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"Grand Theft Auto V" Walkthrough: Letter Scraps Locations

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"GTA" map

"GTA" map

Letter Scrap Sidequest

Character: All

Location: Varies

Unlocked After: Locating one piece

Who was Leonora Jones? Why is she dead? What was the killer's true motivation? Nobody knows, but Michael, Franklin and Trevor are about to find out. Prepare yourself for the Letter Scrap sidequest, one of the longest and trickiest in Grand Theft Auto V.

Like the spaceship parts sidequest, the paper scraps are hidden throughout the world of Los Santos. You need to explore every area to pick them up, with only the rustling sound of paper to serve as a hint of their presence. This article will cover the locations of all fifty (yes, fifty) paper scraps in the game. You can do this from the moment the game begins.

1. Mega Mall

Your first scrap is by the Mega Mall in Davis. Look for a big, blue building with a massive parking lot. The scrap is in a trash bin in the lot.

2. Return to the Drug House

Drive to the small court in the southern end of Davis, the same place where Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor took on the Ballas in one of their missions. At the rear of the house on the west side of this court (pretty sure it's the same one they all visited) is a scrap sitting on the back step.

3. Pillbox Hill Construction

Northwest of the Ammu-Nation store and one block over in Pillbox Hill, you'll find a construction site. At the base of the construction, you'll find a yellow scaffold that you can climb. Once you reach the tip-top of the thing (it's a loooooong climb), you'll discover that it's a crane. Keep climbing the crane to the cockpit. The scrap is sitting nearby. You'll hear it flapping as soon as you reach the arm of the crane. Also up here, on the arm, is a parachute; I highly recommend using it to get back down again.

4. Alta Construction

Look north of the previous scrap beside the Del Pero Freeway. There's another construction zone, which is marked on the map as six small boxes. Ignore the section with the boxes and look to the adjacent construction yard, which is open to the air. Around here is a small pit full of gravel. The scrap is sitting atop the gravel.

5. Hawick Skate Park

One block south of the Ammu-Nation in Hawick is a building with a small skate park on its roof. In the middle of the big half-pipe is a piece of paper.

6. Vinewood Racetrack

Head to the racetrack in eastern Vinewood (it's a big oval on the map). Enter the stands on the west side of the racetrack and look around the seats closer to the north side. The scrap is sitting in one of the aisles.

7. Vinewood Lake

Just east of the Downtown Cab Co. property (or south of the racetrack, if you're going in order) is a small lake. Running beside it is a bridge for cars. Climb down to the banks and onto the concrete structures that control the flow of water past the bridge. The scrap is in the middle of the dam.

8. La Mesa Bridge

Look for two loops on the map in La Mesa (eastern Los Santos), encompassing a Los Santos Customs and near an Ammu-Nation outlet. Directly north of these loops is a bridge running from east to west over a canal. Run up onto this bridge and check the southern lookout point at roughly the center, on the sidewalk. The paper is sitting on the ground here.

9. Beneath Cypress Flats

Yay, a spelunking mission. This scrap will require you to enter the tunnels beneath Cypress Flats. There are a variety of ways to do this; the most straightforward, I find, is to go to the Terminal (southeast corner of the map) and drive a car onto the train tracks. Follow them into the tunnel that heads beneath Cypress Flats. Proceed through here until you see niches in the walls to your right and left with silver and brown crates. The scrap is sitting in one of these niches, southeast of a Sea Race marked on your map.

10. Terminal Crates

Speaking of the Terminal, you need to access the loading docks to get to another scrap. Open your map and look at Terminal. It consists of a series of rectangular sections, each filled with containers. Proceed to the middle rectangle on the second row from the top. Climb onto the crane here and use it to hop onto the containers below. Between one beige container (Lando-Corp) and one light blue container (BilgeCo) on the north side is the scrap. You'll need to perform some running leaps to get at this one.

Speaking of the Terminal, you need to access the loading docks to get to another scrap.

Speaking of the Terminal, you need to access the loading docks to get to another scrap.

11. Elysian Island Docks

Drive down to the docking area on Elysian Island. You're looking for a small cluster of docks on the map that extend out to the south; specifically, you're looking for the last of those docks. Here you'll find a green-and-white boat that's been put in drydock. Climb aboard and check the top level of the ship near the cabin. The scrap is sitting here. The boat is a bit annoying to navigate, so climb up to the very top and jump down onto the scrap.

