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"Grand Theft Auto Online": Solo Missions A–B

"GTA Online" helped get me through a hard part of my life. When you spend THAT much time with a game, you can't help but write about it.

Go solo with this "GTA Online" guide!

Go solo with this "GTA Online" guide!

Sometimes, it's hard to find a friend, and sometimes, it's hard to wait for one. That's why I've created this guide to help you complete the missions from GTA Online, solo-style. Some missions will get removed or added back from update to update.

To better navigate this guide, please refer to the table of contents to help navigate the article more easily. I have mentioned which missions are no longer available in the table of contents.

Please note that missions are not the same on old-gen and new-gen/PC systems. The video walkthroughs included were recorded using an Xbox One, but can still be applied to all new-gen systems. On that note, most of the written walkthroughs were written using the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Other Ways to Play Solo in "GTA Online"

The guard positions at the hanger.

The guard positions at the hanger.

A Superyacht Life - All Hands

  • Given By: Captain
  • Rank Unlocked: 1
  • Possible Pay: $16,250
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: A silenced Sniper Rifle
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: The helicopter that spawns at the Yacht
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: You start on your Yacht anchored near Terminal
  • Preceded by: Salvage
  • Followed by: Icebreaker

Go to LSIA

Fly your yacht helicopter to LSIA and land away from the hanger.

Steal the Tula

Stealth kill the guards using a Silenced Sniper Rifle. The stealth for this mission is pretty solid, so if you shoot one guard everyone won’t get alerted. If you do get spotted you will get two-star wanted level. Once the area is clear get in the Tula.

Go to the Country Club

The Tula comes with special water bombs specific to this mission. Press right on the D-pad to go into hover mode. Land in the water and let the eight slots get filled before taking off again.

Extinguish the fires with the Tula

Once you get to the country club you will have five minutes to put out the fires while gangsters shoot at you from the ground. They are armed with pistols, and can be knocked down with one of the water drops, so they are not much of a threat. Go back into hover mode and press B/Circle to activate the bombing camera, which will help you more precisely put out the fires. If you run out of “bombs” just land in the nearby ocean to refill. Once the first set of fires are out the timer will reset to five minutes. This time you need to fly to down the highway and put out some more fires at that parking lot.

Deliver the Tula to the Yacht

Once all of the fires are put out just fly the Tula to your yacht, and land in the water, to complete the mission.

Note: By the time you have the money to buy a Superyacht you should hopefully be leveled up enough to afford a Sniper Rifle and silencer.

A Superyacht Life - Bon Voyage

  • Given By: Captain
  • Rank Unlocked: 1
  • Possible Pay: $14,450
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Minigun and a good assault rifle
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: None
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: You start on your Yacht anchored south east of Los Santos
  • Preceded by: Icebreaker
  • Followed by: D-Day
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Take out the enemies

At the very beginning of the mission the exploding helicopter is supposed to add a layer of fear, don’t let it! Treat this mission like a small Survival mode. Enemies will come in waves with Brendan (the Captain) giving commentary to que in the breaks between. You will be able to get through this with just a good assault rifle class weapon, but a Minigun helps too . . . Enemies are going to come in three types here; guys rappelling from up above and boarding from down below, gunmen on boats, and Buzzards with miniguns. Those mounted guns will tear you up very quickly, I recommend taking cover in the upper deck until ground enemies are taken out. Save the Buzzards and boats for last if you can. There will be a First Aid Kit and Body Armor that will spawn here occasionally. You will frequently have to run along the decks from the stern and bow of the ship. Take cover along the railings to avoid fire from boat enemies as you clear out the ones on deck.

Take out the remaining enemies

Eventually Brendan will get the power back on and the yachts defenses will blow up any remaining Buzzards. Sweep the deck of any remaining gangsters and shoot any seaman that may still be on the boats. When the last enemy falls the mission will be complete.

