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How to Complete the Diamond Casino Heists in "GTA Online"

"GTA Online" helped get me through a hard part of my life. When you spend THAT much time with a game, you can't help but write about it.


An Almost "Single Player" Experience

With the Diamond Casino Heists update, Rockstar has given the GTA community a chance to make big money without the big hassle. With each iteration of heists, Rockstar makes it less of a pain in the ass to set one up. The Casino Heists can be done in an Invite Only session without the worry of being blown up from the sky by some idiot who spent shark card money on a Mk 2 to ruin your progress.

To start an Invite Only session from any public session, just pause the game, go to Online, and select "Creator." Once in the Content Creator, you can pause the game again, go to Online, and select Invite Only. This will save you having to exit back to Single Player and going through the long loading screen back to Online. The meat of the Casino Heists are done through Free Roam Preps, some of which just won't activate if you're in a Public Lobby for some reason.

The initial planning screen for the Casino Heist.

The initial planning screen for the Casino Heist.

How "GTA Online's" Casino Heists Work

There are three steps to every Casino Heist:

  1. Scoping out the entrances and Points of Interest only have to be done the first time you ever set up a heist. Each time you do a new approach you will have to identify the Vault Contents which can either be Cash, Artwork, Gold, or Diamonds (if it's an event week).
  2. Putting together your henchmen, getting the Preps done, and gathering the tools you'll need to pull off the Heist.
  3. The Heist itself which is probably why you're really reading this. God help you.

Scoping Out the Casino is done for the first time after meeting Lester in Mirror Park. You won't have to do this mission every time you start a new heist, but it's useful to do it as many times as you need to discover all entrances and useful points of interest. After which doing the heists will be a breeze.

The Casino Model can be purchased for $130,000, which unlocks all possible entrance and exit points. The other two items, Door Security ($425,000) and Vault Door ($900,000), are only good for practicing the hacking and drilling minigames. Any of these practice items you purchase will not reset when you start a new heist.

Points of Interest

You are not required to get all of the Points of Interest, but they do unlock certain things in the Prep stage that will make your heist go easier. Take a picture of the following:

  • The Valet out front. This will unlock the Level 2 Keycard Prep mission.
  • Any of the eye security cameras on the casino floor and security cameras on the roof areas. This will make security cameras visible on the minimap during the heist.
  • Any keypad and security guard standing around the Casino. Keypads will be by a number of locked doorways.
  • The Blueprints in Agatha's office which will unlock the practice Vault Door.

What's in the Vault?

After you Scope Out the Casino itself the next mission will be to discover the Vault Contents. The first three times you do the Casino Heists you're forced to get Cash. From your fourth time, and onward, you will randomly get Cash, Artwork, or Gold. Diamonds are a possibility but only on specific event weeks. To know when Diamonds are available check the Rockstar Newswire, Reddit, or your most trusted YouTube clickbaiter . . .

Each loot type adds a different gameplay variation to the heist. For example Artwork is the fastest to grab, Gold will make you more money but your characters will run slower, etc. If at any point you don't like the loot you've discovered you can always exit the game and relaunch the mission. Or you can do something novel like just go with it . . . I recommend the latter option.

The Scope Out mission can be launched as many times you like to check every Access Point and P.O.I. (or skipped entirely if this isn't your first time doing a Casino Heist) but the Vault Contents mission must be played every time. The mission requires you hacking a Duggan security guard's phone (which by the way you will sometimes get a two-star Wanted Level no matter how well that goes). Then you head to the Casino to hack the security cameras.

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Once inside the Casino you'll have to open up your cellphone and select the hacking app in the lower right corner. Once you find the hotspot you can access the security cameras. While cycling through the camera feeds you will spot the following Points of Interest:

When you get to the Vault camera feed you will either spot a briefcase of Cash, a couple paintings leaning against a counter, Gold Bars on a cart, or Diamonds in a briefcase (if it's an Event Week). If this isn't your first time doing a Casino Heist just skip straight to the Vault camera feed and look for one of the above loot items. No reason to dilly-dally on money making right? If this is your first time look for the Points of Interest in the screenshots above.

Choosing the Approach and Assembling a Crew

There are three ways to do the Casino Heist; The Big Con, Silent and Sneaky, and Aggressive. The structure of this article is going to focus on strategies for the heists in that order. Each one has the same Free Roam Prep missions in addition to the selected Approach.

