Roadkill: Game Review

Updated on March 18, 2017
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Sage loves racing games and learning about cars. She also tends to love older games.

The Story and Cities

Let me start by saying RoadKill is a VERY obscure title. Not many know about it or remember it. Its been called a mix of Grand Theft Auto and Twisted Metal, which is actually not far from the truth. Anyway, onto the story behind this game.

A disease called The Rot wiped out most of the world, leaving behind ruined cities, vehicles, weapons and gangs. You control a character, Mason, and explore the three cities and take jobs from some of the different gangs found around Hell County.

The three cities in Hell County;

  • Lava Falls: The starting city. You only have a simple, weak car, that resembles an El Camino, and no followers. The main gangs in this city are the Daredevils, a group of Irish immigrants that look like circus folk, and the Gauchos, a Mexican gang that has taken control of the airport.
  • Blister Canyon: The second city you unlock. This city is VERY unlucky, having been hit by not only The Rot, but also an awful flood that took out most of the cities roads and bridges. The main gang here is The Section Eights, a gang of war veterans.
  • Paradise City: The final city you unlock, which also looks almost untouched from the disasters. It is ruled by The Sentinels and lead by Axl, the final boss.

Fun little note, The Sentinels are the most hated gang in all of Hell County. They drive modified police vehicles. You can unlock your own Sentinel vehicle, but be warned, when you drive it every gang will attack you.

Vehicles and Warfare

There are plenty of modified vehicles to unlock in the game, either by running missions or finding parts scattered around the cities. The vehicle types range from muscle cars to modified trucks and some special vehicles, including a bumper car. I would not recommend ever driving that, it can't even get over the curb. Its fun to drive though if you're feeling gutsy.

Different weapons can also be purchased. Each vehicles comes with two default weapons, a machine gun mounted to the front of the vehicle and a turret on the back controlled by a gunner.

So what's the goal?

Believe it or not, there is a final set goal in RoadKill, which is to increase your criminal reputation in the form of ranks. Ranks can be achieved by attacking other gangs, destroying vehicles, and street racing. The higher your rank, the more well known you are and more followers you get.

Final words

So all in all, this game is a personal favorite of mine. I came across the title on accident years ago, and never let it go. If you like vehicle warfare games, I recommend trying this game out. It has similarities to Twisted Metal, and the mission-based storyline shares similarities to the Grand Theft Auto series.

It was released on PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube in 2003.


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