Note: Chances are if you're high level enough to own a Superyacht, in order to do this mission strand, you must already own a Minigun. If not I seriously recommend you wait until you're Rank 120 to unlock it. It will make very short work of the Buzzards.

A Superyacht Life - D-Day

  • Given By: Captain
  • Rank Unlocked: 1
  • Possible Pay: $10,840
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: A good assault rifle
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: The helicopter on the yacht.
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: You will spawn on your yacht in Paletto Cove
  • Proceeded By: Bon Voyage
  • Followed By: None

Go to the Kraken

Get in the helicopter and fly to the barge with the Kraken.

Enter the Kraken submersible

Land on the barge, jump in the water, and enter the Kraken.

Dive deeper to avoid the yacht’s defenses

Press the X/Square button to “dive” in the Kraken. You don’t have to go through the yellow marker but you do have to get to a certain depth to avoid detection.

Go to the yacht, staying below the yacht’s defenses

As you navigate through the underwater canyon you’ll notice a detector pop on the lower right side of the screen, if you are too high of a depth. You will have to press A/X occasionally to ascend, in order to avoid mines and other obstacles. However this won’t take long enough to cause the enemies to detect you.

Go to the water’s surface close to the yacht

Ascend once you make it into the yellow radius. Once on the surface park the Kraken near the stern (that’s nautical talk for “the back of”) the yacht.

Take out the Boss

Equip an assault rifle and shoot your way up to the top deck and to the bow (front) of the yacht. You may have to shoot the Boss, or a weird glitch might cause his helicopter to explode and do the job for you.

Leave the area

Shoot your way back down to the stern and jump on one of the Seasharks. Drive (or would that be “sail”) away from the yacht to complete the mission.

Note: Despite being the finale of the "A Superyacht Life" mission strand it's actually one of the easiest at any Rank.

The AC units you will be hunting for.

The AC units you will be hunting for.

A Superyacht Life - Icebreaker

  • Given By: Captain
  • Rank Unlocked: 1
  • Possible Pay: $16,250
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: An assault rifle and Grenades
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: The helicopter parked on the yacht
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: You will spawn on your yacht south of Elysian Island
  • Proceeded By: All Hands
  • Followed By: Bon Voyage

Go to Fridgit Cold Storage

Hop in the helicopter and fly to the Fridgit Cold Storage.

Go to the roof

There is a convenient yellow helipad for you to land on.

Destroy the air conditioning units

From the top of the factory you can shoot a few of these units across the way. The rest you will have to navigate around the roof of the factory. The gang members will be your first challenge, but after you have blown up a couple of the air conditioners helicopters will arrive. Aim for the pilots to make quick work of these. You can also toss Grenades, by pressing left on the D-pad, while near the units but bullets will suffice.

Steal a Benson

Once you have destroyed all of the air conditioner units shoot your way down to the ground level and grab the marked Benson truck.

Deliver the Benson to the buyer

The hard part is over . . . pretty much. Just drive the Benson to the marked location to complete the mission.

Note: This mission may be a massive challenge at Rank 1. Though by the time you have the money for a yacht it might not be a hassle.

You could land on any roof around the canals, but this one has a direct line of sight on the stationary joyrider below too.

You could land on any roof around the canals, but this one has a direct line of sight on the stationary joyrider below too.

A Superyacht Life – Overboard

Given By: Captain

  • Rank Unlocked: 1
  • Possible Pay: $12,640
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Assault Rifle and Compact Grenade Launcher
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: The helicopter that spawns at the Yacht
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: You start on your Yacht anchored off the Pacific Bluffs
  • Preceded by: None
  • Followed by: Salvage

Go to Vespucci Canals

Get in your helicopter and fly to the Vespucci Canals. Land on the roof of the house in the screenshot. It’s a good spot for this next objective.

Take out the joyriders

Equip your favorite assault rifle and wait for the joyriders to drive around to your position. You can take them all out easily from up here. They also have nowhere to escape too.