Apart from getting a snarky 12-year-old begging for money, and a random player(s) that will screw everything up, you will also need to pick some henchmen. A lot of the characters you can choose in Single Player make a return in addition to others that require some perquisites met. For the most part they all offer the same perks depending on your Approach.

Support Crew (Gunman):

The Gunman, if you've ever seen a heist movie, is as interictal as a Driver (hang on that info is below). Picking a Gunman will determine what weapons you'll bring with you on the job. Depending on the Approach, the choices will be different.

Karl Abolaji:

  • Skill: Poor
  • Cut: 5%
  • Perquisite: None
  • Big Con Weapons: Micro SMG or Double Barrel Shotgun+Ceramic Pistol
  • Silent and Sneaky Weapons: Micro SMG+Vintage Pistol or Machine Pistol+Combat Pistol, Stun Gun
  • Aggressive Weapons: Sawed-off Shotgun, Micro SMG, Molotov or Heavy Revolver, Micro SMG, Molotov

Gustavo Mota:

  • Skill: Expert
  • Cut: 9%
  • Perquisite: None
  • Big Con Weapons: Carbine Rifle, Assault Shotgun, Ceramic Pistol
  • Silent and Sneaky Weapons: Carbine Rifle+Heavy Pistol, Assault Shotgun+Pistol .50, Stun Gun
  • Aggressive Weapons: Assault Shotgun, SMG, Proximity Mines or Carbine Rifle, SMG, Proximity Mines

Charlie Reed:

  • Skill: Good
  • Cut: 7%
  • Perquisite: Must own a Hanger
  • Big Con Weapons: Sweeper Shotgun or Machine Pistol, Ceramic Pistol
  • Silent and Sneaky Weapons: Assault SMG+Combat Pistol or Bullpup Shotgun+Heavy Pistol, Stun Gun
  • Aggressive Weapons: Assault SMG, SMG, Hand Grenades or Pump Shotgun, SMG, Hand Grenades

Chester McCoy:

  • Skill: Expert
  • Cut: 10%
  • Perquisite: Must own a Bunker
  • Big Con Weapons: Mk 2 SMG, Mk 2 Bullpup Rifle, Ceramic Pistol
  • Silent and Sneaky Weapons: Mk 2 Shotgun+Pistol .50, Mk 2 Carbine Rifle+Pistol .50, Stun Gun
  • Aggressive Weapons: Mk 2 Pump Shotgun, Mk 2 SMG, Pipe Bombs or Mk 2 Assault Rifle, Mk 2 SMG, Pipe Bombs

Patrick McReary:

  • Skill: Expert
  • Cut: 8%
  • Perquisite: You have to rescue him from a Police Van random event in Sandy Shores. Look for a blue dot, on the minimap, at night.
  • Big Con Weapons: Sawed-off Shotgun, Compact Rifle, Ceramic Pistol
  • Silent and Sneaky Weapons: Combat PDW+Pistol .50, Assault Rifle+Pistol .50, Stun Gun
  • Aggressive Weapons: Heavy Shotgun, SMG, Sticky Bombs or Combat MG, SMG, Sticky Bombs

Support Crew (Driver):

The Driver is your next choice, no matter the Approach selected they are more important than most people make them out to be. Sure you can "just steal a street vehicle and hide in the Sewer" but you're gonna need a good ride to haul ass up to the High End Buyer for maximum profit. A fast ride helps with that . . . Each driver provides a selection of cars, but also a "switch vehicle" which isn't really necessary if you follow this guide. Once you have completed the vehicle Prep for one of the following Drivers I recommend upgrading ONE of them to Level Three (for $25,000), and changing the color to something you can describe to your partner. "Grab the [insert color here] car" will be a useful tip when you're making the escape, especially if they don't have a mic. By the way please use a mic . . .

Karim Denz:

  • Skill: Poor
  • Cut: 5%
  • Perquisite: None
  • Vehicles: Asbo, Blista Kanjo, Issi Classic, Sentinel Classic, (switch vehicle) Regina

Taliana Martinez:

  • Skill: Good
  • Cut: 7%
  • Perquisite: None
  • Vehicles: Drift Yosemite, Jugular, Retinue Mk 2, Sugio, (switch vehicle) Emperor

Eddie Toh:

  • Skill: Expert
  • Cut: 9%
  • Perquisite: None
  • Vehicles: Ellie, Gauntlet Classic, Komoda, Sultan Classic, (switch vehicle) Taxi

Zach Nelson:

  • Skill: Good
  • Cut: 6%
  • Perquisite: Must own a Motorcycle Club
  • Vehicles: They are all crap.