12. Car Scrapyard

Whether you own it or not, head for the Car Scrapyard property in El Burro Heights. When you arrive, you'll see three warehouses on the west side of the lot. Enter the middle one and check the north end of the building for a wrecked bus. Inside it is the scrap.

13. Palomino Highlands Island

To the east of El Burro Heights is the coastline, and along it, you'll find an island that stretches to the northeast. Head to the tip of it, then check the eastern beaches. Tucked against the rocks is another scrap.

14. Palmer-Taylor Islands

Find your way out to the Palmer-Taylor Power Plant on the eastern shores of Los Santos. There are two islands directly east of the plant. The top island has a scrap, amid the rocks along the northern edges of the island.

15. Cave

North of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station, still on the eastern coast, is an inlet with a cave. You'll know it when you see some jet skis floating in the water. Inside the cave is a small stretch of beach; the scrap is on this beach.

16. El Gordo Lighthouse

Northeast of Sandy Shores, still on the coastline, is a lighthouse. (It's right beside a Sea Race if that helps you find it.) Debark at the base of the lighthouse, and you'll find the scrap on the walkway near the stairs.

17. Grapeseed

Head to the northwest corner of Grapeseed. You'll find a series of green and white canopies covering tilled land. Starting at the top of the slope, nearest the road (Grapeseed Main St), enter the second white canopy. The scrap is halfway through.

18. Alamo Sea Docks

Head to the seaside docks along the northern edge of the Alamo Sea, north of Sandy Shores. You're looking for a small cluster of four docks that are northwest of Sandy Shore's Ammu-Nation store. Look beside the building located by the smaller dock in the middle of these four. You'll find a boat hitch and under it the scrap.

19. Alamo Sea Cliffs

Check the Alamo Sea map. Look in the northwest corner of the Alamo Sea. You'll see a small, circular outcropping of land along the shoreline. Make your way there (the boat is a bit easier, but you can get to it by land) and get down on the beach. Along the beach, you'll find an abandoned wooden boat. Follow the curve of the land to the left of the boat, and you'll find the scrap hidden against the western cliff edge.

20. Empty Pool

Ever go hunting with Cletus in Sandy Shores? You probably did so at an abandoned motel a block southwest of Ammu-Nation. Check the pool in the midst of the grounds, and you'll find the scrap sitting near what little's left of the water.

Alamo Sea Cliffs

Alamo Sea Cliffs

21. Airport

Head to Sandy Shores' airstrip, southwest of town. (You'll know it by the thick, black bars that run east to west on the map.) South of the two main airstrips and beside the third divergent strip is a large rock formation. Climb on top of it, and you'll find the scrap.

22. Redwood Lights Track

Head southwest of the aforementioned airstrip, and you'll find the Redwood Lights Track, which is, obviously, still under construction. There are several cylindrical buildings in progress here, including one that's surrounded by orange fencing. Bypass the fencing and check the very center of the cylinder. The scrap is in a small hole, surrounded by metal rods.

23. Cement Works

Northwest of Grand Senora's Harmony clothing store (more west than the north; look for a small, eastern road jutting off the right side of the main road headed north) is a cement works. Search the central building for a ladder you can climb. The scrap is on top of the building. Be ready for trouble, as the security guards 'round here don't take kindly to strangers.

24. Grand Senora Residence

South-west of Grand Senora's Suburban and tucked away in the hills is an abandoned home. Look across the street from the home, and you'll see an old street sign. The scrap is behind it.

25. Great Chaparral Church

On the border of Great Chaparral and the Grand Senora Desert (look in the area of the westernmost tip of Senora's orange territory on the map) is a small church on a hill. In front of this church is a tiny graveyard with a few headstones. The scrap is here.

26. Great Chaparral Bridge

East of an Ammu-Nation and a Discount Store on Route 68 is a small bridge. Go offroad and check under the bridge for a scrap.

27. Forgotten Mine

Leave Route 68 near the two stores on a backroads route that leads south. Follow it to a pronounced, reverse S-curve on the map. As you're making your way down these trails (be careful, it's troublesome), you'll see a cluster of trees. Behind these is an old set of racks leading into a closed door, probably hinting at an old mine. The scrap is beside the tracks.

