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"Starlink: Battle for Atlas" Review (What You Must Know Before You Buy)

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In this review, we'll look at this game's:

  • Plot
  • Gameplay
  • Controls
  • Price
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Action-adventure game

Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One



During the game's opening sequence, whilst travelling through the Atlas star system, your mother ship (the Equinox) is attacked by 'The Forgotten Legion'. The robotic villains, controlled by Grax, take the your captain and flee. At this point, you and your allies crash land on an alien planet - inhabited by various flora and fauna.

The Forgotten Legion become a constant threat as the game progresses and you fight to save your captain, whilst helping out whoever you may come across as you travel between the many planets in this star system.


Starlink's gameplay has often been described as repetitive but I feel this is where the game's attraction lies. You will become attached to the colourful and lively landscapes and won't mind fighting off the Legion over and over again to preserve them.

In terms of your spaceship, you can switch between flying and hovering at the click of a button depending on your mission. Hovering feels much more natural whilst flying can become tedious as you try and fail to lock on to enemy ships. However, the fact that you can travel from planet to planet without any loading screens or menus is very enjoyable.

Another feature I like, is the capability to choose difficulty level when you begin a new campaign.


Controls are obviously what separate Starlink from any other games and they are an absolute game changer! You can change ship, pilots and weapons at a moment's notice using the controller mount which comes with the starter pack. Docking and undocking is easy and the pieces fit together nicely.

If you are wanting to play digitally then you can change all these things in the pause menu.


Retailing at as low as £17.99 I think it is very much worth the money. This includes; one ship, two characters and two weapons as well as the game. But as you progress through the story you may feel the need to purchase one, two, maybe even three more ships, each selling for around £12. You can also buy weapon packs for about £5 and character packs for £4. So be prepared to spend more than just the starter pack.

The digital version costs just as much, if not more, than the version containing the toys so I would recommend buying the starter pack containing the mount and ship.

If you are buying for Nintendo Switch, you get Starfox and his Arwing instead of the usual toys as well as additional missions focusing on this character.

Nintendo Switch Starter Pack

Nintendo Switch Starter Pack


In conclusion, I think Starlink is a great game perfect for all audiences who enjoy casual gaming. The price isn't bad and you will get many hours of fighting, flying and fleeing fun with this videogame.