Chester McCoy:

  • Skill: Expert
  • Cut: 10%
  • Perquisite: Must own a Bunker
  • Vehicles: Everon, Outlaw, Vagrant, Zhaba, (switch vehicle) Mesa

Support Crew (Hacker):

The Hacker doesn't seem to have as much of an impact as the Gunman and Driver, but they are the epidemy of "time is money." The Hacker you pick will determine how much time you have in the Vault before the gas is released and the alarm goes off. Though greed is only good depending on the approach. If you decide to brave a few extra seconds in the gas you WILL have to shoot your way out on the Big Con and Silent and Sneaky Approaches. With the Aggressive Approach . . . well you knew you would have to regardless . . .

Rickie Lukens:

  • Skill: Poor
  • Cut: 3%
  • Perquisite: None
  • Time in Vault: 2:26 (undetected) 1:45 (detected)

Christian Feltz:

  • Skill: Good
  • Cut: 7%
  • Perquisite: None
  • Time in Vault: 3:00 (undetected) 2:05 (detected)

Yohan Blair:

  • Skill: Good
  • Cut: 5%
  • Perquisite: Must own a Nightclub.
  • Time in Vault: 2:52 (undetected) 2:01 (detected)

Paige Harris:

  • Skill: Expert
  • Cut: 9%
  • Perquisite: Must own a Terrorbyte (and to do that you need a Nightclub)
  • Time in Vault: 3:25 (undetected) 2:23 (detected)

Avi Swartzman:

  • Skill: Expert
  • Cut: 10%
  • Perquisite: Blow up all 50 Scanners around the map
  • Time in Vault: 3:30 (undetected) 2:26 (detected)
Make sure you upgrade and respray your selected Getaway Vehicle. You don't have to do this for both though.

Make sure you upgrade and respray your selected Getaway Vehicle. You don't have to do this for both though.

Henchmen Prep Missions

No matter which Approach you pick a lot of the Preps will still be the same. The Henchmen Preps require that you acquire some useful tools to make the job possible. Depending on who you pick in the Gunman category will determine mission difficulty. However Driver only has a couple possible missions, and Hacker will have the same two missions no matter the Approach picked. All of the following could be in any randomized order. I recommend you do these missions as a VIP/CEO and own a Buzzard Attack Chopper. Some of these missions require attacking enemies in a remote area and they all involve covering a lot of ground.

Gunman Preps:

  • Coastal Smugglers: Fly to the Palomino Highlands and kill the smugglers on the beach. A Buzzard Attack Chopper is really useful for this, as well as flying along the coast. Once the smugglers are dead just fly the marked Tula to the Sandy Shores Airfield. Yes helicopters will chase after you but it's no big deal. Remember you can enter hover mode by pressing Right on the D-pad. (Note: This mission seems to appear if you have picked a low-grade weapon loadout.)
  • NOOSE Vans: Four red indicators for NOOSE Vans will pop up on the map. Drive to each one, and use a Sticky Bomb from the ground, to blow open the doors of each van until you find the one with the weapons. The only thing more annoying on this mission than having to lose the police in a slow Van will be not being able to close the swinging doors . . . (Note: This mission is most likely to appear when your Loadout has long range weapons selected.)
  • Fort Zancudo Weapons: If you don’t own a Hanger at the military base this mission will be a little more difficult. You’re going to get a Wanted Level either way but at least owning a Hanger will give you carte blanche on WHEN the battle starts. Shoot the two soldiers at the entrance of the area, then attack from the right side taking cover. If you use explosives, and somehow manage to blow up the Barrage, the weapons will not get destroyed. You would then have to make two trips, but it might be easier to lose the cops. (Note: This mission seems to be most likely if you picked Chester McCoy or Packie as your Gunman.)
  • Police Seizure: Go to the location and sneak through the marked area. Stealth in GTAV is basically non-existent so just “sneak” in the area then basically shoot your way out. However depending on the area you might have a chance to grab at least one weapon before you alert the cops. (Note: This mission seems most likely if you have Gustavo Mota as your selected Gunman.)
  • Merryweather Base: Despite the title this is actually a fun mission, but it can be in one of a few locations. Depending on where you can either take them out from the air in a Buzzard, or on the ground from cover. Either way grab the Manifest, that one of them will drop, then use your Buzzard to intercept the Titan. Keep shooting it with missiles until it drops both Weapons. Then fly both to the Arcade. If you’re playing solo you won’t get chased by enemy helicopters until you grab the second Weapon. (Note: This mission seems to pop up if you picked Charlie Reed or Packie as your Gunman.)
  • Rob the Gang: Drive to the targeted gang’s hideout and shoot the ones posted outside. A shotgun is obviously useful for the ones inside. The interior is the same as one of the Motorcycle Clubhouses. The two Weapons will be in randomized rooms in the building. Like usual it will take two trips to the Arcade if you’re playing solo. (Note: This mission is likely to occur if you're getting low end weapons for your loadout.)

