How to Win "GTA V Online" Land Races

Updated on June 11, 2019
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Tips for Winning Races in Grand Theft Auto V Online

Racing is just one of the many activities that you can partake in on Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA V Online). There are 8 player land races and 16 player land races. There are many tracks all over Los Santos and San Andreas itself. Some of the race tracks in this game are longer than others while others are much shorter. You gain reputation points (RP) and money even if you fail to get first. However, if you do not finish a race (DNF) you will not get any money or experience points for leveling up. Be a good sport in Grand Theft Auto Online!

Custom Cars for Races?

If you are looking for a more fair way of winning GTA V races online, do not participate in races where custom cars are turned on unless you already have a car that is fully upgraded (or close). The reason for this is because custom cars that are fully upgraded are faster than the cars you select from in a given class. Players who have turbo and engine upgrades in GTA V will have an advantage over you.

Host your own races if you are having trouble joining games that have custom cars turned off. Hosting your own races also allows you to set many options such as how many laps, track selection, and more.


Have you ever won races by drafting faster cars in "GTA V"?

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How To Win Online Street Races


Drafting is one of the most important things to do to help you win more street races in GTA V Online. Drafting is basically a racing technique where a car goes behind the lead car and the rear car is able to pick up speed because of the pocket of air created by the lead car. This allows slower cars to pass faster cars because the drafting lets the car behind go faster.

In this game, you can see whether you are drafting a player's car in front of you. There will be a pocket of air coming off the car in front of you which means you are drafting the vehicle. If you keep drafting a car in front of you, you may be able to pass the car by riding to either the right or left side.

Speed Boost at the Start of the Race

A great way to get a head start in a race is by getting a speed boost at the start of a race. When the counter counts down you can get a speed boost by hitting the gas (right trigger button) exactly when the counter says "GO." If you press it at the right time your car will accelerate faster than normal allowing you to get an advantage. This is great if you are in the back at the start of a GTA V Street Race.


Do you slam/ram into other players in "GTA V" Races?

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How to Win Land Races

Avoid Getting Rammed By Other Players Vehicles

Some players do not like to play clean. Many other cars will try to slam into your car so you will either crash, slow down, or get knocked out of the track completely. Be very careful and watch other cars closely. If you think someone is about to slam into your car, slow down or try and dodge them.

You could also wait for other players to get rammed into then simply pass them up if they crash or spin out on GTA V Street Races. Be very careful when following behind large groups of cars that slam into each other. If one of them crashes and you are going full speed then you may hit them and crash yourself! This is an easy way to lose in the various Land Races.

Some players slam into other players on purpose and other times it happens accidentally when making turns. There is nothing you can do to stop other players from doing it on purpose other than trying to avoid them or playing races where people do not do it.

Missing Checkpoints

Do not miss any checkpoints when racing! This is the easiest way to lose races! Make sure you either hit the checkpoints or come close to them. Missing a checkpoint in GTA V will prevent you from finishing a race unless you go back and hit the checkpoint. But missing just one checkpoint and going back to hit it will allow the other players to pass you up!

To avoid missing checkpoints, check your mini-map occasionally and do not attempt to take shortcuts on race tracks! Also, replaying race tracks in Los Santos and the entire San Andreas area will help familiarize yourself with the race maps.

Passing Other Vehicles

Do not always try and pass the other player's cars right away! Wait for a good opportunity to pass. Make sure they are not going to ram into you and make sure you will be able to pass them up without crashing afterward. Sometimes if you have enough room, you can pass other players when making turns after drafting them in Grand Theft V Auto Online.


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      6 years ago

      The reason for this is because custom cars that are fully upgraded are not as fast as the cars you select from in a given class.

      I don't understand this^

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      6 years ago

      if i run alone do i still earn the rigth to upgrade my car?


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