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"Gold and Gems" Walkthrough

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Gold and Gems made by Rawdan. Images used for educational purposes only.

Gold and Gems made by Rawdan. Images used for educational purposes only.

You begin Gold and Gems with naught else but a gold count which increases by one gold per second and, after a brief tutorial, a store where you can buy gems. Welcome to the game. What's to be done now?


The first, perhaps most important thing to note at the beginning, is the save mechanic. Gold and Gems saves your spot in your adventure, though you must enter an ID number to recover your game. No ID number, no game load. Write this number down somewhere outside your browser for future reference, in case you ever need to close your browser.

Starting Out

As with most money-counting games, you'll begin Gold and Gems with little option but to sit and wait as your wealth accumulates. Go away for a few minutes and let the game build up a little heap of gold, roughly 500 in quantity. Within a few minutes you'll have these options:

  • Spending gold on your health. This is always an option, and good for adventuring. Don't worry about it yet.
  • Buying Gems, either one Gem for 20 gold or 20 gems for 300 gold. Gems are important, but they won't help you yet. Don't bother buying any.
  • Buying a Knife for 150 gold. Important for adventuring.
  • Buying a Healing Potion for 600 gold. Another adventuring staple.
  • Buying a random Scroll for 500 gold.

Temple of Trials

Your first challenge! As soon as you buy the Knife, you'll unlock the Temple of Trials. You're relatively safe entering this place from the get-go. Access the Temple via the map that appears on the main screen and send your guy through a few times. You'll earn a nice little stash of cash each time to add to your total. You may also find Leather Armor which will deaden enemy attacks.

You'll quickly discover while tackling the Temple of Trials that your character needs to take a break after each foray. That said, the amount of time needed to recuperate is tied to the amount of damage your character takes. The less damage, the less time between adventures. The Leather Armor renders your character invulnerable to the Giant Ants in the Temple, so getting it should be your first priority. Keep running through here until you have enough money for a Bronze Dagger (500 gold) and, if you're feeling boisterous, the Sword (1,000 gold) beyond that. You'll definitely want the Sword before you challenge…


Old Forest

… and even then, you might want to consider saving up for the Steel Sword (2,500 gold) before challenging this place. It's a fair bit tougher.

You have two options for Old Forest. First, you can try to go through after boosting your HP to 200 or more with the Sword. A Healing Potion may help. Probably smarter, you can boost your HP to a little above 130 and send your character through with a Steel Sword, doing 13 damage with each hit. The Giant Bees inhabiting the level will still do a large amount of damage, but you'll mow through them without taking too many hits.

After completing Old Forest for the first time you'll receive the Gems Spell, which allows you to plant Gems. More on that in a moment. It will also summon up a Golden Frog willing to bestow one of three wishes upon you:

  • It will multiply your gold count by three.
  • It will multiply your Gem count by five.
  • It will grant you an awesome assortment of Scrolls and Potions.

Which is best? That depends on what you're going for at the moment. In the long run, the Scrolls and Potions are probably the best choice, as you can always just wait for more gold and Gems (and the Potions and Scrolls, really, really help in coming levels). That said, you can completely ignore the request for now and carry about your business—the golden toad's screen will remain up as long as you don't choose one of the wishes.

At the moment the Old Forest is a tiny bit too dangerous for earning gold. Continue to run it, though, and eventually you'll find a Wood Shield. This won't make Old Forest a great place to collect gold just yet, but it does help deaden enemy attacks. Continue accumulating gold to buy the Titan Sword, the best weapon you can buy in the shop.


Up 'til this point, you've probably been wondering what Gems do. You haven't quite reached the purpose, but you're close. For now, buy a lot of 20 Gems (300 gold) and plant them using the menu that appeared in the top-right corner. Planting a Gem will begin a count of replication whereby Gem Trees (or something like that) will slowly begin to spawn Gems for you. At first you'll get Gems each day…

… but if you plant more Gems, they'll begin to reproduce every few hours… then by the minute… then by the second. Keep investing in Gems and planting them and soon you'll have more Gems than you'll know what to do with. You'll need a lot of Gems soon, so it's best that you get this part of the game over with early. Plant over 17,000 Gems and you'll hit the game's cap of 100 Gems per second, a respectable speed indeed.


