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"Grand Theft Auto V" Walkthrough: Grass Roots - Franklin

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

"GTA V' is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

"GTA V' is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Franklin

Location: Sinner Street

Unlocked After: Grass Roots - Michael

C'mon, Franklin. Don't do it, man. Haven't you spoken to Michael and Trevor about this dude? He's bad news. You're going to see things . . . bad, bad things . . . no, no, don't fall for it . . . oh, heck, fine, just one try.

  • Unlike the other two guys, this installment of Grass Roots is located on Sinner Street. Head over and look for Barry beside a building, yelling at . . . nobody.
  • Watch the cut scene. Turns out Franklin's got too strong a constitution to fall for this guy's stuff.
  • Drive away from Barry. Even though he sounds nuts, if you DO linger near him for too long, you will get attacked by the police. Don't wait too long.
  • Wander around for a little while. Eventually, Barry will contact you and give you waypoints where you can pick up 'stuff' for him. They'll appear on your map as green circles marked 'Weed Stash'.

Weed Stash One - La Mesa, The Pickup

  • Head for the green circle over La Mesa. You're specifically looking into Murrieta Heights, just off of one of the major roads. Look for a series of warehouses to the south-east of the freeway turnoff.
  • You're looking for a large truck. Franklin will contact Barry when you're within sight of it.
  • Steal the truck.
  • Set off for Vespucci Beach. Before going anywhere, set your path on the map to correspond with the GPS path to the waypoint, and keep following it. You'll be thankful for this . . .
  • . . . when the cops start chasing you. This will eliminate the mission's waypoint, but not your set waypoint. Keep following it to Vespucci Beach and lose them down there. I personally prefer driving on the boardwalk.
  • Head to Barry's apartment and drop the stuff off.
  • Run away from his apartment. Eventually, the mission will be marked as complete.

Gold Medal Completion

Mission Time - Complete the mission within 2:45. This stipulation makes setting your waypoint all the more important. Use Franklin's ability to quickly lose the cops in traffic. You can't outrun them, so do your best to make them crash. Orrrrrr . . .

Unwanted Outcome - Complete the mission without gaining a wanted level. How? It's actually quite easy. When you turn to leave the lot you'll get spotted by the cops, but only if you take the normal way out. Go right at the first turn instead and you'll find a small alleyway that'll lead out to a grassy embankment. Use it to get onto another parking lot, which will lead you to the street. After that, all you have to do is blast through the streets to the waypoint. Still a hairy race, but it's much easier with no cops in your way.


Weed Stash Two - La Puerta, The Drag

  • Head for the second green circle encompassing La Puerta.
  • Your target is the junkyard, within sight of the stadium. You're looking for a blue car beside a pair of garages.
  • Hop in the car. It won't start.
  • Get out and look near the entrance for a town truck. Get in and use it to latch on to the car. If you've done any missions with Tonya, this should be old hat by now.
  • Drive the truck to Barry's apartment. It's a real pain to hook up the car again in traffic, so drive slow and don't get in any crashes.
  • Drop it off in the parking lot.
  • Leave the area.

Gold Medal Completion

Hooked - Keep the car hooked up until delivery. Don't crash and this won't be an issue.

Mission Time - Complete the mission within 1:30. Woof, tough. Get the car hooked and get it across town pronto. Make liberal use of Franklin's special ability to make it happen. You have absolutely no time to spare on this—if you crash, you might as well get yourself killed and restart the mission.


Ivory on December 17, 2017:

Hi I asked for a way to avoid the cops but this just shows how to get away from them so if you don't add a way to avoid the cops I will not read this again