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"EverWing": Quests Guide

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EverWing Quests Guide

EverWing Quests Guide

All EverWing Quests

This EverWing quest guide was made to assist you in your questing missions. By undertaking quests, you get rewarded with a lot of coins and experience. There are currently six unique quest locations in EverWing.

If you want to learn more about quests or you simply have unanswered questions about them, then this guide is for you!

1. Whispering Forest


Quest Duration: 24 Hours

Reward Multiplier: x10

Unlock Level: N/A

Description: The Whispering Forest is a haunted place full of mysterious phenomena. It is said that horrible creatures lurk within, causing countless eerie whispers to emanate from the depths of the forest. Once you get in, there’s no telling when you’ll be able to get out. Heed my advice and do your best to avoid this forest.

2. Mystic Islands


Quest Duration: 30 Minutes

Reward Multiplier: x1

Unlock Level: 3

Description: The Mystic Islands are truly mystical. But beware, these islands are home to a variety of dangerous monsters. On land, in the air, and under the water—terrifying monsters are everywhere! Do you have the courage to visit this deadly place and fulfill your quest?

3. Silverwind Desert


Quest Duration: 2 Hours

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Reward Multiplier: x4

Unlock Level: 8

Description: Dusty and vast, the Silverwind Desert is a place definitely not to mess with. It seems dull and empty, but beneath the sands is certain doom. Monsters await to devour unsuspecting guests, only to add their remains to the grim dust that makes up the whole desert.

4. Cloud Peak Mountains


Quest Duration: 4 Hours

Reward Multiplier: x8

Unlock Level: 13

Description: The Cloud Peak Mountains may look awe-inspiring and majestic on the outside, but once you set foot on the rocky slopes, certain death awaits. Overwhelming power and strength are required to challenge the might of these mountains. Are you prepared to risk everything just to conquer these mountains?

5. Darkfire Volcanoes


Quest Duration: 8 Hours

Reward Multiplier: x16

Unlock Level: 22

Description: Lava and fire are what you’ll find everywhere in the Darkfire Volcanoes. Add flaming hordes of monsters in the fray and you’ve got a dwelling of rage like no other. If you’re insistent on testing your mettle against the Darkfire Volcanoes, then prepare for the biggest trial of your life. Be very careful when you play with fire.

6. The Neverend


Quest Duration: 24 Hours

Reward Multiplier: x48

Unlock Level: 30

Description: If there’s a place more horrifying than any other, then that would be the Neverend. It’s a place that stretches to infinite bounds. It is said that monsters originated from it. The danger is overwhelming, but the reward is also quite worthwhile. If you have the power to stand above all, then to the Neverend you go. This is the deadliest and most rewarding quest you could ever do.

7. Shadow Dojo


Quest Duration: 1 Hour

Reward Multiplier: 12

Unlock Level: None but Requires you to Watch an Advertisement Video

Description: The Shadow Dojo was once the home of Jade the Guardian of Shadow. For some reason, it was overrun by monsters. What was once a mysterious and furtive place has become more shadowy with the presence of unknown monsters. It is said that in its darkest corner lies a lost treasure.

8. City of Storms


Quest Duration: 2 Hours

Reward Multiplier: 20

Unlock Level: None but Requires you to Watch an Advertisement Video

Description: Long ago, the City of Storms was a Sky Jail where escape was almost impossible. Lightning storms occur eternally in this city, which impedes criminals from easily navigating their paths. Currently, it is unguarded and has become a breeding ground for ferocious monsters.

1. What Are the Quest Rewards?

By completing quests, you gain experience and coins. The experience and coins are the quest rewards.

2. What Is the Quest Reward Multiplier?

The quest reward multiplier indicates the value of every quest. For example, if the quest reward multiplier is “x10,” then the rewards gained will be multiplied by 10. Let’s say the standard reward is “1000 coins,” then the actual reward from a quest with a “x10 multiplier” will be “10,000 coins.”

3. Do Guardian Levels Affect Quest Rewards?

Yes, the level of guardians affects the quest rewards. The higher the level of the guardian sent to do the quest, the better the rewards. Note that the effect guardians have on quests is significant.

4. Do Guardian Abilities Affect Quest Rewards?

Only three guardians have abilities that work in quests. They are Fiona, Sophia, and Lily. Fiona raises the level of dragons even in quests. Sophia always reduces any quest duration by half. Lily has a “double coin” ability that’s everlastingly in-effect, even when she’s out to do some quests.

5. Do Sidekick Dragon Levels Affect Quest Rewards?

Yes, the level of sidekick dragons affects the quest rewards. The higher the level of the sidekick dragons, the better the rewards. Note that the effect dragons have on quests is negligible.

6. Do Sidekick Dragon Abilities Affect Quest Rewards?

No, sidekick dragon abilities have no effect on quest rewards. There is one exception though, and that is—Estel/Estelis/Lysenthius. The aforementioned dragon has the ability to reduce the duration of quests.

7. Who Is the Best Guardian to Send on a Quest?

It’s a tie between Sophia and Lily. Sophia finishes quests twice as fast as any other. On the other hand, Lily receives double the coin rewards. Simply put, both of them receive practically the same rewards. But if we add “experience” into the factors, then Sophia is undeniably the questing queen!

Questions & Answers

Question: Do the quests in EverWing work anything like the boss raids where you are fighting or searching for something?

Answer: Not exactly, but you do get coins and experience through quests.

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