28. Raton Canyon

Drive out to the Raton Canyon on the far west side of the map. Look for the Offroad Moto/ATV Race. Once you find it, follow the upper path of dirt trails (by which I mean elevation-wise; geographically, they're the southern trails) until you see a large plateau of rock jutting out of the landscape to your left.

Atop this is a scrap. It seems like a scrap that requires a helicopter or a parachute to reach, but you can easily get up top with a swift bike or ATV. Barring that, you can also climb it on foot, though you'll have to do a lot of crazy jumping and get a bit lucky. (This is how I got it, so yes, it's possible.)

29. Altruist's Camp

Make your way up the side of Mt. Chiliad towards the radio tower that overlooks the Raton Canyon. Pass through the camp, head up to the radio tower, and look for the scrap beside the tower's base, between two cabins.

30. Logging Camp

Make your way to the logging camp that's southeast of the Cable Car station on the northwest coast. Once you're in the camp, follow the main road away from it and to the west. As you're heading along it, still well within sight of the camp, you'll see a cluster of three trees and a few rocks. The scrap is sitting behind these rocks. Look for a big pile of stacked logs to better navigate.

Another piece

Another piece

31. Cable Car

Ride the Cable Car to the top of Mount Chiliad. The scrap is sitting on the platform when you get off. Easiest one in the game, I'd say.

32. Paleto Bay, Part One

Drive to the shoreline of Paleto Bay, specifically the line of houses down the street (northwest) from the barbershop and the tattoo parlour. You'll see a house with a white deck nearby overlooking the cliffs. Grab a car you can climb on and use its roof to get up onto the deck. The scrap is here.

33. Paleto Bay, Part Two

Look down the street from the Beeker's Garage on the east side of Paleto Bay. You'll find a large, abandoned house. Check the back of the house, and you'll find the scrap in a shed.

34. Procopio Beach, Part One

A ways west of Paleto Bay, you'll see a portion of the road that turns into a loop on the map. This leads down to Procopio Beach. Hop off on the east side of this loop, and you'll find a small wooden shack that appears to be a bathroom. The scrap is on the men's side, just up the stairs.

35. Procopio Beach, Part Two

Check the map again. Just south of Procopio beach's road loop and on the other side of the freeway is a small path leading under the train tracks. This brings you to a small, squalid settlement. Look for a building labeled 'Social Justice For All'. The scrap is in this house.

36. Swamps

Big jump here. Drive north along the western edge of Los Santos until you come through a tunnel and wind up beside Fort Zancudo. Ride up alongside the base and skirt it back south until you're in swamp territory.

Now comes the not-so-fun part. Pull up your map. Beside the freeway headed north, you'll see a stretch of land that's attached to the freeway but not to the shoreline of Fort Zancudo. It's a wide, blobby island with two small inlets dividing it up. Make your way to the western half of this plot of land and look along the southern shoreline near the western inlet.

The scrap is sitting near a field of reeds. This is one of the toughest scraps to find, so don't be surprised if you need to look around for a while. (The image attached to this section shows what the location looks like on the map.)

One more suggestion: do NOT leave your ride behind. Or, if you must, set a waypoint on it. You're quite a ways away from other vehicles, and it's very easy to lose yours if you don't know exactly where it is. Stupid, stupid swamp.

37. Fruit Stand

Head either north or south through the Tongva Valley along Route 11. Not far from a street sign, you'll see a small fruit stand at the side of the road. Another scrap is here, beside a map of the region.

38. Juice Stand

Waaaaaaay up in the mountains of northern Vinewood is a fruit stand. It's almost directly north of Tequi-la-la on your map; look for a small, grey road that appears as a T. Follow this road up the side of the mountain, and you'll find the store, along with a bunch of picnic benches. The scrap is sitting near one of these benches, off to the side of the stand.

39. Vinewood Sign

Overlooking Vinewood is an enormous VINEWOOD sign (look northeast of the Pitcher's property). Head up to the base of the sign and climb the I. The scrap is at the top.

