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How to Find and Defeat the 11th Colossus in “Shadow of the Colossus”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima, Japan, with her husband and young son.

The Japanese action-adventure video game by Team ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, has enchanted players since its initial release on PlayStation 2 in 2005. Although it was re-released with improved graphics on the PlayStation 3 in 2011, its newest remaster in February 2018 on the PlayStation 4 shows the most improved picture, as well as smoother gameplay and a few new collectible items.

Whether you played the original version or are just getting started on the latest edition, Shadow of the Colossus is indeed a timeless masterpiece with its vast explorable world, heartbreaking storyline, and fantastic original soundtrack.

This is a guide on how to find and destroy Colossus number 11, called "Leo" or "The Lion" by developers and nicknamed Celosia. This scary, animal-like Colossus is quick on its feet, rather different from most of the enemies you have faced so far. You do not need Agro for this mission.

Finding Celosia

This raging lion or bull-like Colossus is located north of the Shrine of Worship. Hop on Agro and cross the bridge you used when fighting Colossi number two and three, where you'll be able to see the beach down below. After that, you'll find yourself on the desert-like plain.

This time, gallop along, using the sword light to guide you. You'll be near the enormous stone bridge that Wander and Agro first arrived into the Forbidden Lands from.

In square F1 on the map, you'll come to a shrine. Be sure to stop off and find the lizard with the white tail; consuming it gives Wander a permanent boost to his stamina, which is, of course, essential to this game. Beside the shrine is also a tree bearing fruit that gives Wander a permanent increase to his health bar.

Head for the huge, canyon-like hole in the ground. If you approach it from the shrine, it won't take you long to see the large, zig-zag like path leading down to the bottom. Don't try to jump it; it's way too far and it's a silly way to die before you've even reached the Colossus!

When you've reached the bottom, swim across the water and you'll come to an enormous ruin. Take the path on the right, where after several moments you'll find your way inside. Climb the stone bricks on your right, and then leap across to the other side. After a short cutscene, the battle will commence!


Latching On

Celosia is smaller in size but has a terrifying amount of speed and power. Get Wander to dash in between the wall and the nearest pillar holding a brazier. Here, Celosia can't hurt you.

Climb up to the top of the pillar, where the Colossus will run into it, trying to knock you off. Jump or hang onto it to avoid staggering.

You need to get the Colossus to hit the pillar one more time. Try shooting him with arrows to get him to do this. Once done, a flaming stick will fall from the brazier. Jump down to the ground and pick up the stick with R2.

The flame will soon run out, so climb back up the stone pillar and re-light the fire. After this, quickly but carefully approach Celosia with the flaming stick in your hand. This Colossus is afraid of fire, and you'll see that it starts to back away. You can hold up the stick like a sword or simply hold it in your hand; it doesn't matter.

Force Celosia to back up towards the east wall. When done correctly, and as long as the stick's flame doesn't go out, the Colossus will fall from the wall and to the ground, shattering his armor and leaving him open.

Discard the stick with the bumper buttons. You can either:

  • Jump down from that cliff to land on the Colossus' back.
  • Stand up on a pillar, wait for him to come back to the battle room, and jump from there.

The first option is faster and ideal for Time Attack Mode, but it's risky; if you miss your jump, you'll be left vulnerable to the monster's attacks. The second option is safer but you have to wait for Celosia to wake up and make his way back to the room. It's up to you.

If you do decide the quicker way and you miss the jump, there is actually a rock nearby (on the way back to the ruin) that you can jump from. Trust me when I say that missing the jump is horrifying, though, because this vicious Colossus won't hesitate to take a powerful swipe at Wander, which knocks him out for several seconds!

Finding Weak Spots (Magic Sigils)

There is just one magic sigil on Celosia: on his back where his armor has broken off. Making a fully powered-up stab is impossible because of how much this Colossus flails and tries to throw you off, so short, quick stabs are better.

Having a lot of stamina (by eating the aforementioned white-tailed lizards) is essential here as it's not only dangerous to fall off the Colossus, but takes a lot of time to latch back on.

If You're Playing on Hard Mode

There is still only one magic sigil for this Colossus in Hard Mode, except it takes a lot more stabs with Wander's sword and Celosia's swipes are even more deadly.

If you're still confused on how to beat this mean boss, there's a helpful video guide below.

Celosia is definitely one of the scarier Colossi, yet it's the first time we've seen one be really afraid. Do you feel sorry for this lion when he's backing away from the flames, or do his powerful attacks and vicious personality make it easier to destroy him?

Now that you're done with Celosia, it leaves you ready to face Colossus number 12, Pelagia!

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