Getaway Driver Preps:

  • Police Station Impound: Drive to the Police Station and enter the garage. The interior is the same as an Import/Export Vehicle Warehouse. Stealth in this game is broken so you are going to end up in a shootout with a Wanted Level regardless. Take out the five cops then move the cars out of the way to grab the first Getaway Vehicle. Of course you can’t call Lester so you’ll need to use the underground tunnel. Deliver the first Vehicle to the Arcade then repeat the process (minus the shootout) with the second Vehicle.
  • Illegal Importers: Go all the way the hell up to Paleto Bay and climb one of the nearby ladders of the Cluckin’ Bell Factory. From up here snipe the gang members to clear the area. For some reason the provided Cargobob will only let you grab one of the two Vehicles in my experience. Whichever one it does let you grab fly it back to your Arcade (you will have to land and then drive it into the yellow marker for it to count). Fly back to the location and drive the second Vehicle to the Arcade.
  • “555 We Tip”: Like the classic mission from GTA: San Andreas. Drive to the hotel, knock out the Valet, take his uniform, and then wait for the target car to appear. WAIT for the driver to go into the hotel then jack the ride. Drive the Vehicle back to the Arcade, then go back for the second one.
  • Race Track: Takes place at either the Los Santos Airport or Sandy Shores Airfield. There will be several racers driving laps around the runway, two of these will be the target Vehicles. Block or shoot the drivers, then take each Vehicle to the Arcade. If you can’t get the second car right away don’t panic! You can intercept them later somewhere else on the map, just follow the icon.

There are also a couple of missions, involving Merryweather, that you only get if you pick Chester McCoy as a Getaway Driver. These missions are not difficult, but let's both be honest with each other. You're only picking him as a Getaway Driver so you can get the Trade Price for a few of the vehicles added with the Diamond Casino Heist update. I'm not judging you for doing that, but I'm not going to write strategies for these missions since you're very unlikely to ever do them more than once.

Hacker Preps:

  • FIB Building: The most common mission no matter who you pick to be your Hacker. Drive to the crime scene and shoot the cops and agents there. You have to search the body of the one FIB agent by pressing right on the D-pad. (Note: If the game says their body is blocked just move any nearby vehicles out of the way.) Once you drive to the FIB Building, and take the elevator up, use your phone’s tracking app to find the hacking device. It will be a flashing white briefcase in a random location. Once you get downstairs you will get a three-star Wanted Level no matter how well things went upstairs. Drive to the underground tunnel to lose them, since . . . well you can’t call Lester during this mission.
  • Noose HQ: This mission only seems to appear at nighttime, but is similar to the above one. Go to the location of the corrupt agent and search his body for the keycard (after you take him out of course). It doesn’t matter how silent you do it, you’ll get a Wanted Level regardless. You can lose the cops easily while flying to the NOOSE Headquarters, just avoid the cones of vision. Once at the HQ use the card on the marked keypad and open your cellphone to use the locator app. It’s the same interior as that one Doomsday Heist Setup “Server Farm”. Unlike police NPCs you won’t instantly alert the facility by stealth shooting the guards. Avoid the camera cones of vision though. No matter how sneaky you were getting the Hacking Device you will get a three-star Wanted Level once you’re back outside. Get in your Buzzard, and once again, avoid the cones of vision to lose the cops as you fly back to your Arcade.