The jump from the Old Forest to the Basement is substantial and, on your first run through, you'll either want a lot of HP (near 400) or a nice selection of Healing Potions and/or Scrolls. You'll also want to slow down the game so you can better keep track of the action. If you still have trouble getting through here, keep running through the previous two levels to earn up enough gold that your health begins to skyrocket. The biggest problem is the Giant Green Spider right at the end, which you can whittle down before hitting it with an infusion of scrolls.

Completing the Basement will earn you the Ring of Metallurgy, which will attract a Blacksmith to your kingdom. You may also find Better Leather Armor, increasing your defenses further, and Boots which will up your speed and make runs much faster.


The newly-founded Blacksmith offers you the opportunity to spend those Gems you've been saving up on upgrades for both your armor and your weapon. How much? No less than 50,000, and that's just for the first upgrade in each category. Whew. Nevertheless, these upgrades are well-worth the cost. Go for the Armor upgrade first, as it will render the enemies of Old Forest helpless to overcome your defenses. The same goes for later levels. The price for subsequent upgrades will rise substantially, so don't expect to max out your character immediately.



You get the drill by now. The Labyrinth boasts enemies that are a bit stronger than the Basement. If you have difficulty getting through them all, two Lightning Scrolls (if you asked for the Potions and Scrolls wish) will eliminate the lot. If not, bring in a lot of Potions of Healing, and continue to upgrade your equipment when you have enough Gems. Making it through the Labyrinth will net you the Lamp of Light, a handy piece of equipment which doubles the amount of gold when you run through a dungeon area. With this you can do a line of runs through Old Forest and earn roughly 180 gold each go - or more than 600 gold if you luck out and find a treasure chest.

Magic Mountains

Yep, same general thing here. Either muscle your way through the baddies with restorative items or use Lightning Scrolls to blast the lot, weakening and eventually killing them before your little guy reaches anybody. Winning will earn you the Masonry Plans, which adds a Castle to your kingdom. You may also find the Axe, a Helmet and Strange Armor along the way. If not, make additional runs through here to find the items. The Strange Armor comes very close to making the Labyrinth a viable spot for quickly earning gold. (Despite how it sounds, the Helmet does not add to your defense. It adds a chance to attack twice.)


Pretty simple. The Castle has two options: you can either purchase 10% of your current gold for 500,000 Gems (not worth it just yet) or increase your gold output for 300,000 Gems (better worth it). Either way, you'll probably have to wait a while before you have enough Gems.


Woof, too many enemies. Nevertheless, the process is the same as before: use Lightning Scrolls to whittle down their HP so they're either dead or very, very weak when you arrive. The Giant Snake at the end is quite painful, and you may want to consider using a God Potion (if you got one from the wish) to remain invulnerable while your warrior chips away at the boss. Teleport Scrolls are handy if you wish to do damage via Lightning Scrolls without prematurely reaching the end. Beating this area will earn you a Metal Shield. The Labyrinth is now so close to being a viable grinding area! Continue to grind this area and you may find an Amulet of Wisdom, a fantastic piece of treasure which multiplies your gold output by three.

The Island

Tougher than ever! The Air Elementals in this area have a lot of HP and will suck up most of your vitality long before you reach the end. On your first visit you'll have to utilize a combination of Lightning Scrolls, Healing Potions and Teleportation Scrolls to make it through in one piece. This area doesn't ever seem to yield up items, and it offers less money than Underground, so you needn't bother going back.


Green Road

You've settled into a neat groove by now, and Green Road is no different than the previous levels. In fact, it seems a bit easier to complete than The Island. Beating it will earn you a Power Axe. You may also find Gem Gloves, which multiplies your Gem income by three, and a Knight Shield for warding off attacks.

Desert Temple

Wash, rinse, repeat. Beating this level will earn you an Alchemist's Book. This is quite important, as it unlocks the Alchemist Tower in your kingdom. Here you can buy Slow Potions, Megaheal Potions, God Potions and Strength Potions. It's costly but worth it. You may also find Hot Boots, further boosting your walking speed, and Chain Armor.

Magical Forest

Yawn. This time around you'll find a Magical Sword for your troubles, bumping up your attack. At this point you should be strong enough to make the Magic Mountains your grinding solution, assuming you managed to hunt down a Knight Shield and Chain Armor in the previous levels. You can also hunt down a Dragon Case, allowing you to convert all of your gold into Gems, and a Knight Helmet.

