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"EverWing" Tips: Get More Legendary Dragons

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EverWing Dragons: Gotta hatch 'em all!

EverWing Dragons: Gotta hatch 'em all!

Get More Legendary Dragons in EverWing

In EverWing, dragons play a key role. They're your ever-reliable sidekicks for a reason. Not only do they help you beat up monsters, they also help increase the chances of dropping treasure chests and even rush flowers. If you're new to this addictive Facebook Messenger game, you will be given the chance to kickstart your adventures using one or two rare "one star" dragons. You need to level up and evolve the dragons to unleash their full power.

Speaking of which, the maximum power of each dragon depends on its rarity, element, and zodiac sign. In EverWing, there are three dragon rarity types: common, rare, and legendary. Dragons can only be summoned using a dragon egg and the likelihood of getting a legendary dragon depends on the type of dragon egg. You must also remember that you can't summon a legendary dragon from a common dragon egg. Below is a list of dragon eggs and their respective probability percentages of giving out a legendary dragon.

  • Bronze Dragon Egg - 1% chance of getting a legendary dragon
  • Silver Dragon Egg - 6% chance of getting a legendary dragon
  • Gold Dragon Egg - 12% chance of getting a legendary dragon
  • Magical Dragon Egg - 30% chance of getting a legendary dragon
  • Legendary Dragon Egg - 100% chance of getting a legendary dragon

Getting a Dragon Egg

There are three common ways to get a dragon egg.

  1. Using coins: If you have enough coins, you can use them to summon common, bronze and gold eggs. Remember that you won't be able to summon any legendary dragon from common eggs, so you can increase your luck by summoning bronze and gold eggs. You can hatch a bronze egg using 3,000 coins. To hatch a gold egg, you need 28,000 coins.
  2. Using trophies: In EverWing, you can earn both coins and trophies. The latter, you can accumulate through defeating bosses via the single-player mode or in boss raids. Like coins, you can use trophies to hatch eggs, particularly the silver, magical and legendary eggs. You'll need 250 trophies to hatch a silver egg, 1,100 trophies for a magical egg and 3,500 trophies for a legendary egg.
  3. Go in raids and defeat bosses: Raids lets you challenge others to defeat Level 1 to Level 10 bosses. For every successful boss fight, you'll be given the chance to randomly unlock chests. Note that legendary eggs only appear in specific chests like silver and legendary chests. To put it simply, you have to deal enough damage to the boss in order to earn your chance in unlocking these special reward chests. Still, you're only given a few chances to unlock special chests and the rewards that will appear will totally go at random.

The Key to Getting More Legendary Dragons

You may think that summoning any of the eggs above is fine and the chance of getting a legendary dragon is purely based on luck. However, you can actually increase your chance of getting a legendary dragon using this simple technique.

Only use your coins to summon gold eggs.

Acquiring coins isn't really that difficult to do. It's even way easier if you're actively participating in boss raids. So what you need to do is save up enough coins. Ideally, you can save up to 999,999 coins but even half of that is already enough. You can easily accumulate this amount in two to three days. It totally depends on how often you play. Once you have enough coins, you have two options.

  1. Wait until someone from your raid group summons a legendary dragon to get that additional 5% chance of summoning a legendary dragon. These chances will go higher if someone from your raid group does a summon spree, meaning he/she summons a legendary dragon consecutively. For every legendary dragon summoned, the chance of you getting your own legendary dragon goes up by 5%. So if a player from your raid group manages to do a summon spree of at least 7 legendaries, you get additional 35% chance out of the existing 12% chance of summoning a legendary. Just make sure to click that notice in the chat log that says "Claim Bonus". It is also important to note that you only have an hour to claim that bonus so make sure to grab that chance while it lasts.
  2. Use 3500 trophies to hatch a legendary egg to get that additional 5% chance then work your way up. The method is ideal if you have maxed out your coins and if you're willing to take risks. To do this, you must have to hatch a legendary egg once first then exit the game. Check your chat log for that legendary claim bonus, click on it to reload the game. Afterwards, use your coins to hatch a gold egg. Don't stop until you summon your second legendary. After summoning your second legendary, exit the game again and check your chat log. Click on that 10% claim bonus and reload the game. Use your coins again to hatch a gold egg. Keep on hatching gold eggs until you get your third legendary and then exit the game again. See where this is going? Just repeat the same process until you've fully consumed all your coins in summoning gold eggs.
You only have 1 hour to claim that legendary bonus so act fast!

You only have 1 hour to claim that legendary bonus so act fast!

Using the above mentioned methods, you can summon a minimum of five legendaries. If you have 999,999 coins, you can hatch a total of 35 gold eggs and by following the above listed methods, your chances of getting legendaries out of these gold eggs rises by an average of 35% (or even higher) on top of the existing 12% chance of getting a legendary from a gold egg.

If you're a frequent player, you'll definitely have a higher chance in getting legendary dragons as you can easily accumulate the needed coins and trophies in order to hatch these eggs. As a matter of fact, hatching a minimum of five legendary dragons every two to three days will be easy and that'll also increase your chances in getting legendary dragons of the same zodiac.

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