Go to the boats

Jump down to the ground and get on one of the jetskis parked at the dock below. Drive through the canals to the marked marina.

Destroy the boats

Tap the X/Square button to cycle through your weapons, until you equip the Compact Grenade Launcher. It is a great weapon for this mission. Sticky Bombs will work just fine too. Drive up to each of the boats and blow them up. One will try to get away through the canal that leads to the ocean. All of the boats are Marquis so there is no need to panic.

Lose the cops

Once you blow up the last boat do not bother calling Lester. This is one of those missions where he’s preoccupied. Dive underwater and stay submerged until you lose your Wanted Level. If you do not have Rebreathers you can eat snacks to keep your health bar a little longer. Once you lose the cops the mission will be over.

Note: You can buy a Compact Grenade Launcher from as soon as you can afford it, but I recommend leveling up your Lung Capacity for the last part of this mission. I know it seems tedious, but leveling up your stats is beneficial. Well . . . except the Stealth stat, I still don't know what that is for.

A Superyacht Life - Salvage

  • Given By: Captain
  • Rank Unlocked: 1
  • Possible Pay: $16,250
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: A preferred assault rifle or a Combat MG
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: The helicopter that spawns at the Yacht
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: You start on your Yacht anchored near the Humane Labs
  • Proceeded by: Overboard
  • Followed by: All Hands

Go to the Wreckage Site

Get in the helicopter and fly to the barge anchored above the wreckage site. There is plenty of room to land.

Salvage the cargo

I know scuba suits are expensive, but they are a great investment for this mission since you can swim faster. If you don’t own one Rebreathers will be just as good. Swim around and grab the marked crates.

Deliver the cargo to the Yacht

Get back in your helicopter and fly toward the Yacht. You will receive a call from Captain Darcy along the way.

Take out the highjackers

Land quickly on the Yacht’s and disembark. There is just a handful of enemies to take out, two of which are in a Dingy.

Rescue the captain and bartender

Get back in your helicopter and fly toward the marked shore. DO NOT try to land in the blue radius. Land on the beach, even though you are getting shot at, and take cover behind the rocks.

Take out the captors

Equip a good assault rifle or the Combat MG and start taking out the gangsters. It will seem like the hills of Okinawa with the amount of enemies coming down the hill at once. After you have taken out the majority of the main force make your way up the hill. The Captaiun and the Bartender will be held hostage by three gunmen. Unlike most scenes in other games and movies you have plenty of time to shoot all three. Just don’t take all day doing it or they will be killed.

Go to the captain and bartender

Approach the captain and bartender and listen to Captain Darcy. Some more gangsters in boats will show up.

Take the captain and bartender to the yacht

Escort Brendan and the bartender back to your, hopefully still flyable, helicopter taking out any enemies along the way. If the chopper is trashed you can take one of the many boats parked around the area. Land on or make it to the Yacht to complete the mission.

Note: You can do this mission as soon as you can afford some Rebreathers/Scuba Gear and the Special Carbine you can go do this mission.

A Boat in the Bay

  • Given By: Ron
  • Rank Unlocked: 40
  • Possible Pay: (after patch 1.16) $18,360
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Grenades, Minigun
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Beeker's Garage in Paleto Bay

Steal the Boat

Drive to the beach at the northern tip of San Andreas. Park your vehicle up near the trash can and bench at the end of the path. Take cover behind it and snipe the enemies near the crate and Granger below. Alternatively, you can toss a Grenade down there. More gunmen will run up the beach once you start shooting, so kill them too. Once the gunmen stop running up the beach, go to the other end of the park bench (left end) and shoot the enemies on that side of the beach. Some will take cover behind the Granger. Shoot them in the feet, and then again when they're down if you can't score a headshot on them through the windows. Once enemies stop respawning, head down to the beach toward the Granger near the boat. Equip your assault rifle and kill the enemies around the corner to the right of the cliff. Take cover behind a Granger or one of the rocks on the beach. Grenades are useful for killing the ones that crowd around the parked Grangers. Once they are all dead, eat some Snacks, and put on a new set of Armor before getting into the boat.

