000 Coins

Description: Aurora is the Guardian of Nature. Her mission is to take care of the forest and protect it at all costs. She loves nature so much that she’s essentially a sister to it. Her keepsake is the object called the enchanted super magnet. By using it, she attracts items toward her without the need to fetch them directly up close.

Pro Tip: Aurora is the best Guardian for reaching new heights in terms of scoring and ranking. Her enchanted super magnet becomes more useful as you progress further in the game. As monsters, bosses, and meteors become increasingly annoying, Aurora’s enchanted super magnet becomes increasingly useful and helpful as well.

6. Lenore

Unlock Condition: Reach Level 25 and Purchase this Guardian for 150,000 Coins

Description: Lenore is the Guardian of Twilight. As far as Guardians go, Lenore is the most mysterious. She has a dark aura and a past that’s shrouded by secrecy. She acts very shadily, it’s as if she has 2 lives. Twice the lives mean twice the opportunities. Being capable of living twice sure is an uncanny yet fearsome ability.

Pro Tip: The ability of Lenore to come back to life can be useful when you’re trying to achieve best score. In fact, she’s tied close with Aurora when it comes to farming and scoring. Also, Lenore excels when it comes to Boss Raids. Having two lives sure is convenient!

7. Jade

Unlock Condition: Defeat the Boss Spike and get a Chance to Receive this Guardian as a Reward from the Magical Chests

Description: Jade is the Guardian of Shadows. She’s an assassin and she fears nothing! She was raised to be a cold-blooded and ruthless Guardian. As such, she has the ability to become invincible and twice as deadly with her double damage for a short time after charging up. Jade is a deadly gal who slays enemies in a flash.

Pro Tip: Jade’s short-lived special ability takes time to charge. That’s why she isn’t really a favorite. With her deadly double damage as her skill though, she can be quite a force to be reckoned with in Boss Raids.

8. Arcana

Unlock Condition: Defeat the Ice Queen and get a Chance to Receive this Guardian as a Reward from the Magical Chests

Description: Arcana is the Guardian of Magic. She is a master illusionist who has quite a lot of spectacular tricks up her sleeve. Power-Ups are her forte and she can conjure clones of her sidekick dragons to aid her in the war against evil monsters and bosses. It is noteworthy to know that her ability lasts only for a short time and needs to charge before activating it.

Pro Tip: Arcana’s unique power is quite gimmicky and complicated as it is. It seems that she can shine in Boss Raids though. With the power of multiple dragons synchronized with her Dragon Spells, she is a powerhouse that has the potential to completely obliterate all enemies.

9. Lyra

Unlock Condition: Defeat Dr. Mekaniac and get a Chance to Receive this Guardian as a Reward from the Epic Chests or Higher

Description: Lyra is the Guardian of Might. She is a Five-Star General who used to be part of the Royal EverWing Airforce. Her plasma cannons can muster insurmountable power from the five elements making her a formidable guardian.

Pro Tip: Not Yet Known

10. Trixie

Unlock Condition: Complete Challenge Mission streaks and get a Chance to Receive this Guardian from the Reward Chests

Description: Trixie is the Guardian of Mischief. Her love for sweets is larger than life itself. That is why she incorporates her love for sweets with her battle ability. Every time she defeats enemies, there’s a chance that a candy will spawn to increase her sugar levels. Once her sugar level meter charges to maximum, she goes into a sugar rush that annihilates all monsters and gain massive boosts for a few seconds.

Pro Tip: Trixie is very useful in the Normal Run Mode. Every time her sugar level meter achieves full charge, she receives the ability to go on a boosted rush for a short duration. The candies are quite slow to spawn, but the sugar rush is really useful in clearing waves of enemies.

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      13 months ago

      Where are Neve?

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      2 years ago

      How about Lucia?

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      jeremiah condrillon mullon 

      2 years ago

      how to get all of that in lvl 9

    • Cheeky Kid profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheeky Kid 

      2 years ago from Milky Way

      @aurora Just open Facebook Messenger and search for "EverWing." Then, click play.


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