Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: By The Book

Updated on January 20, 2017
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Mission: By the Book

Character: Michael and Trevor

Location: Varies

Unlocked After: Three's Company

(Note: Both Michael and Trevor can unlock this mission, depending on who you're playing as when the call comes in.)

Michael is learning, with increasing alarm, that the FIB is a big part in his life. Worse, they have things they can hold over him - such as a few secrets Michael would rather keep from good 'ol Trevor. Now they've even got Michael assassinating people to fulfill their agenda. How much deeper can this rabbit hole go…?

  • Wander around until Steve calls you.
  • Wander down to the docks. Alternatively, if you're playing as Michael, simply switch to Trevor to jump right there. Much faster. The same works in reverse.
  • Watch the cut scene.
  • Hop in the car with Dave and head to the waypoint in Rockford Hills. It won't be the right house. (Though the people who are here are pretty fun if you listen for a few seconds.)
  • The game hops back to Trevor. Use one of four methods of torture - fuel, shocks, beating, or pliers - to extract information from the captive. Follow the prompts on your method of choice. Don't go too far - once Steve says to cut it out, stop the torture. Depending on your method you may accidentally kill the guy, or at the very least stop his heart. Don't go too deep into the world of Trevor, now.
  • Drive to Chumash as Michael. You'll learn a few things that may not go over well with Trevor.
  • Back to Trevor. Pick another torture method and go to.
  • Scan the party across the way through Michael's sniper scope. Wait for the prompt to jump back to Trevor. Don't pull the trigger just yet.
  • Torture! Quickly use the syringe if necessary to keep him alive.
  • You'll have four pieces of info by the end: Azerbaijani, bearded, smokes, and is left-handed. A guy looking over the balcony, wearing a red shirt, fits the profile. Put him down.
  • - Once Steve has left and you're playing as Trevor, drive the poor torture victim to the airport.

Gold Medal Completion

Don't Stop Me Now - Complete the torture without stopping Mr. K's heart. In other words, stop immediately after Steve tells you to stop, and don't torture the guy for a second longer. It's also important to choose the torture methods in order from most painful to least - in my experience, shocking, gassing, beating with a wrench and ripping out a tooth works well.

Electrocutioner, The Tooth Hurts, Wrenched, It's Legal! - Use all four methods of torture. Easy enough, so long as Michael doesn't jump the gun and shoot before he has all the info needed to ID the target. Wait out the interrogation process until you get the chance to play with each instrument of pain.


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