Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: The Epsilon Missions

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Epsilon Missions

Character: Michael

Location: Raton Canyon

Unlocked After: Visiting the Epsilon website

You've heard of the Epsilon Program. You've driven by its church. You may have even visited its website. But are you ready to see what they see? To know what they know? In this chain of missions, Michael discovers just how deep the rabbit hole goes… and how much money it costs to jump in.

Seeking the Truth

- Open up your web browser on your phone and visit the Epsilon website (fastest way to find it is to just hit Random until it appears).

- Take the Evaluation on the site. Answer however you like.

- At the end of the Evaluation you'll see some instructions at the bottom. These open up the mission.

- Head out to Raton Canyon. The mission is east of an Offroad Moto/ATV Race.

-Approach the red truck and watch the cut scene. Ow.

Accepting the Truth

- Wait for Michael to receive a text message.

- Go to the Epsilon website and donate a minimum of $500.

- The mission will appear in Vinewood. Head over to the waypoint. Enter the seemingly-empty building and watch the cut scene.

- Afterward, donate another $5,000 to the Epsilon Program via their website.

- Pass some time. Do a few missions or sleep a few days. I found switching to another character and then back helped.

Assuming the Truth

- Drive out to Grapeseed once the next mission begins. You're looking for a small ridge.

- Watch the cut scene.

- Leave the area.

Now you need to track down some rather pricey cars for the Epsilon Program, bless their greedy souls. Here are locations for all five. Whenever you find a car, you'll have to deliver it to a garage in Vinewood Hills; try to do so with the car in good condition.

Pegassi Vacca - You'll find this beauty parked in a driveway one street south of Franklin's street (Whispymound Dr) in Vinewood Hills. Watch for the split in the road that leads up to Franklin's home; the car is in a large driveway near the ramp.

Benefactor Surano - Drive up to the super-swankky neighbourhood in Vinewood Hills that's overlooking a twisting lake. Check the first house to your left as you enter the neighbourhood. Through the front gate and back by the garage is the car.

(There's also a very good chance that a benefactor will appear in the driveway just down the street from the drop point, to the south. It seems to be a little random, as I found different cars there once or twice.)

Declasse Tornado - I recommend keeping your eyes out for this car on the road, as it's all over the place in North Vinewood. (Seriously, I stole one off of a woman maybe thirty feet away from the dropoff point without even knowing it was a car I needed. Go figure.)

Enus Super Diamond - Pull up the map and look for the Posonbys in Rockford Hills. Move the cursor down two blocks, to just north of the freeway. You'll be highlighting a store called Leopolds. The car is in the rear parking lot.

Dinka Double-T - Head over to the GWC and Golfing Society area, just north of the enormous golf course. Across the street is a massive apartment building. Parked out front is the motorcycle.

Chasing the Truth

- Wait for a text message. After it's come through, the next mission will pop up on your map… way out in Grapeseed again.

- Make your way there. Same place as last time.

- Watch the cut scene. Yikes.

- Using the… meter… make your way towards the light ahead, on the back of a house. The meter will lead you to a TV set on the ground.

- False positive. Run to the grass behind the Discount Store, following the meter. It'll lead you to a little box beside a tree stump.

- Dang! Head towards the bridge to the east. Past it is a large tree; on the other side, some more tree stumps. Beside these stumps is a boot.

Gold Medal Completion

Use the Force - Find the artifact without using the detector. In other words, play this mission over again, memorizing the location of the boot. Yep.

Bearing the Truth

- Donate $10,000 to the Epsilon Program. Gettin' expensive.

- Wait a few days for a mission to pop up. Sleeping usually triggers the waypoint.

- Drive out to Downtown Vinewood. The mission is located in a bit of a back alley, not the parking lot beside it.

- Cut scene. What a nut.

- Go onto the website and buy the robes of the Epsilon Program for $25,000.

- Head home and put them on. You'll have to sleep for a day before they show up; sleep once or twice, leave the room, and you'll get a notice that they've been delivered. How.. attractive.

