Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Extra Commission

Updated on October 3, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: GWC and Golf Society

Unlocked After: Hang Ten

- Head to the waypoint. Though in the area of the GWC and Golf Society, the waypoint is actually centered on a house just outside the boundaries of the club. Look for a guy standing at a closed gate in front of a house.

- Watch the cut scene. Huh.

Time for some seek-and-destroy. Trevor has to hunt down and take out every 'For Sale' sign deployed by one Lenny Avery. This means looking for residential buildings in the northern half of Los Santos. You can do this the hard way…

… or you can expedite the matter by typing 'Lenny' on your phone's Internet search feature (or simply hitting X when you have the text from the guy up, which is much, much faster). This will bring you to Lenny's website, where he has a listing of all the houses he has for sale. Click the map, then one of the properties, then choose 'Get Directions'. The directions will be shot straight to your GPS map.

Vinewood Hills

This one's just north of the Pitchers property on your map. The sign is to the right of the garage, against the outer wall and beside some plants.

Marlow Drive

Next up is a house near the entrance of a small, gated community. Look in northern Vinewood and you'll see a section of land that juts out into a lake. Use the middle entrance to get in and you'll find the sign on the left side of the street, by the hedges.

Vine Drive

Vine Drive runs north of Tequi-la-la, into some hilly, curvy roads. You'll find this sign on the left side of the road if you're coming from the previous property, beside the concrete barrier surrounding the property.


This house is maybe a block east of the previous house. Drive halfway down the street and you'll see it on raised ground, beside a large gate.

Abe Milton Parkway

On the line between Rockford and Vineford Hills you'll find a large house with a brown-brick wall out front. You can't drive right over the sign and keep going. Convenient.

Hampstead Drive

North of the Barber Shop in Rockford Hills, you'll find this massive brown house across the street from a church. The sign is within easy reach.

Vinewood Hills

You'll find this more remote house on the northern edges of Vinewood hills, almost directly north of a parachute drop point (but through a lot of winding streets). It's on the raised front lawn.

Vinewood Hills

This one's a little way's northwest of the GWC and Golfing Society's Tennis Court. Look for a stretch that stretches east to west in a gentle, clumsy arc. The sign is near the landing at the front of the house.

Vinewood Hills

Perhaps a block north of the previous location, this rather drab-looking ediface is on the second-road-to-last in the north of Vinewood Hills. You'll find the sign stuck into the soil on the wall surrounding the house.

Milton Drive

Another property near the GWC and Golfing Society. You'll find the sign across from a property that looks very modern and angular compared to the rest of the houses, beside the gate of the home it advertised.

Greenwich Place

Remember that Tennis Court I keep mentioning? This one's right next to it. Look for the front gate; the sign is here, beneath a few trees.

Ace Jones Drive

Located north of the next Tennis Court over, this property is found on the edge of a pronounced slope in the land, at the end of the western row of houses. The sign is in the front garden.

Sam Austin Drive

Found just west of the Los Santos Golf Club property, just off a main street. The sign is on ground level; feel free to ram it in your car.

Cougar Avenue

You'll find this house on the same street as Posonbys in Del Perro, though two blocks down. The sign is by the front steps.

Playa Vista

The final sign is through an alleyway on the previous street and out to a small apartment complex. The sign is by the front row of hedges. Ram it!

Wait for a text from Josh after the mission is over, then head to the waypoint. Trevor will receive his reward… and once he's done, Josh will hand over another little mission to complete, Closing the Deal.


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    6 years ago

    a picture of the map and the signs would be useful to save us from clicking all over the place on our phones and stuff. thanks!


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