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Frederic: Resurrection of Music Director's Cut Review

Updated on January 09, 2017

Frederic: Resurrection of Music Director’s Cut is a game about Frederic Chopin, travelling around the world and reviving “real” music.

If you don’t know Chopin, you can read about him by clicking the link at the right:

But if you already know about him or even like his music, then there is no need of reading the Wiki page and you can go into the game right away and enjoy the music.

This game is much like Guitar Hero, played not with a guitar but a piano. You use your keyboard to control the piano: A, S, D and F for the white keys. W, E and R for the black keys. The goal is to press the right key in the right moment. The notes on the screen will show you what key to press. Some notes are special: there are notes with arrows, notes you have to hold for a while and golden notes you have to catch before they fly away. Time after time you can use your super attack to crush your enemy.

You play as the ghost of Frederic, battling other musicians of different nationalities, subcultures and music styles (hip-hop, techno, Bollywood and more). There are many cut scenes telling with storytelling before and after each song. Frederic gets to know more and more information and after every music battle he travels to another country where new opponents are waiting for him. But what’s next? Well. Play it and you will know. :)
The graphics are quite okey. The cut scenes are well drawn and the world map has a beautiful design.
The music is also very pleasant and doesn’t get annoying as the songs differ very much from each other.

But I had some problems. Sometimes I had no sound in the cut scenes and I didn’t get to know much of the story. Also the game offers you to play it with the mouse or play it with the help of the mouse AND the keyboard, but for some reason only the first level supports the mouse controls. That was a big problem, as I’d need the mouse to catch those golden notes. Then I tried to reassign the control buttons but I didn’t succeed. I gave it some tries, restarted the game several times, but it didn’t want me to change the controls.

+ a game about Frederic Chopin
+ nice gameplay
+ beautiful world map
+ very pleasant songs
+ different subcultures and music styles

- many cut scenes without sound
- couldn’t rebind the keys
- mouse doesn’t work after the first level

All in all I really liked the music, the gameplay and the parts of the story I could hear but the problems I pointed out are quite heavy and affect the game much. I hope this gets patched soon, so everybody can enjoy the full spectrum of the game.

For now just 7/10 golden notes catched by wildly pressing keyboard buttons

4 stars for Frederic: Resurrection of Music Director's Cut


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