- Blow ten days while wearing the stupid things. If you're still doing other missions you can get to them; otherwise, I recommend sleeping. Over, and over, and over. The time will pass eventually. (And no, you don't have to save each time.) This will require somewhere between 30 and 40 sleep periods, so… yeah… hopefully I just lost count and it doesn't take that long.

Delivering the Truth

- Wait a short while after the ten-day stretch. You'll get a text.

- Drive out to the beaches near Fort Zancudo. You'll find a plane waiting. Hop in after the chat.

- Fly over to Sand Shores Airfield. Land the plane and talk to the guy by the hangar. Weeeeeeird conversation.

Gold Medal Completion

Touchdown - Land the plane without damaging it. You have tons of space and plenty of time to prepare. Kifflom.

Zondar the Bridge - Fly under a bridge near Fort Zancudo. There are several to choose from, though you'll want to skirt away from the Fort a bit and make the run from the ocean to get to the safest ones.

Exercising the Truth

- Wait for the next email to show up, probably a day of game time. Donate the amount indicated. (I must have paid too much on a previous donation, as I didn't get asked for this one. Anybody know how much it is? Or if there even IS one? Thanks.)

- Drive out to the waypoint in the Grand Senora Desert when it appears. Make sure you're wearing your stupid Epsilon outfit! It won't start otherwise! (Learned that the hard way.)

- Watch the cut scene. Seems… simple… oh, wait, it's not.

- Now the most brutal task in the game. Remaining within the boundaries of Sandy Shores, the Grand Senora Desert and the surrounding areas, you must run, jog, or walk five miles of terrain. All of it must be on foot. You also have to do it in your Epsilon Robes or it won't count. No trick to this, other than generally paying attention - if you leave the controller to do the work you may get hit by a car or eaten by a bobcat. Put on an audio book or something.

- … and after the grand master guy calls, run another mile! You won't have to quite cover that much terrain, just run until he calls you again.

- Switch to another character and sleep. Franklin's your best bet. Let Michael return on his own…

Unknowing the Truth

- … because the next waypoint is right by his house. Strap on your Epsilon Robes again and head over. You'll also need the hefty sum of $50,000, so hopefully you're loaded by now.

- Watch the cut scene. C'mon, Michael, be sensible.

- Follow the Epsilon security to the drop point.

- Follow the cultist downstairs after dropping off the money. The mission will end here in the dumbest way possible. Or…

- … be Michael, and do the right thing. Accompany the Epsilons to the parking lot, then, while the helicopter is grounded, bolt through to the other side and flee. Epsilon security will pursue, but if you manage to get away (or kill them all) you'll make off with the money - no less than $2,100,000. Quite a haul, that. At a minimum, you'll probably have to shoot down at least one helicopter, though that depends on your driving skills. Afterwards, find a parking garage to keep away from the cops, and once you're incognito again you'll earn your prize. Worth all the aggravation? Well, that's up to you.

Gold Medal Completion

Cult Intervention - Kill all Epsilon security. In other words, hold up somewhere obvious and secure, pull out a gun, and fire on anything that comes near you. You should probably get body armour before doing this, and make sure Michael's special ability is nice and high. You should also make sure you choose a place that isn't open to the air - the helicopters will be a major pain if you have to bring them down at the same time as the guys on foot.

Show me the Money - Give all the cash to this guy? No way. Ditch the convoy immediately and find a good place to wait out the incoming guards. So worth it…

… though if you steal the money, you won't be given hints as to the locations of the Epsilon tracts spread about the land. Oh man, more item hunting?! Sounds like a plan.


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    7 months ago

    the entier 10 days i saved and i had no idea

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    Adam Wilde 

    11 months ago


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    16 months ago

    I donated the 500$ on step 2 and nothing happened, nothing showed up. I tried donating 5000$, sleeping and switching characters back and forth, but nothing happened.

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    23 months ago

    Where is the empty building for the second mission

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    3 years ago

    This was helpful thanks


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