Where to Escape the Police in Los Santos

The entrance to the underground tunnel from the highway.

The entrance to the underground tunnel from the highway.

Common Prep Missions:

No matter which Approach you choose there will be "Optional Preps" that can be done to make the Heist go smoother.

Vault Keycards:

  • Required?: Yes
  • The Point: These Keycards are needed to enter the Vault during the heist.

One version of the mission involves getting two keycards from two different security guards. The first one is always a drunk stumbling from a bar. Use a melee weapon to take him out quietly, then search his body (by pressing Right on the D-pad). Then go to the motel and use a melee weapon on the security guard, and his “date”, then search him for the other Keycard. Using melee weapons will help you avoid a three-star Wanted Level.

The other version of this mission involves hijacking a Prison Bus. The driver is a bullet sponge, but get ahead of him to block the Bus and empty your AP Pistol into the cab. Drive to the Prison and calmly drive to the target’s guard tower. Don’t use a melee weapon on the guard at the tower, it could get obstructed on the environment during the swing/stab, it could alert the guard during the attack. If the prison goes on alert just switch sessions, those sniper rifle bullets suck. If everything goes well, search the guard’s corpse, then calmly drive the bus back out of the Prison.

Patrol Routes:

  • Required?: Not really, you can purchase to skip it for $70,000.
  • The Point: Guards, and their cones of vision, will appear on the mini-map.

Before I start I want to let you know this mission can just be purchased for $70,000. Go to the location and Lester will text you the license plate of the target car. You’ll have to avoid the cones of vision as you search for the car. A sniper rifle’s scope is very handy for determining where the car is. However because the game’s stealth system is broken you’ll most likely end up in a shootout anyway. Once all of the guards are dead, go to the target car, open the trunk with Right on the D-pad, and take a picture of the roaster with your phone. After you send the picture to Lester you can call him to remove the Wanted Level.

Duggan Shipments:

  • Required?: No, but it’s useful for certain Approaches
  • The Point: It will determine how well equipped Duggan’s security force is during the heist.

For this mission it would be beneficial to own a Hydra, especially if you’re doing it solo. You have ten minutes to blow up ten shipments. If you don’t get them all you don’t fail, but security guards will have more powerful weapons and be harder to take down. This mission, in theory, does not matter if you’re doing the Big Con Approach. However destroying all ten shipments will leave guards with no armor and just pistols; which would make the Aggressive Approach a breeze. Taking out at least three shipments will eliminate the helmets and vests for the Silent and Sneaky Approach (making headshots easier).

Security Intel:

  • Required?: Only the first time you do a Casino Heist, it’s automatically complete on all subsequent Casino Heists.
  • The Point: Well first of all you get to see Vincent again . . . Secondly you get the location, and cones of vision, for all surveillance cameras.

After the cinematic just chase down the car thief. Shoot him with an AP Pistol and get the Gauntlet back for Vincent. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little scratched up (or has a coup . . . a few bullet holes in it). Vincent will give you a flashdrive.

Power Drills:

  • Required?: Not really, you can pay $200,000 to skip it.
  • The Point: Power Drills can be used to break open safety deposit boxes in the Vault, giving you and your crew a little extra money besides the target loot.

One mission involves stealing an annoying van from the Redwood Lights Track construction site. You then should shoot the driver, because if you try to block them they will get around you. Then just drive the slow van back to your Arcade.

Security Pass:

  • Required?: Yes, in my opinion. It is an optional mission but . . . (you can pay $100,000 to skip it)
  • The Point: You will get a Level 1 or 2 Pass to prevent the Hacking Minigame at keycard panels (however you will still need to hack when you get inside the Vault).

Don’t even bother with the Level 1 Pass, before you launch the mission select the picture of the Valet/Dealer picture to get a level 2 pass. Having a Level 2 Pass will get you through all keycard doors (minus the gates in Vault) without the need for playing any hacking minigames. You’ll just need a quick tap of the right D-pad button. The mission is very easy. Just drive to the funeral home, knock out an undertaker, drive the hearse to the morgue, and play it cool. Don’t linger near anybody’s cone of vision, find the Valet’s body, and search his corpse for the pass.