Deliver the Boat to the Jetty

Get in the boat and drive forward along the coast. Be careful to avoid rocks and reefs. A helicopter will be coming after you but won't show up until you get to the bridge, on the left, at Ranton Canyon. Stop the boat completely before pressing Y/Triangle, or else you will dive out into the water. Equip your Minigun and spray the helicopter, aiming for the cockpit. You may also get attacked by men in boats—this seems to be either random or glitched. Either way, use your Minigun on them too. Take the boat up Cassidy Creek, and go easy around the bends to avoid beaching. Gunmen in SUVs will shoot and chase you from the dirt roads at either end of the creek. Ignore them, including the ones that park on the bridge before the waterfall. When you get to the waterfall, go up the current on the left side (see picture) to reach the Alamo Sea. Once you get there, you're home free. Slow down before you reach the yellow marker. It's one thing to deliver the boat, but you don't want to wreck it at the end.

Note: At Rank 40, you have everything you need but a Minigun. A light machine gun is great for taking down a helicopter, but you don't unlock your first one until Rank 50. If you have the Valentine's Day Massacre DLC, you can buy the Gusenberg Street Sweeper at any Rank. This is a good enough anti-aircraft weapon but has more spread and not as great a range as other light machine guns.

Video Walkthrough

This fence at the South-West entrance can be knocked down with a vehicle easily. (NOTE: This fence does not break as easily in the next gen version.)

This fence at the South-West entrance can be knocked down with a vehicle easily. (NOTE: This fence does not break as easily in the next gen version.)

A Titan of a Job

  • Given By: Lester
  • Rank Unlocked: 24
  • Possible Pay: $13,610 (after patch 1.29) $11,660 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Near the Airport
  • Rank Recommended: If you are Rank 24, you can pull off this mission. By this point, you have a Sniper Rifle and access to the Special Carbine with the Business Update DLC, or Bullpup Rifle from the High Life DLC. The Sniper Rifle is the most basic, but it will get the job done in this walkthrough.

Steal the Titan

Drive to the Airport. You can enter the runway any number of ways; the ramp at the east entrance, the weak fence at the west end from the road (along the beach) leading from Los Santos Customs, or the weak piece of fence on the right side of the west entrance (see picture). Once inside the airport, drive toward the designated hanger and stop a good distance away.

Get out of your car, take cover, and pull out your sniper rifle. DO NOT use explosives, because you run the risk of blowing up the Titan and failing the mission. Pick off as many of the Merryweather guards as you can. Some of them will advance on your position with pistols. Take out closer enemies first, then the rest that take cover inside the hangar. Once you have cleared enough of them out, get back in your car and drive into the hanger, stick to the left side. Equip an assault rifle and fight any guards inside the hanger—but beware of the mercenaries on the catwalks above and the ones that spawn in the back of the hanger behind the semi-truck. If you get shot up, make sure to take cover and use some Snacks. Move the semi-truck and trailer out of the way and enter the Titan.

Deliver the Titan to Sandy Shores Airfield

Once in the Titan, gently taxi out of the hanger and fly off heading north. You can ignore the Merryweather troops that respond in vehicles, as they’re no threat to you once you gain altitude. Press in on the Left Stick to retract the landing gear; this will help you fly faster. When you approach the Sandy Shores Airfield, drop the landing gear, and make an approach from the far end of the runway. Reduce altitude and speed as you come in for the landing, and you should touchdown perfectly near the yellow marker.

Note: For some reason, the fence at the right side entrance (see screenshot) cannot be knocked down in the next-gen version. Consider using the Stunt Jump at the left entrance. It also appears to have a lot more enemy spawns.