40. Vinewood Finery

In the north of Vinewood is a U-shaped lake, overlooked by a small community of super-swanky houses. Climb up to the plateau ringed with houses that you can climb up to from the lake's edge. The house on the western edge of the ring has a pool in the backyard, and by the pool is a small poolhouse. Inside is a scrap.

Almost done

Almost done

41. Vinewood Apartments

Look at the apartment buildings two blocks south and one block east of Tequi-la-la. There's a block of apartments on a slight incline. Look for a patio with a small stone kiln nearby. The scrap is near the kiln.

42. Kortz Center

Northwest of the Los Santos Golf Club, up in the hills, is the Kortz Center. At the rear of the center is a hedge maze. From the entrance, up to the point where the path splits, go right, left, left, and left. The scrap is sitting on the ground here.

43. Morningwood Graveyard

East of Ponsonbys in Morningwood is a cemetery, and in the cemetery is a small lake (which you can use to find the place on the map). The scrap is on this island.

44. Pacific Bluffs Hotel

Follow the Great Ocean Highway north, along the west coast of the map. Almost directly south of the Ammu-Nation in Chumash, you'll find a seaside hotel in Pacific Bluffs. Run out back, and you'll find a poolside bar. Check the bar, and you'll find a scrap.

45. Pier Restaurant

Drive down to Del Perro Pier along the west coast, near a Fairground Ride marker. Hop out on the boardwalk and walk down the pier until you come to a medical building connected with a restaurant. Use the stairs on the side of the medical building to reach the bridge between the two buildings. The scrap is beside the restaurant.

46. Vespucci Skate Park

Make your way along the beach to the mask shop. Head out onto the beach from there, heading southwest (more south than west) until you find a skate park. The scrap is here.

47. Canals

Head to the Puerto Del Sol Marina in La Puerta. Head west along the docks until you see a canal heading north. Jump in (or ride over if you have a boat) and go through the canal. It's separated into two rows by a pair of concrete dividers, and the scrap is on the northernmost divider.

48. Richards Majestic

Enter the Richards Majestic lot through the west entrance and take the first left. Run along the side of the building until you find a way to the roof. Climb the ventilation systems, and you'll shortly discover the scrap.

49. Los Santos International Airport, Part One

Approach the airport's ground floor at the southern end of the loop. You'll find an area that's rather heavily guarded near an LSIA sign. The scrap is off to the right of the sign.

50. Los Santos International Airport, Part Two

Grab yourself a helicopter and head towards the airport. While you're flying over it, you'll notice a massive, four-legged structure in the middle of the road loop that takes you to the airport's terminals. You need to somehow land on top of the circular building underneath the white sculpture. This is a wide space, fortunately, so it's not hard to bring a helicopter down here, and using a parachute to make the trip is equally easy. The scrap is on this rooftop.

There! All done. Once you've pieced together all 50 scraps of paper, you'll get to read the letter in its entirety. You'll also unlock another mission, A Starlet in Vinewood, which will bring the whole affair to a close ...

A starlet in Vinewood

A starlet in Vinewood

A Starlet in Vinewood

Character: Franklin

Location: Vinewood Hills

Unlocked After: Collecting all 50 letter scraps

The mystery death of Leonora Johnson is coming to a close. Franklin, Michael and Trevor have worked to piece together a crucial letter revealing the killer's identity - and now, now that they've IDed the culprit, Franklin can bring the man low. Time to earn the reward for all that scrap collecting.

  1. Collect all 50 letter scraps. Yep, alllllll 50. You can't miss a single one or this mission will not unlock.
  2. Switch to Franklin. When you do, a new mission will pop up on the map. It IDs the location of the killer, namely, in Vinewood Hills. He's marked as a question mark, but when you highlight it, it'll be labelled as 'Killer'.
  3. Drive over. He's actually not that far from Franklin's house, assuming you've been doing assassination missions and have earned him a place in Vinewood.
  4. Watch the cut scene. Oh, dear.
  5. Chase after Dreyfuss. He'll get in his car if you're not swift, so prepare for a bit of a drive to catch up.

You have two options: kill Dreyfuss or let him live. If you kill him, you'll get the 'Cut!' requirement and earn gold on the mission. If you let him live, well … he'll drive away. Anti-climactic, but there you go.


Matt Bird (author) from Canada on October 22, 2013:

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