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How to Complete the Diamond Casino Heists in "GTA Online"

"GTA Online" helped get me through a hard part of my life. When you spend THAT much time with a game, you can't help but write about it.


An Almost "Single Player" Experience

With the Diamond Casino Heists update, Rockstar has given the GTA community a chance to make big money without the big hassle. With each iteration of heists, Rockstar makes it less of a pain in the ass to set one up. The Casino Heists can be done in an Invite Only session without the worry of being blown up from the sky by some idiot who spent shark card money on a Mk 2 to ruin your progress.

To start an Invite Only session from any public session, just pause the game, go to Online, and select "Creator." Once in the Content Creator, you can pause the game again, go to Online, and select Invite Only. This will save you having to exit back to Single Player and going through the long loading screen back to Online. The meat of the Casino Heists are done through Free Roam Preps, some of which just won't activate if you're in a Public Lobby for some reason.

The initial planning screen for the Casino Heist.

The initial planning screen for the Casino Heist.

How "GTA Online's" Casino Heists Work

There are three steps to every Casino Heist:

  1. Scoping out the entrances and Points of Interest only have to be done the first time you ever set up a heist. Each time you do a new approach you will have to identify the Vault Contents which can either be Cash, Artwork, Gold, or Diamonds (if it's an event week).
  2. Putting together your henchmen, getting the Preps done, and gathering the tools you'll need to pull off the Heist.
  3. The Heist itself which is probably why you're really reading this. God help you.

Scoping Out the Casino is done for the first time after meeting Lester in Mirror Park. You won't have to do this mission every time you start a new heist, but it's useful to do it as many times as you need to discover all entrances and useful points of interest. After which doing the heists will be a breeze.

The Casino Model can be purchased for $130,000, which unlocks all possible entrance and exit points. The other two items, Door Security ($425,000) and Vault Door ($900,000), are only good for practicing the hacking and drilling minigames. Any of these practice items you purchase will not reset when you start a new heist.

Points of Interest

You are not required to get all of the Points of Interest, but they do unlock certain things in the Prep stage that will make your heist go easier. Take a picture of the following:

  • The Valet out front. This will unlock the Level 2 Keycard Prep mission.
  • Any of the eye security cameras on the casino floor and security cameras on the roof areas. This will make security cameras visible on the minimap during the heist.
  • Any keypad and security guard standing around the Casino. Keypads will be by a number of locked doorways.
  • The Blueprints in Agatha's office which will unlock the practice Vault Door.

What's in the Vault?

After you Scope Out the Casino itself the next mission will be to discover the Vault Contents. The first three times you do the Casino Heists you're forced to get Cash. From your fourth time, and onward, you will randomly get Cash, Artwork, or Gold. Diamonds are a possibility but only on specific event weeks. To know when Diamonds are available check the Rockstar Newswire, Reddit, or your most trusted YouTube clickbaiter . . .