Video Walkthrough

All in the Game

  • Given By: Simeon
  • Rank Unlocked: 10
  • Possible Pay: $6,980 (after patch 1.28) $4,650 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: SMG/Combat PDW
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: Grove Street near Franklin’s Personal Garage in Single Player

Repo the Baller

Drive to the location of the Baller and shoot all of the gang members in the immediate area. There are two* by the Baller and one guarding the parking lot. Once you shoot these two, others in the immediate area will attack you. Shoot them, and don’t forget to pick up any money they drop. Get into the Baller.

Deliver the Baller to the Dealership

Once you get in the Baller gang, members will respond to the area in Ballers of their own. There’s about six of them with two gang members each. They’re easy to ditch if you want to just drive off, but holding your ground and fighting them could get you extra cash and allow you to take your time. Either way, take the Baller to the dealership and park it in the marker.

Note: If you are Rank 10 at this point, the Micro SMG, with Extended Magazine, is more than enough to handle the Ballas gang members. If you wait for one more Rank, you can use the SMG as described in the walkthrough, though. Keep in good cover behind your Personal Vehicle, and you’ll be fine.)

* As of Patch1.29, there doesn't seem to be any nearby gang members that become aggro once you attack the guys guarding the Baller. There are also three Ballas instead of two guarding it.

Video Walkthrough

You can use this landmass to enter the base easily, aim for between these two bushes to clear the fence. The next-gen version has more foliage making the "land ramp" in the first screenshot harder to spot (as seen in the video walkthrough).

You can use this landmass to enter the base easily, aim for between these two bushes to clear the fence. The next-gen version has more foliage making the "land ramp" in the first screenshot harder to spot (as seen in the video walkthrough).

American Exports

  • Given By: Lester
  • Rank Unlocked: 65
  • Possible Pay: $19,710 (after patch 1.16)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Assault Rifle, Grenades, Minigun/light machine gun/RPG
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something fast or a plane depending on where you spawn
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: The Ammunation near the Fort Zancudo Military Base
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 65, you should already have an MG (PKM) with a Scope and Extended Magazine. With this weapon, you can shoot down the helicopter that comes after you once you collect the Container.

Acquire a Cargobob

Head to Fort Zancudo. If you are in a plane, entering the fort isn't a hard feat. Just jump out and parachute down to the parking lot at the east end of the fort (near the gate). If you're in a car, drive across the bridge and make a right at the end onto the dirt road. Make an immediate left and then look left at the ridge (see picture). There is a "land ramp" you can drive over that will get you into the fort. Make sure you have enough speed to clear the fences, so that your vehicle lands inside the fort, and you can drive up the road and into the parking lot on the left. In this lot, at the south end, are two Cargobob helicopters. Jump in one and fly off.

Note: If you were one of the lucky few to get a Cargobob from before it was patched, it wouldn't count as an "acquired Cargobob." However, if at any time you wreck the one taken from the base, you can call Pegasus and order yours. If you don't have a personal Cargobob, the mission provides two at the base, although stealing the second will require you to go through the whole process of losing the police again.

Lose the Cops

Entering the fort's parking lot gave you a four-star wanted level. Fly as high up as you can, while also heading south toward the Airport. The higher you are in the air, the less you need to worry about cop cars on the ground, spotting you. Just try to avoid the police helicopter cones of vision, or your wanted level will reset, and losing the cops will take longer. Also, once they lose sight of you, do the mask trick to lose one of your Wanted Stars. This will make it slightly easier. Since this is a Lester mission, you can't call him to help.

Go to the Compound

Once you have lost the police, fly south to the Los Santos International Airport. Land the Cargobob just outside of the Compound and equip an assault rifle.

Collect the Container

Shoot the guards in the courtyard around the Container. One of them has an RPG Launcher and will try to shoot you down if you were to just fly in and pick up the Container. It's best to engage and clear them out on the ground. If you have to, use a Grenade or Sticky Bomb on the fence to create a shortcut into the yard. Just be careful of your explosives around the Container. Once all enemies are dead, get back in your Cargobob, and collect the Container.