The Croupier’s Pass is a little more fun, but just as easy. Go to the party, then smoke cigarettes and/or drink beer from your Inventory to blend in. Once Lester gives you the location of the Croupier search them for the Security Pass.


This “prep” can be completed at anytime in Free Roam. Just go to the Mask Shop in Vespucci Beach and select a category of Masks. You probably won’t use them depending on the Approach but you’ll have a “haha” factor in the start screen while you’re waiting for everyone to ready up.

Getaway Vehicle:

Just a reminder; make sure you get the Level 3 Upgrade and paint the vehicle a color you can communicate to your partner. You can do this at any time after you have acquired the Getaway Vehicles while in the basement of the Arcade.

Other Adventures, and Headaches, with Heists in "GTA Online"

The Heist Setup Board

To help avoid repeating myself when you get to the Heist Setup Board always pick the High Buyer. Yes you will have to drive across the map but you will get a higher payout. The Switch Vehicle and Decoy Gunman are used for lowering your Wanted Level, but you can do this for free by driving into the sewer tunnel southeast of the Casino. So . . . save your money on that. As you can imagine the percentages change based on which Henchmen you hire, what you’re stealing, and how many players are involved. When it comes to the entrance and exit I will detail that in each Heist Approach.

The Big Con Approach

The Big Con, if we've learned anything from the Oceans trilogy (that's right I said trilogy) is that conning a casino is the easiest way to steal from the Vault. For you and your crew this is also the ideal Approach in my opinion. Apart from the Common Preps each Approach comes with it's own set of setup Prep Missions.

  • Gunman: Karl Abqolaji with either of the weapon loadouts.
  • Getaway Driver: Karim Denz with the Sentinel Classic (or anything you’re trying to get the Trade Price on, the car doesn’t matter)
  • Hacker: Always Paige or Avi if you have them. Christian isn’t bad if you’re just starting out.
  • Recommended Entrance and Exit Disguises: Gruppe Sechs Security and NOOSE

The Gruppe Sechs Security disguises are probably considered overused, but they are the best. You actually have a “Con” vibe rather than the “con your way in then sneak to the vault” thing the other disguises offer. I mean . . . pretending to be Mechanics or Bugstar Exterminators is cool, but after the initial entrance it’s basically just another form of the Silent and Sneaky Approach. The other plus to picking Gruppe Sechs Security is having your weapons already on you (though hopefully you won’t need to use them).

You can also disguise yourselves as Yung Ancestor’s entourage, after a couple easy missions, but like the Mechanic and Exterminator disguises you’ll still need to sneak down to the Vault. To unlock this option take the Casino Elevator up to the Rooftop Terrace to get a special cutscene. After which Yung Ancestor will contact you, giving you the option to do his side missions.

The setup board for The Big Con Approach. Pictured are the recommended Henchmen and everything else is checked off.

The setup board for The Big Con Approach. Pictured are the recommended Henchmen and everything else is checked off.

The Big Con Prep Missions

Here is a look at the Big Con Prep Missions.

Gruppe Sechs Van:

  • Required?: Yeah! Goes nice with the uniforms you’ll get later.
  • The Point: This will be your entry vehicle to the Casino (you NEED to take a picture of the door in the tunnel leading to the race track)

Go to the repair shop and try to get in the Armored Van. Kill the mechanics to get the keys, and search the body of whoever drops them. It’s going to be a slow drive back to the Arcade, but luckily you can call Lester if you get a Wanted Level.

Gruppe Sechs Disguises:

  • Required?: Yes, between this and the above van mission it’s a two part Prep.
  • The Point: These uniforms will keep you alive until after the vault part.

Go to the location and try to be stealthy. You will most likely get into a shootout, and have to lose the cops, but at least you can call Lester. Get a picture of the license plate and grab one of the duffle bags in the back. It will of course take two trips to deliver both of the disguises, but you’ll only need to lose the cops once.

Vault Drills:

  • Required?: Not really, and since we’ll be going in as Gruppe Sechs Security they literally open the door for us.
  • The Point: If you decide to ignore my advice and dick around as another disguise you'll have to drill your way into the Vault.

Exit Disguises:

Just purchase whatever disguise you choose. It only costs $70,000, very useful if you plan to be NOOSE. In fact picking NOOSE is the only way that won’t get you shot once you exit out of the Casino during the heist. (Unless enemies spot you within their cones of vision.)