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"Grand Theft Auto V" Walkthrough: Grass Roots - Michael

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Defeat the aliens in "GTA V" with these strategies. "GTA V" is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images are used for educational purposes only.

Defeat the aliens in "GTA V" with these strategies. "GTA V" is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images are used for educational purposes only.

Beat the Aliens in GTA V

Character: Michael

Location: Legion Square, Strawberry Avenue

Unlocked After: Complications

Michael, Michael, Michael. In a spectacularly-poor show of judgement, our bold hero has accepted a hit of hallucinogenic drugs from a man who cannot possibly be in his right mind. And in a public place, no less! Now Michael is facing off against a cadre of non-existent aliens, and it's up to you to make sure that he isn't taken down by the little green men. (Unfortunately, it seems as though Michael is destined to lose from the start of this one. Yikes.)

"I'm done playing games now!"

"I'm done playing games now!"

  • Approach the man at the table in Legion Square. This will trigger the mission.
  • Once Michael, ah, partakes of the most troubling weed known to man, the mission will begin. It's pretty simple: take down the waves of aliens that are trying to abduct Michael using a gun that has little basis in reality.

Sound straightforward? It is. And it will probably prove little danger to anyone with experience in first- or third-person shooters. Nevertheless, some tips are probably in order for those who aren't so good with guns.

  • The first wave of aliens will lull you into a false sense of security, as they'll all come from the same direction and will pose little danger so long as you peg them well in advance. Look through the building ahead of the square where you start and nail them as they appear, keeping a close eye on your radar. Once the wave is complete, an alien will appear nearby and behind you, and you'll want to be ready for it.
  • Speaking of which, your radar is of paramount importance in this mission. As you proceed further into the mission, you'll have aliens coming from many different angles at once, and it can be rather easy to lose track of 'em. When in doubt, follow the lines of the lasers they shoot at you to track them down. Don't neglect buildings, either, as many aliens spawn off of the ground.
  • Don't let the aliens get too close! If one closes in, it will attempt to abduct Michael, reducing his health rapidly. You'll have to whirl the left joystick to get free. At best, this will slow you down, so it's best not to get into this situation in the first place.
  • If you're really worried, fire constantly. Your weapon has unlimited ammo. At worst, you'll cause a bit of lag, which, in some cases, can help you aim by giving you more time to respond.
  • Last, perhaps most important, don't stay still! The aliens aren't that great at aiming, and if you strafe constantly, they won't have many opportunities to hit you. You can remain stationary for the first wave, but as soon as an alien appears behind you, Michael should be moving at all times. (Just keep an eye on the radar so as to spot any aliens that might be a smudge too close.) This also means that taking cover isn't really an option.

Still having trouble? Practice makes perfect, and unfortunately, you don't get any extra help in this mission, as Michael's special ability doesn't work while he's in a drug haze. Stay calm, try not to panic, and keep moving.

"So I take it I can count on your support?"

"So I take it I can count on your support?"

Gold Medal Completion

Unmarked - Complete with minimum damage to health and armor. In short, don't get hit too often. You may practice a few times to get this one. If nothing else, you'll probably earn a few notches to your Shooting stat in the process.

Kill Chain - Hit seven aliens in ten seconds. This is very easy to accomplish during the first wave. Thereafter, not so much, especially if you're trying to avoid being hit.


Tahlia on October 28, 2017:

Is there a cheat to not do the grass roots mission?