Deliver the Container to Lester's Warehouse

Fly away from the Compound and gently place the Container somewhere on the runway, then land your Cargobob. Equip a light machine gun, Minigun, or RPG and take out the helicopter that responds after you picked up the Container. Now re-enter the Cargobob, pick up the Container, and fly to Lester's Warehouse. The Container will cause the Cargobob to sway a bit once you stop for a landing. You can easily get control of the aircraft but make sure to do it at a high enough altitude away from the warehouses to avoid damaging the Container. Slowly descend over the yellow corona. You won't have to press Right on the D-pad to drop the Container into it; the game does it for you.

Note: This mission can be a pain in the ass—not a big one, but still a pain. Don't feel bad about bringing a friend along to help you with this one. If one of you gets in the Buzzard Attack Chopper, they can run interference while the other flies away in the Cargobob. Later that Buzzard pilot can take out the enemy helicopter that responds after collecting the Container.

Video Walkthrough

Artificial Scarcity

Added with the High Life DLC

  • Given By: Martin
  • Rank Unlocked: 19
  • Possible Pay: $9,570 (after patch 1.30)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: Sticky Bombs, RPG or Grenade Launcher, Assault Rifle
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Any
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: The Los Santos Customs in La Mesa
  • Rank Recommended: At Rank 19, you have access to Sticky Bombs to take out those first two trucks, but having a Grenade Launcher makes the strategy possible. I recommend waiting until Rank 60 to have that weapon unlocked. You could take this mission on at Rank 24 when you unlock the Assault Rifle (or sooner after the Business and High Life Updates), but it would require you to go into the factory yard. You can still Sticky Bomb the first two trucks like in the walkthrough. Make sure to block the front entrance with a vehicle to hold off the one truck from escaping. From good cover, take out every goon you can before entering the yard to destroy the remaining trucks.

Go to the Maibatsu Factory

From wherever you spawn drive to the Maibatsu Factory and equip your Sticky Bombs.

Destroy the Trucks

Once you reach the Maibatsu Factory you’ll see that two trucks have already left the grounds and are in transit. Throw a Sticky Bomb onto these two, BUT DO NOT DETONATE THEM. Make a left onto Vespucci Blvd (the street with the Ammunation), then make a left at the intersection at the top of the hill, then a left onto the bridge at the next intersection (see picture). Exit your car and pull out your RPG or Grenade Launcher (remember to arch your shots with the Grenade Launcher). You can blow up most of the trucks from up here. Also, one of them will try to drive off during your initial attack, so make sure to not let that one escape.

Now you can press Right on the D-pad and detonate your two Sticky Bombs. Equip an assault rifle and gun down any enemies you see. Keep an eye on the hill to the left (see picture) because enemies will funnel up this hill, and you can gun them down easily. Some will even get up onto the bridge, and others will go up the hill on the other end and flank you. Once the main force of gunmen are taken care of, re-equip your RPG or Grenade Launcher and run to that hill in the second screenshot. From here, you can take out the final truck.

Note: You can end this mission as soon as possible by ignoring the gunmen and blowing up the final truck. However, you might not make as much money, since it’s based on time, and you might get shot to pieces trying.

Video Walkthrough

ATV Steal

  • Given By: Simeon
  • Rank Unlocked: 25
  • Possible Pay: $17,550 (after patch 1.16)
  • Weapon(s) Recommended: AP Pistol, Assault Rifle, Sawn-off Shotgun
  • Personal Vehicle Recommended: Something large like a Pick-Up or SUV, then a Motorcycle.
  • Best Place to Launch Mission: The Sawmill at Mount Chilliad

Go to the Race Location

Get in your personal vehicle and drive to the race location; once there, straighten up your car on the dirt road that leads up the mountain.