Hell's Tunnel

Same deal, though the enemies here hit a lot harder than before, and the boss at the end has a ton more HP. Teleportation Scrolls are a must if you want to survive. God Potions aren't a terrible idea, but with a large stock of restorative items they aren't necessary, either. Getting through will net you Scale Armor. It's almost enough to make the Underground into your new grinding level, but not quite.

Green Rocks

A slight step up from the previous level, little more. Green Rocks' boss has more health than Hell's Tunnel's Daemon, so be prepared with lots of Potions and Teleportation Scrolls. You'll get a Deck of Cards for winning the battle; these cut down the cost of items in shops by 20%. Score!

Health and Gems

By this point you can quickly earn upwards of 100,000 gold with only a few minutes of work. Leverage this gold into large-scale HP growth and within a half hour to an hour you should have more than enough health to cover the next few levels. You can also use this gold to purchase Gems for upgrades.

Water Twirl

The level's progression is the same as usual, but there are a ton of enemies to plow through. You'll need a lot of Mega Potions and Teleportation Scrolls to get through the lot in one piece. It'll take a while, but because of the sheer amount of ground you have to cover Lightning Scrolls are ultimately worthwhile to use. Beating this level will earn you Heavy Plate Armor and a King's Helmet.


Yep, back to normal. You'll earn a Lance for getting through this level. Go through again to get Dragon Case Boots, another boost to your grinding.


Yellow Temple

The deal is the usual, but this level forces you to plow through a ton of high-level enemies. Teleportation is an absolute must, almost regardless of how much HP you have, and you'll want a minimum of 30 or 40 Mega Potions. Completing this level will earn you Dragon Case Armor and a Golden Shield. These two pieces of equipment will turn the Desert Temple into a prime spot for grinding.

Necromancer Keep

Looks different, works the same. In fact, the Necromancer Keep is easier than Yellow Sewer by virtue of the lower amount of enemies, and they're roughly as difficult as before. You'll get a Golden Sword for your troubles.

Castle of Flames

Almost at the end. Most of the enemies here are no big deal, but the Black Dragon toting 10,000 HP at the end is a tough customer. Keep a close eye on your own health and teleport as necessary.

Town of Death

Three maps? That's a new one. You need a ton, and I mean a TON, of items. Potions and Scrolls alike. Your best friend on the third screen is the ever-powerful God Potion mixed together with some Teleportation Scrolls. Try to have 50 of each items as a minimum. Clearing this lengthy area will earn you Golden Armor. You'll also earn a ridiculous amount of gold each time. Go through this level a few times and low health will be a thing of the past. This will also make maxing out your weapon and armor upgrades significantly easier when you convert gold to Gems.

Rawdan's Castle

Even more maps! Brutal. Rawdan's Castle is another endurance trial which demands a lot of items. Upgrade yourself to over 5,000 HP on Town of Death and buy plenty of supplies to tackle this monster of a level. Make your way slowly along the wall, constantly using Potions and Scrolls to maintain invulnerability and high health. This will take a while, but attempting to speed ahead will almost inevitably whittle you down to nothing. The amount of gold you get for beating this level is obscene, even compared to Town of Death, and will prep you for the final challenge.

Be careful on the final screen of this level! The buttons for your items is situated near your speed buttons, and it's easy to accidentally speed the game up when you're trying to heal. If things suddenly speed up, move quickly to throttle back before you get killed.

Bejka's Dungeon

This is it. The finale. The Dungeon isn't as long as Rawdan's Castle, but its monsters are much, much tougher. Continue to alternate between your usual Scrolls and Potions. Bejka herself is a brutal opponent that is capable of whittling down your HP very quickly. Use Slow Potions to keep your distance, Teleportation Potions to jump away from her, and God and Strength Potions when you move in close. It will take a while, but eventually you'll eliminate her health. Congratulations! You've beaten Gold and Gems!


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For some reason, Gold and Gems doesn't exist anymore :(

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Is there a way to increase gold incoming ?

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I still have 2 blank spots in my inventory at the end of the game. Is that what everyone else has?

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Catatonicmonkey on August 24, 2013:

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The Hell's Tunnel can also reward you with a Mace.