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"Grand Theft Auto Online": Solo Survival

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In most Survival maps, it's best to play in groups of two. More than that, and you may be at a disadvantage.

In most Survival maps, it's best to play in groups of two. More than that, and you may be at a disadvantage.

How to Play "GTA Online" Solo Survival Mode

One of the more fun game modes in GTA Online is Survival mode. I seriously can't get tired of it. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be adding zombies, but shooting armies of enemies is just as satisfying. One of the things that makes Survival special is the camaraderie between four players as you band together to fight off wave after wave of gunmen. It's a rare time when no one is killing each other. You develop a strategy in your head about how you're going to help your team succeed, and at the same time how you'll live to see the conclusion and get that $30,000.

Sometimes You Can't Wait for Backup

With that being said, this entire article probably goes against the fiber of what makes Survival shine, but sometimes you want to test yourself against the game—to see if you can hold them off on your own.

Each Survival mode comes with its own key area where going solo becomes much more doable. However, it's not entirely foolproof or makes you invincible to gunfire. These strategies can also be used in a Co-op game (more on that later). Even in Co-op, four can be a crowd since certain areas seem to be conceived with a lower number of players in mind. In most Survival maps, two players seem to be the magic number. Any more than two and you might be that guy who gets himself killed trying to find a good position, or worst of all, that one player that acts like a tag-along trying to butt-in at any spot you chose first. Though this will be focused on solo play, hopefully you can utilize my strategies in a Co-op situation too.

Helpful Tips and Things You Will Need

1. Buy lots of snacks

I know this sounds like a Scout Master’s advice before you go on a camping trip, but it’s very important to do this before tackling a Survival. If you didn’t know already you can hold down the Back/Select button and bring up the User Interface (UI).

These items are:

  • P’s and Q’s = 5% health recovery
  • Meteorite = 10% health recovery
  • Egochaser = 20-25% health recovery
  • E-Cola = 15% health recovery
  • Cigarette = 2.5 health damage
  • Pisswaasa = Drunkenness

When you are behind cover or the wheel of a vehicle, using a Snack will re-fill a portion of your health meter instantly. This is a very useful tactic in any combat scenario, and especially in solo Survival.

2. Armor is your friend

Even though it can go away quickly in later waves Armor is a very helpful item. In the opening lobby, make sure to buy the best one. Depending on the Survival level you will have at least two spots where you can get a new vest. If you’re lucky, you can grab one during a wave depending on where you’re roosted. You will still, and always need, first aid kits/items but the Armor is a great buffer. If you want to save money you can also just grab one before the first wave.