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"Grand Theft Auto V": A Guide to Beating the Cayo Perico Heist Quickly and Easily

Video games are a big part of my life, and I wish I wanted them to stay that way.

The Cayo Perico heist is one of the best additions to "GTA V" thus far.

The Cayo Perico heist is one of the best additions to "GTA V" thus far.

As I write this I am approaching the three-hundred-hour mark for time played within Grand Theft Auto V, and I am really digging my teeth into heisting. Specifically, I am playing the Cayo Perico heist over and over again, and I'm really enjoying beating it more easily each time I run through it. I wish someone had told me to buy the Kosatka sooner, because the Cayo Perico heist can be beaten so easily and so quickly that I am earning over one-million dollars every hour— that doesn't even include the missions I do in-between Cayo Perico cooldown times!

Alas, you are here for a guide on how to beat the Cayo Perico heist quickly and easily, so let's get down to business.

The Best Way to Scout Cayo Perico

The first thing that we need to do in the Cayo Perico heist is scout the entire island, and doing so without being caught can be quite difficult for new players. Don't fret, because in my picture above I have drawn you a clear-cut path that works every single time while also allowing you to get the maximum amount of loot marked. In the path pictured above the only things I leave out are alternate infiltration and entry routes, but you won't need them if you want the quickest and easiest path.

Make sure you grab a dirt bike because it is the only vehicle on the island that can move around quickly, but also handle the sheer cliffs you'll need be able to drive straight up. There are jeeps, humvees, and supply trucks sitting around, but none of these will perform as well as the dirt bike. Use the other vehicles at your own risk, but I advise you to only use the dirt bike.

As you travel along this path I've drawn for you make sure that you are going inside of all of the buildings that are accessible. Within these buildings are crucial loot sources such as cocaine, weed, and money piles. Though it is possible to max out your loot with four players just within the mansion, the way to maximize your payout without fail is to have one or two players fill their loot bags with cocaine/money/weed outside of the mansion—marking these locations prior to entering the mansion makes it much easier on everyone during the finale.

As a final note for scouting—if you choose to take longer and loot around the island— you need to mark the uniform changing area at the North Dock, because having your entire team change their uniforms will make looting outside of the mansion egregiously simple.

The Best Setup for the Finale

When you start doing your setups for the Cayo Perico heist you need to keep in mind how much loot you actually want to take. The quickest and easiest setup is as pictured above, and I'll give a brief description of why this is the quickest and easiest way here:

  • Approach Vehicle- Kosatka: The reason I choose the Kosatka as my approach vehicle is because it is silent, there is no chance of detection on approach, and it drops me off right outside of the drainage tunnel. It ensures you can complete the mission as fast as possible.
  • Infiltration and Compound Entry Point- Drainage Tunnel: If you scouted the Cayo Perico island properly the last thing you found was the drainage pipe underwater. I choose this because it puts you at the back of the mansion, you can kill guards and find keycards and keys with ease from this position. There is no backtracking, and no finicky maneuvers with this choice.
  • Escape Point- Kosatka: This option is totally negligible because the best escape route isn't one you can choose, but I choose Kosatka because it is my favorite. You're going to swim out, not ride the Kosatka out, so choose what you want for an escape point.
  • Time of Day- Day: This is another option I find totally pointless outside of personal preference. It doesn't seem to affect anything about the mission in any meaningful way, but if you prefer night to day, or vice versa, choose the one you prefer.
  • Weapon Loadout- Aggressor, Suppressors: Though it really is up to you which weapon loadout you choose I always go with the aggressor loadout. It's my personal preference because I like shotguns, but you can choose whichever loadout you like. However, suppressors are non-negotiable, you absolutely must have them!

As a final note to this section, once you feel you've become an expert at this heist and there is nothing that could keep you from succeeding, switch your approach vehicle to the patrol or speed boat. Once you've obtained the patrol or speedboat you should follow the same path you used to scout as you loot the entire island.

Now that you know the best heist setup method you're going to need to know exactly what path you should be taking.

The Best Path to Take Once Inside

When you have finally entered the mansion and you're ready to start stealth-killing guards, you're going to need to know the most efficient path to take. I've drawn the path out for you above in the pictures for this section, but it can't explain the finer nuances of this path. You should be able to max out your loot taking this path, but more importantly you should also be able to find all keys and keycards without deviating from it.

The most uncomfortable part of this path I've given you is taking out the guards behind the gates before you get a gate key, but in such a case where you don't find the gate keys first you can always shimmy your way over to where they usually drop. The guards near the front of the mansion behind those metal gates are usually the ones who hold the gate keys, and the best way to get to them is by jumping from corner to corner by the panther cage.

Once you've obtained the gate keys, however, it is time to jump down beneath the panther cage to find the gate as pictured above. It is quickest and easiest to use this gate rather than fighting your way through the middle of the mansion—deviate at your own risk, but I suggest you only deviate from this path if you cannot find the keycards and keys—which only happens rarely.

If you did all of this correctly it should be time to make your great escape, and that route is pictured above in yellow. I'll discuss this escape route in a bit more detail within the next section.

Successfully Escaping Cayo Perico

The easiest part of the Cayo Perico heist is probably the escape route, and that's for the sole reason it doesn't matter which route you chose in the planning stages. All you need to do in order to escape Cayo Perico with all your loot is exit out of the front gate, and run around the right side of the mansion! Yes, it's that simple, although some people have a little bit of difficulty getting down the cliff.

As pictured above, you see me standing on the edge of the cliff you need to run down. You might take a little tumble to your face, but you shouldn't be detected or at low-health so the fall won't kill you. Whatever you do don't jump off the cliff because you'll die, just run or walk down it at an angle.

Once you've made your way down the cliff it's time to hop in the water and swim toward that beautiful horizon. If you changed your gear to loot the island safely then you'll need to resurface every now and again, but the quickest and easiest route will let you keep your scuba gear so you can stay safely underwater. After about three minutes of swimming into the void toward the horizon you'll enter into the final cutscene and get your payout!

It isn't a hard heist, but if you followed this guide then you beat Cayo Perico quickly and easily.

It isn't a hard heist, but if you followed this guide then you beat Cayo Perico quickly and easily.

Good Luck Out There!

So far I have beaten the Cayo Perico heist seven times by myself, and take into consideration that this is the first time I've ever done it solo. This guide has provided you with the tools to beat the heist quickly and easily, and as you can tell already it pays quite well. Read this guide carefully, take everything I've said and put it into practice, and eventually you'll be pulling in millions of dollars with every Cayo Perico heist you run!

I wish you the best of luck in your GTA V endeavors, and I hope to see you out there heisting with me some time soon!

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